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  1. PrinceSaliano


    Another October without Bela Lugosi as SOTM.
  2. PrinceSaliano

    Dennis Miller as a host

    I'm inclined to agree with you. TCM Underground (of all things) doesn't have host.
  3. PrinceSaliano

    Dennis Miller as a host

    His brand of snark does not mix with TCM.
  4. PrinceSaliano

    Dennis Miller as a host

    Do not have this man back.
  5. PrinceSaliano

    Classic Daytime Soap Operas on YouTube

    It breaks my heart when the announcer says at the end of each episode, "Now stay tuned to ANOTHER WORLD."
  6. PrinceSaliano

    Classic Daytime Soap Operas on YouTube

    Pat Randolph was played by Beverly Penberthy...and she was excellent.
  7. PrinceSaliano

    1943 - thoughts

    FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN was my favorite '43 release.
  8. PrinceSaliano

    Classic Daytime Soap Operas on YouTube

    I remember ANOTHER WORLD. It was a Procter & Gamble production and, therefore, those vintage episodes do not survive. For years, the leading characters were Steve, Alice and Rachel and that triangle became one of the most popular soap storylines. Alice's sister (Pat) and brother (Russ) were also prominent characters.
  9. PrinceSaliano


    She is no fan of her mother's and blames her son's mental illness on Bette! She says some far out things but I find her youtube videos fascinating nonetheless.
  10. B.D. Hyman (who appeared in Baby Jane) is now a born again minister and you can catch her on youtube. It's fascinating!
  11. Joan Crawford was always entertaining. I'm so disappointed she didn't appear in HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE.
  12. PrinceSaliano

    Good Looking Sexless Men in the Movies

    I remember Hugh Marlowe from the daytime soap, ANOTHER WORLD. Bland is right but he had a distinctive voice.
  13. You're joking, right?
  14. PrinceSaliano

    October Schedule Up! Christopher Lee as SOTM

    Much better than anticipated.
  15. PrinceSaliano

    September Schedule

    I'm happy to see DRACULA (1931) on the schedule after many years. Would love to see more classic Universal horrors on TCM (how about Lugosi as SOTM this October?). Also excited about BEYOND VICTORY (1931). I don't think this has have played on TCM. I saw it on AMC in the late 1980s.

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