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  1. idyll12

    Help: WWII movie - comedy?

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. The relative sanity of myself and my father depended on finally determining what this movie was. It's been many a moon since either of us had seen it and we couldn't remember what it was called or WHO Herr Frick was. thanks
  2. idyll12

    Help: WWII movie - comedy?

    Trying to track down the title of a movie set in world war II Germany. 2 Soldiers are taken in by an older German sympathiser who hides them in a secret room within his home. He comes to enjoy their company and begins reinventing the events of the war to lead them to believe the Nazis were winning. When the truth finally comes out the soldiers and the german become popular for being able to retell the story of how the Germans win the war.

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