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  1. cinemabuff64

    Ben Mackowitz

    I didn't like Ben at first, but then I kept looking at him and realized that he looks just like one of my ex-boyfriends...THE ex-boyfriend that I left back in '89 and regret having done so many moons later. Seriously though, the guy is growing on me. He's actually doing a better job than in the beginning. I've gotten to a point to where I no longer turn off the TV when he's on.
  2. cinemabuff64


    correction: WHO AM I ?
  3. cinemabuff64


    If I seem to remember you also like a LOT of trivia: FAMOUS AMERICANS: 1.)I was the first black male player to win th U.S. Open and Wimbledon. 2.)In 1968 I led the U.S. tennis team to its first Davis Cup win in five years. 3.)I was an outspoken critic of South African apatheid ... WHO AM I !
  4. cinemabuff64


    Hello Kenny ! I see that some things never change around still like a peep show, Ha!
  5. cinemabuff64

    Citizen Kane vs The Third Man Orson Welles matchup

    Fred: Maybe the many flashbacks are what had me loosing my attention.The movies that have flashbacks really do need to know how to integrate them into the storyline or else they aren't effective and only serve to confuse the audience. Are you still watching novelas?
  6. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    I think that you, Frank should take your ice princess and go sit next to her as she looks at her stiff, cold,prim,pomp and proper self in the need to be there so you can hold the mirror and keep it polished. I, on the other hand will sign off and finish "Sense and Sensibility" . This is Irma signing off for today until.................we never know do we?
  7. cinemabuff64

    ?The Professionals? photography

    While the photography in most Kubrick movies is unique and superior, they're not usually my type of movies but I will acknowledge his expertise in his area.
  8. cinemabuff64

    Citizen Kane vs The Third Man Orson Welles matchup

    Fred, should I possibly give "Citizen Kane" another try? I haven't seen "The Third Man" either I posted on here because I've watched different movies through the years and "Kane" is one of the few that I loose my concentration with...I suppose in that sense it has me intrigued.
  9. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    Ashley wouldn't last two seconds with me...I'd rather go with Colin Firth, at least he's still alive. I need my man to be alive or else he can't dance with me and toss me around the ballroom and" put me in my place;"that is what you said I needed, right?
  10. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    How can you pout if you don't have lips? Mr. Howard isn't 'manly' enough to play anything other than a stable-boy.He can handle the manure better than he can Scarlett and anyone else for that matter...Ha!
  11. cinemabuff64

    Citizen Kane vs The Third Man Orson Welles matchup

    I have tried to see "Kane" various times through the years but I just cannot get into it. It's too bad you had a bad day.I hope your night is better. With so much on TV nowadays I'm sure you'll find something to what I do,watch"Dancing With The Stars," it makes you happy.
  12. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    They shouldn't all go weak at the knees and melt like butter around her. Speaking of boring and all things GWTW, I always found Leslie Howard to be along the same category as your boring ice princess.
  13. cinemabuff64

    Marlon Brando

    You know what JF, you and I see eye to eye on a few things. I like that you have an open mind and aren't afraid to say it and aren't apologizing for it...that's the way I am. The third factor that we need in society aside from the previous two you mentioned (open-mindedness and tolerance) is interaction.We all need to give more of ourselves and of what we have. There needs to be a better balance.
  14. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    This brings me full-circle to the subject of this thread. Scarlett O'Hara was played by a Brit, but a very interesting, attractive,playful and even vulnerably beautiful one who knew how to be what all men want in a woman by playing a woman of the south;determined,and flirtatiously captivating.
  15. cinemabuff64

    GWTW Named All Time Favorite in Poll

    Gee, that new Miss USA looks like she might have the latin thing going on to. She is very pretty and must be your well rounded, typical, don't put up with s*** Texan girl who would know better than to be associated with an ice princess.

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