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  1. This course made me so happy and eager to wake up to see what the next module was about. I've seen many of the movies several times, but it was fun to hear the back stories and also learn about the artists behind the scenes. And I finally watched GiGi - a movie I put off for several years, because I watched it for 15 minutes once and didn't like it. What a mistake that was!
  2. In the podcast it was also said that "New York, New York" was directed by Coppola; however it is Scorsese.
  3. I volunteer at my local public library every week - shelving and shelf-reading the DVDs. I find quite a few classics in the mix. There are movies, TV shows, foreign films, instruction videos, and documentary films. It is a wonderful resource.
  4. I'm with you. I am also retired. It is very hard for me to sit still and watch any movie (not just my favorite - musicals) without getting antsy. I am planning to watch some documentaries (one of my favorite genres) on musicals. I am also going to brush off all the "That's Entertainment" videos, as well as "That's Dancing".
  5. My feelings exactly. It has been a wonderful experience which I will never forget. The online community has been the best! Thank you to everyone!
  6. Count me in as another appreciative participant. It was wonderful! Thank you to all!
  7. I enjoyed watching him in both Funny Lady and For the Boys. By the way, he was my favorite Corleone brother.
  8. I was finally able to get in with my IPhone...however the sound and picture kept on buffering out. I am hoping that the session will be able to access on-demand and not live. What I could manage to hear was interesting.
  9. I am very disappointed. I am trying on my IPad as well - on the Shindig app. Just buffering. I was looking so forward to this.
  10. I can access (from Chrome), but I don't know if I'm missing something - can't hear or see the discussion...just the student icons and/or photo
  11. They are if you have the DVD option. We have the streaming and DVD plan and I order often. The movie Silk Stockings arrived here a few days ago. I either order from Netflix, or many times my area public library has many different genres of DVDs that are available for loan.
  12. I just put the movie in my DVD queue on Netflix. I will be watching it as soon as it arrives. Thank you!!!
  13. I am one of those with a tin ear. I have a horrible singing voice, but yet I do love to sing, especially to my beloved musicals. The trick is to be alone and not offend anyone. It is one of my biggest regrets that I was not gifted with singing, dancing or acting talent. However, I love and will always love show business.
  14. I am not that familiar with Leslie, besides Pygmalion and Gone With the Wind...however I am planning to watch the TCM documentary on him sometime soon. It is on the DVR. I do know that he left us too soon.
  15. Pygmalion is a wonderful movie. Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller are perfect. It is a proud member of my film library.
  16. I enjoyed the number - bad singing or not. Its always been one of my favorite bits in the movie. Faith Dane, who played Mazeppa is still around, per IMDB. She is 94.
  17. Just watched that one! What a great number! "Bump it with a Trumpet"!
  18. The Carpool Karaoke segment with Paul was wonderful! I highly recommend watching.
  19. Kathie2


    I saw the Roadshow of "Sound of Music" at the Colony Theater in Cleveland. A very elaborate beautiful theater that happily is still standing, although renamed. I remember "Sound of Music" being there for a very long time. The picture attached is another roadshow film shown there.
  20. Watching "Hard Day's Night" brings me back to my childhood when the Beatles were a huge part of the British Invasion. Each song provokes a happy innocent memory. My parents were of the mindset to reject the Beatles and complain about their hair, appearance, loud music, etc. However my mother (at age 94) frequently asks me about the Beatles now and enjoys listening to their music. Funny how things change in 54 years.
  21. I usually have the last song that stuck with me for any given "musical" day. Today it is "Comedy Tonight" from a "Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"
  22. I don't have much to add, except that I adore Robert Preston. I saw the Music Man when I was a young girl, upon the film's release. I also listened to the original soundtrack from my parent's record collection. In fact, when my adult son was young, he memorized the song "Trouble". I'm sure to this day, he forgot the lyrics, but our fond memory remains. To me, there is no other Harold Hill other than Robert Preston. The TV movie remake, starring Matthew Broderick in the role, is in my movie collection. As much as I like Matthew, he pales in my eyes comparably. I also loved Robert Preston in Victor Victoria, one of my all time favorite movies. He is Toddy. I especially loved his number at the end of the movie. One of the non-musicals I saw Mr. Preston in was "How the West Was Won". I also saw him in the Blake Edwards/Julie Andrews movie, SOB. I prefer somehow to forget that film though.

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