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  1. alcr1

    Heist Movie from the 60s, Maybe

    I found it! Seven Golden Men, it's called in English. That's definitely the movie. Thank you very much, guys!
  2. Could be King Solomon's Mines, shutoo. I see there are several film adaptations. I'd have to check them out. Thanks, guys!
  3. There was a movie that had, I think, American or English explorers meeting a primitive culture -- maybe it was in Africa or somewhere -- and they were about to be killed by the natives, but the explorers knew that a solar eclipse was starting, and they told the natives that they controlled it! Something like that. Anyone know what movie this is?
  4. alcr1

    Heist Movie from the 60s, Maybe

    That looks like it, but I saw it dubbed into English. I don't speak Italian either, though I'm also of Italian descent! Thank you very much! I'll look for a dubbed version.
  5. Does anyone remember this heist movie? I think the scene showed a truck parked over a manhole where the robbers are at work stealing gold bars, something like that, and a robber standing next to the truck, acting as a lookout, says something to his buddy in the manhole about "Gold!" and he says it a little too loud, and notices that he's attracted the attention of a cop nearby, so he pretends to be cold, and he says "It's cold" to throw the cop off. I don't remember anything else about the movie. This little bit has always stuck in my head. Thanks.
  6. Thanks scsu! I just watched it on YouTube. That could very well be it! I'm not 100% sure, since it was so long ago, but it fits my memory of it pretty well. I was thinking that the door was round -- and there you have it: a round door! Thanks again!
  7. It would have been from around 1964 - 1967. I was watching something on TV where a crew member (of what, I don't remember) didn't have enough time to get through some sort of geometrical sliding metal door and it was implied that he got cut in half. I think he screamed as the door closed on him and then they cut away. Presumable he was running from something or trying to get on a ship in time, something like that. It gave me nightmares! Anyone have any idea what this was? Maybe a sci-fi movie, or an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Thanks.
  8. Thank you very much! That must be it. I thought it was a TV movie -- apparently it was an episode of The Name of The Game.
  9. Does anyone remember a TV movie from the 70s, where Klugman was blind, and his wife's face had been badly scarred in an accident or something? He thought that the plastic surgeons had fixed her face and she was beautiful again, but her face was so bad that she had to wear a mask. I thought it was gruesome when I was a teenager, but it sounds kinda ridiculous now!
  10. Thank you all for your comments! Maybe you're right shutoo -- maybe it's just meant to be taken at face value. I just got the blu-ray set -- I'm working my way through the movies, and loving it!
  11. Groucho is telling Margaret Dumont a story in one of the movies (it might be "The Coconuts," I'm not sure), and Dumont says, "I'm fascinated." Groucho responds, "I'm fascinated, too -- right on the arm." I didn't get it at all until my mother explained that Groucho was punning on the word "vaccinated." The thing is, it still doesn't completely explain it -- I'm wondering if back in the twenties or thirties "vaccinated on the arm" was a familiar phrase. It's certainly not today. It seems like there must be more to the story. Or is it just not a very good pun? Anyone here have any info on this? My mother passed away a long time ago, so needless to say I can't ask her! Thanks.
  12. alcr1

    Near Noir

    How about Of Mice and Men? (1939)
  13. Lawrence of Arabia. I watched maybe the first half hour and it just didn't grab me.
  14. alcr1

    Favorite Line from Movie

    One of my longtime favorites is from Animal Crackers. Groucho (romancing two women at the same time): You two have everything. You're tall and short and slim and stout and blonde and brunette, and that's just the kind of a girl I crave.
  15. When I first read your post I thought it said "Sonovabich the Terrible Bulgarian."

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