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  1. Swithin

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Long Ago (and Far Away)" from Cover Girl, sung by a dubbed Rita Hayworth. Doris Day did sing it, but with a band (Les Brown) -- not in a movie. Next: A song mentioning a cow
  2. Swithin

    I Just Watched...

    The legacy of what Thatcher did to the country (which transcends the issues of the miners) is with the UK now. It has turned the North and Midlands against London. Brexit was passed largely by working class voters in places like Sunderland. When the Sunderland overwhelmingly pro-Brexit vote was declared, it was pretty well known that Brexit would win.
  3. Swithin

    Your top ten character actresses and actors

    Another favorite character actor is Rafaela Ottiano, who added style to whatever role she played. Two of her larger roles were as Russian Rita in She Done Him Wrong; and as Malita in The Devil-Doll. In a small role as Signora Bovina in Anthony Adverse, she shows herself to be a master of the knowing glance. She Done Him Wrong The Devil-Doll Topper Returns
  4. Swithin

    I Just Watched...

    The show Billy Elliot has a line in one of the songs: "Every day's a good day because it's one day closer to Margaret Thatcher's death." Evidently they left the line in on the day she died. She did after all do a lot of nasty stuff, particularly to the miners in the north and midlands.
  5. Swithin

    I Just Watched...

    I know you want to see Glenda Jackson dissing Margaret Thatcher, after Thatcher died. Jackson felt obliged to attend the tribute session for Thatcher "to tell the truth about her."
  6. Swithin

    A to Z of Characters

    Goldfarb, Harry -- Jared Leto in Requiem for a Dream
  7. Swithin

    Double Feature

    The Happy Years (A more cherubic Dean Stockwell) Another Country (A different take on private schools)
  8. Swithin

    Your top ten character actresses and actors

    I tend to value the character actors more than the leads. Number one for me would be the great Beulah Bondi; but as she is so well known and beloved by all, I want to mention another favorite of mine: Paul Porcasi. His roles were rarely sizable, but he added style and grace and wit to all his performances, often playing an impresario. He even had a small uncredited part in Casablanca. Interestingly, he played in at least three films with Moroccan locations: Casablanca, Morocco, and Svengali. Casablanca Morocco
  9. Swithin

    I Just Watched...

    I remember really enjoying SFT as a kid. I wouldn't have known if it was in color, since we didn't have a color set. For some reason, I remember SFT in connection with the Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, but I don't think there was any connection between the two -- maybe they were both on Channel 9 in NYC.
  10. Swithin

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Isn't It Romantic" sung by just about everyone at the beginning of Love Me Tonight, including people in taxis, trains, and soldiers marching. Next: Song mentioning bread
  11. Swithin

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    Did you know her sister Sophie? I've seen her on stage many times. And -- to expand this still further -- Sophie is currently playing Lady Bracknell in the West End. One of the early times I saw her on stage was as Ophelia to her brother-in-law Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, 30 years ago. That's life, one day you're Ophelia; then before you know it you're Lady Bracknell!
  12. Swithin

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    In the version where Wendy Hiller played Lady Bracknell, Miss Prism was played by Phyllida Law, who is the mother of Emma and Sophie Thompson. That was 1987.
  13. Swithin

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    Yes, Maggie Smith played Lady Bracknell. A different interpretation from the classic Edith Evans one (which I had seen Wendy Hiller do on stage). Margaret Tyzack played Miss Prism. The young men were Alex Jennings and Richard E. Grant; the young women, Susannah Harker and Claire Skinner. It was 1992.
  14. Swithin

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    I've also seen Tyzack on stage in London with Maggie Smith in The Importance of Being Earnest and Lettice and Lovage; and in Indian Ink, a Tom Stoppard play which also starred Felicity Kendal and Art Malik.
  15. Swithin

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "You Never Know Just Who You're Going to Meet" (Sherlock Holmes/Dressed to Kill) Next: Sung in a Universal horror film

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