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  1. There has been so much coverage (as there should be) about the connections between Trump and his confederates and Russia. There has not been enough discussion about the connections between Tad Devine, the Chief Strategist to Bernie Sanders, and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia with the aid of Putin and is now in exile there.
  2. So it's clear now that the Russians were active on behalf of both the Trump and Sanders campaign.
  3. I Just Watched...

    I've always enjoyed this movie, for many reasons, from Henry Stephenson's brief singing with a Spanish accent; to Charlotte Greenwood's amazing high kicks. And of course Ms. Miranda.
  4. Do you meet at Lady Classon's or the Queen Ann Cafeteria? (Or are those two lovely places no longer there?)
  5. I don't know why Kate and Ginger weren't close, but it doesn't surprise me. They were two utterly different sorts of people, I think. Btw, Kate was great friends with Constance Collier, the older actress in Stage Door. They became friends, remaining so until Collier's death in 1955. When Ms. Collier (who was also an acting coach) died, Kate "inherited" her secretary/companion, the famous Phyllis Wilburn, who remained with Kate for 40 years.

    This year, award voters have the option of voting for the Three Billboards director for Best Adapted Screenplay; and then giving the Best Director Award to Shape's director.

    Btw, the BAFTA show, hosted by Joanna Lumley, will be broadcast at 8pm tonight on BBC America.
  8. Three films I like very much are on your list: Shakespeare-Wallah; The Great Garrick; and Springtime in the Rockies, in which Carmen Miranda sings two of her best songs, one of which is "Chattanooga Choo Choo."

    1940 is one of the great years. Although I really enjoyed several 2017 films, 2017 can't compete with 1940.

    I don't want to overstate my displeasure for Shape. It was ok -- just relatively boring and derivative, with cartoon (or is it cardboard) characters -- an utterly evil white man scientist villain; an African-American character sadly stereotyped, played by the great Octavia Spencer; etc. I liked Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth very much, sorry it didn't win Best Foreign Film for its year. On the other hand, I was quite surprised at how much I liked Three Billboards. People have said it's like a Coen Brothers film -- I disagree. I'm not a big fan of their films. I find Three Billboards much deeper -- a violent film, but with real compassion for its complex characters. I guess it'll be a while before you get to the 2017 films, Lawrence. Aren't you still hovering around 1940?

    BAFTA Awards ceremony has just concluded. So pleased that Three Billboards beat out that tedious Shape film! Especially happy that James Ivory won for Best Adapted Screenplay, for Call Me by Your Name. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/feb/18/the-full-list-of-winners-at-the-baftas-2018-film-awards-as-they-happen
  12. I am a big fan of Fred and Ginger together. I like them separately as well, but I mostly love them for the work they did together. Very special, really golden age Hollywood magic. I'm not a great fan of Fred's later musical work (Funny Face, Silk Stockings, etc.). Yes, the dance numbers are terrific and those films have great moments, but somehow as movies they don't work for me. I like Fred in On the Beach and Ginger in Roxie Hart. And several of their other films as well, but none compares to the likes of this, from the first Astaire/Rogers film I ever saw, on Million Dollar Movie:
  13. I like that. It emphasizes the history and continuity of the community of posters, many of whom have left us.
  14. Mad Scientist Review Board

    Dr. Praetorius may be mad, but I don't think of him as particularly evil. These mad doctors are evil, which makes them really dangerous. Henry Victor (King of the Zombies) Rudolph Anders (She Demons) Charles Laughton (Island of Lost Souls)

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