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  1. Swithin

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    Charles Lane (who after all was in every movie and every television show ever made) got a nice obit in The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/11/movies/11lane.html
  2. Mariilyn Knowlden Next; Marched in parades
  3. Swithin

    Problem with "A Slight Case of Murder."

    I missed it this time, but it's a movie I always enjoy. And I never tire of mentioning that Ruth Donnelly's uncle was Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey.
  4. Swithin

    Husband and Wife

    You are right, Princess. The film based on his first Broadway play that was condemned by the Legion of Decency was Men in White. The cast of the play included many of the Group Theatre greats, including Clifford Odets in an acting role. Among other subjects, the topic of abortion was addressed. https://www.ibdb.com/broadway-production/men-in-white-11758
  5. Francis L. Sullivan (well, at least 3 that I know of) Next: Played a role related to opium
  6. Swithin

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Kiss Me Deadly Next: A woman with a non-American accent scrubbing floors
  7. Swithin


  8. Swithin

    The Men Have It

    Frank Morgan was in Tortilla Flat with Henry O'Neill.
  9. Swithin

    Husband and Wife

    Thanks Princess. This New York-born couple consists of an actress who began her career as a child star and had a prolific career in silent film, early talkies, and early television; and an award-winning playwright whose first Broadway play was made into a film that was condemned by the Legion of Decency. His second Broadway play was made into an even more famous film. The couple had no other spouses and were married for more than 40 years, until her death.
  10. Swithin

    Husband and Wife

    James Cameron, Linda Hamilton Titanic, Children of the Corn
  11. Swithin

    The Men Have It

    Miles Mander was in (Sherlock Holmes and) The Scarlet Claw with Gerald Hamer.
  12. Swithin


    I have to go to London later in April. I hope it has all calmed down by then, but what will ultimately happen is anybody's guess. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/mar/21/mays-appeal-falls-flat-as-eu-seizes-control-of-brexit-date
  13. Swithin

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Swanee" -- Here's Judy's version (sort of): Next: Sung by a supporting actor/actress Oscar winner in a non-musical
  14. Swithin

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    I'm sorry to say that part of politics is theater. There's something about Warren's delivery that is off-putting. Rachel Maddow, whom I really like, has it too. It's a manner of delivery, of dropping the ends of sentences, and other tricks/tics that don't suit a politician. I don't like Warren's manner, but I would certainly vote for Warren if she were the nominee. The East and West Coasts will vote for the Democrat. We need to get back those Democratic states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, without which Trump would not have won. And we need to try to win Florida and Ohio. Madame Omar may have already destroyed the Democrats chances in Florida.
  15. Swithin

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    I like some of Warren's ideas, but I hope she doesn't get the nomination. I'm a pragmatist. I don't think she could win. Nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. I voted for Hillary every chance I got. I like Klobachar. In the end, I'll vote for the Democratic candidate. I hope it will be Biden, Klobachar, or Castro; or maybe a Biden ticket with one of the other two. But I hope it's not Bernie -- it's the same dame! (Sorry) 😀

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