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    The New Yorker: Kim Jong Un Reveals He Is Just Using Trump to Meet Stormy Daniels https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/kim-jong-un-reveals-he-is-just-using-trump-to-meet-stormy-daniels
  2. Michael Cohen & the 'raid'....

    As a New Yorker, I'm, ashamed that the worst of our fair city (Trump, Cohen, Hannity) is being paraded on the news. Fortunately, the best of New York is also in evidence: Robert Mueller was born in Manhattan (as I was).
  3. In New York -- various locations, perhaps mostly in the East Village Starbuck's near Cooper Square. I usually didn't sit down -- just stood there, in the crowded place, checking my email.
  4. Before I had a data plan, I occasionally went into Starbuck's for the WiFi, often not purchasing anything. I wasn't asked to leave. I'm white.
  5. Here's the latest Happiness Country list: Hungry ranks 69th, below Turkmenistan and just above Libya. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Happiness_Report#2018_World_Happiness_Report
  6. I saw a preview of Lincoln Center Theater's revival of My Fair Lady, which is absolutely brilliant, totally riveting and enjoyable; and timely. It stars Lauren Ambrose and Harry Hadden-Paton, who are terrific, as are Norbert Leo Butz, Diana Rigg, and Alan Corduner as Alfred P. Doolittie, Mrs. Higgins, and Pickering. Opening night is Thursday, April 19, 2918.
  7. Thoughts about Claudette Colbert's movies

    TopBilled's list is great -- I love Drums Along the Mohawk, particularly, which by the way I think also contains Edna May Oliver's most enjoyable performance (in a career where all of her performances are great). They showed the film to us in grade school, in NYC, to illustrate a vision of Colonial New York. I haven't seen It's a Wonderful World in many years, but I remember laughing hysterically at it. Not on the OP's list: Tovarich, with Colbert and Boyer, is a lot of fun. (It was later made into a Broadway musical with Vivian Leigh and Jean-Pierre Aumont.) No Time for Love is fun. Arise, My Love is a rich, rewarding film that is utterly exasperating at times! (I like the fact that four titles -- at least -- have been taken from the Song of Solomon 2): Arise, My Love The Little Foxes Our Vines Have Tender Grapes The Voice of the Turtle

    The Happy Years is set in the 1890s, and yes, that is the lady whom the boys were talking about. Maude Adams (1872-1953) was the first to play Peter Pan on stage. A huge star in her day; much more so than the lady without the "e" in Maude!

    "I like Maude Adams" is a line from The Happy Years, when the boys are trying to torment the girl they are visiting. Maude Adams was an actress who was at the height of her fame at the time The Happy Years takes place. Here's a comment about the line, from someone who posted online: "My main recollection of the film is a scene where the boys play a prank on a young girl. First, one kid comes calling on a Sunday afternoon. A few minutes later, another kid shows up. And then another. And so on. They're all sitting around with perfectly straight faces, giving the same speech. At one point, each kid in turn is saying "I like Maude Adams" while new kids start showing up so fast the girl doesn't even have time to sit down before someone else is at the door. Eventually, she breaks into tears and goes running from the room."

    I like Maude Adams.
  11. I Just Watched...

    I've heard of it but haven't read/seen it. Want to, though. Btw, if you are watching Call the Midwife, you are probably enjoying Judy Parfitt's performance as Sister Monica Joan, the endearing older Anglican nun, who featured so movingly in last night's episode. Hard to believe she played one of the biggest b itches of all time: Mildred Layton in Jewel in the Crown.
  12. I Just Watched...

    Another actor in the series whom I particularly liked was A.K. Hangal (1914-2012), who played Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who became First Deputy Prime Minister of India. Hangal himself was an Indian freedom fighter and actor.
  13. I Just Watched...

    The Jewel in the Crown is peerless. English friends told me not to waste my time on Indian Summer. Of course I love A Passage to India (the book and the film, which I think is Lean's finest); and of course Forster's autobiographical India book, The Hill of Devi, which is quite wonderful. A particular favorite of mine is Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy, a really excellent miniseries, featuring a brilliant performance by Janet Suzman as Edwina Mountbatten and a portrayal of Gandhi by Sam Dastor which is much better than that bloated Oscar-winning movie.

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