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  1. filler1

    Jumping Jack Flash

    I see that Sam Elliot is not listed in the credits for his role in Jumping Jack Flash. Does anyone else remember his role as the person who saved Whoopi?
  2. filler1

    What would you like to see on TCM?

    I agree somewhat with you. The so called classic channels are losing faith in our true gems attractiveness. There is no way movies like "Working Girl" 1988 should be on classics channels. You can see it any day on the traditional channels. There are so many gems of Yul Brenner,Broderick Crawford and many more "classic actors that have been in the vault wasting away. My interpretation of the classics are those from the 70's on back that probably most of our children born after 1980 have never seen except for the remake versions. When is the last time "Autumn Leaves" with Joan Crawford with a beautiful title song by Nat King Cole has been seen by anyone?

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