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  1. tobitz

    Touching the Void!!

    Hello Ashley, and welcome to the boards. You might get a better response if you tried posting the question down in the documentary forum. (You might not too). I'm not much help - I haven't even seen The Last King of Scotland. Some his documentary subjects should certainly be of interest to classic movie fans (Hawks, Chaplin), and the one on Donald Cammell sounds especially interesting to me.
  2. tobitz

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    rohanaka wrote: *"We too spend more time than we should looking up stuff."* Why, whatever can you mean? I totally agree with your dad. I love TEF and haven't near enough of his recordings. I believe this is the album of which you speak:> The lp was *Mr. Words and Music* Track listing: Capitol # ST-11001 // Released February 14, 1971// Side 1 : Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) / West Texas Highway / Put Your Hand In The Hand / Take Me Home, Country Roads / The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Side 2: Big Mable Murphy / Turn Your Radio On / Mobile / Okie From Muskogee / Mr. Words And Music Most if not all of these had been hits for other people. Near as I can tell, "Big Mable Murphy" was written by Dallas Frazier, best known for "Alley Oop" and "Mohair Sam." His "Beneath Still Waters" was used in the movie Sunshine State. Not sure when "Mable" was written but Frazier was born in 1939 and most of his hits were from the '60s. Ringtones available lol. Hope FF will let us know if it's there on iTunes. I have no idea how much of Ford's extensive discography is available these days.
  3. tobitz

    Old TV Special-Manhattan Towers

    See here, in accordance with CRS's information: But "Anonymous," who supplied the synopsis and refers to this a "vintage classic," gives no clue as to where or when he/she may have seen it. No evidence of a dvd release.
  4. tobitz

    "Enter Laughing"

    Bumping the thread up since it's on tonight.
  5. tobitz

    Vic Morrow

    hello, ncff, I presume you're familiar with IMDb, but just in case you're not, here's Morrow's IMDb page, listing all his movie and tv work: He did have a handful of leading roles in movies, and I was surprised in checking to see *Portrait of a Mobster,* in which he portrayed Dutch Schultz, preceded his work in *Combat.* It's a favorite of mine. You're not alone in liking Vic as I remember discussion on other threads. Many of us grew up watching *Combat* on tv and he left an indeliable impression. It's a pity he wasn't given better film roles.
  6. tobitz

    schedule question

    Thank you so much, Marysara. I actually solved my problem when I checked somewhere I thought I already had -- the monthly e-mail schedule. Never have found out why some titles are removed from the regular schedules..I still presume it's something to do with rights issues. But you gave me a great site I don't think I'd come across So again, many thanks!
  7. "It was the strawberries... I knew they shouldn't have been there, but since they were, I decided to gorge myself. It was all about the strawberries."
  8. tobitz

    Classic Movie Website/Podcast You Guys Might Like

    Don't know why it wouldn't be okay, SoSF, this sounds like a fascinating website. I'll definitely be checking it out, but having dialup may prevent me from properly hearing the podcasts in a timely manner. Thank you for posting the URL.
  9. *By George, I think you've got it!!* He did?
  10. Somehow, I think he missed the point.
  11. Orson Buggy's previous life as Nostradamus explains a lot. In other "War of the Worlds" trivia: It's my understanding that the working title, "Kiss Me, Stupid," was dropped when it was found neither Jack Lemmon nor Peter Sellers was available. A subplot involving a character named Marvin had to be dropped, making Welles soooo angry. Bill Bixby was conceived on the very night of the broadcast (give or take five years). This may explain confusion about Martians being green. Mr. Buggy's plans for a movie called "S is for Surrey" had to be dropped for lack of financing. Elements from this project were later incorporated in "Oklahoma."
  12. tobitz


    *That's a shame it isn't being shown. Was it shown on Fred MacMurray's day because I missed the first several films of his that were shown.* No, it wasn't shown for MacMurray's day either. I see it's a Paramount film, and I presume it's been on TCM before, but I'm relatively new here myself. I don't think it's been on in the last six months or so, and it's not currently scheduled. It may be, that as an immensely popular movie, that it's been monopolized by the premium channels, HBO, Showtime or such. Others here probably know. I'm thinking of going the dvd route myself.
  13. tobitz


    *I wouldn't watch Double Indemnity on TCM because such a great movie deserves that extra picture quality that only a DVD can provide.* Now you have me curious, FF. Not sure this is the thread to address it, but I'm wondering what other movies you'd consider in that category. Maybe on the main boards?
  14. tobitz


    brandoalways4ever : No. Here's the schedule for Tuesday: p.s. Hope to see you on one of the Brando threads soon.
  15. tobitz


    I'm really looking forward to Ms. Stanwyck's day on Tuesday, though I haven't figured out yet how I'll manage to see all 24 hours worth. "Put purple grapes, or cherries in- To glass, and they will send More beauty to commend Them, from that clean and subtle skin, Than if they naked stood, And had no other pride at all, But their own flesh and blood, And tinctures natural." --Robert Herrick Sorry about that. Rita yesterday has got me reading poetry That particular excerpt reminds me of Miss Stanwyck.

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