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  1. samkqboro

    Where Hollywoods Golden Age GIANTS Rest

    Thanks for the info and trivia Spencer. Real interesting. Everything of past Americana are dissapearing. Mongo, thats not too far away from me. I'm such a dork over the Wizard of Oz, I might actually go pay a visit there if it's actually allowed. Thanks for the 411.
  2. samkqboro

    Where Hollywoods Golden Age GIANTS Rest

    Spencer, May I ask what "Garden of Allah" is?
  3. samkqboro

    Where Hollywoods Golden Age GIANTS Rest

    Mongo, That's really interesting about Frank Morgan. Where in Brooklyn is Greenwood?
  4. samkqboro


    I respectfully disagree. Digitizing is only improving on the quality of movie and sound. Unlike Technicolor, it is not altering the movie. If the movie is being played on TCM, that means it's not on Film, so either way, we do not get to view the movie as it would look on film anyway. I do understand what you mean, but I don't think it applies to a Television station such as TCM. If a Theater showing classics would have done that, it's understandable. I perfer Film for Classics at the Theaters.
  5. samkqboro

    ---Movie Soundtracks---

    Thanks to your suggestions, I will be very busy the coming weeks listening to some good music. Hopefully I will be getting more. If you agree with previous poster's favorites, please post your agreements. Mongo, I also like "Gone With The Wind"'s score as well. Thanks for the other suggestions!
  6. samkqboro

    Our Man In Havana?

    Thanks nitefilmfan! Wow. Now hopefully I can find the soundtrack as well. I appreciate it.
  7. samkqboro

    ---Movie Soundtracks---

    Thanks alix1929, I am sure to check for these titles!
  8. samkqboro

    ---Movie Soundtracks---

    I'm just a bit curious to know what is your favorite Movie Soundtrack/Score from any film before 1959? Please post your answers. Thanks!!!
  9. samkqboro

    TCM & Bob Osbourn

    ---TCM and Bob Osborn helps my sanity in today's world. If TCM ever changes or goes away... i may not make it. What I am getting at is... The movies, the bios, the high quality of entertainment (with no commercials and blah, blah as on AMC) allows me to be truly engaged with the creative cinema. Too bad most movies lack a story, character development... any depth. Rita --- I agree with you 100% and I just turned 23!
  10. samkqboro

    Our Man In Havana?

    Does anyone know where I can get "Our Man In Havana" on video or DVD? I have sent in my suggestion to TCM to play it. I don't think they ever did. I have been looking for this film for the past couple of years with no success.
  11. samkqboro

    Musical Remakes

    >>Talk is serious about redoing "Viva Las Vegas," "Gypsy," "Mame," "Oliver," "Singin' in the Rain"<< Oh please say no.
  12. samkqboro

    Contrary to Belief........

    >>>My eyes (which aren't the greatest) witnessed first hand Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio's bodacious set of ta-ta's on my TCM station!<< Those are oscar nominated ta-ta's.
  13. samkqboro

    Your favorite "31 Days of Oscras"

    Sorry for the mis-spellings.
  14. Which days of TCM's "31 Days of Oscars" is your favorite? A combination of movies. I personal favorites are March 5: "Oscars Gets Directions" 'North by Northwest' 'West Side Story' 'Northwest Passage' 'White Shadows in the South Seas' March 17: "Oscar Gets Hot" 'In the Heat of Night' 'Some Like it Hot' 'Blazing Saddles' 'Chariots of Fire'
  15. I feel that if 'G.O.N.Y.' would have came out at the time it should have, it would have given 'A Beautiful Mind" a run for it's money last year. After waiting over a year for the film, it didn't dissapoint but I knew too much, which was like a double edged sword. It is also my personal favorite of the nominees this year for Best Picture. After watching 'Chicago' on broadway, the film just didn't do it for me.

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