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    Favorite Gene Kelly Movies

    How can you not like Gene Kelly? I love Astaire, but I'd take Kelly anyday. I guess my favorites would be On The Town (Though I also watch that for the supporting cast), Singin' In The Rain (Though Jean Hagen was always my favorite in that) and anything he ever did with Judy Garland (They're chemistry is really good and I was always a HUGE Judy fan).
  2. judybettecarybogie

    Camelot (1967)

    I can't believe you people. How do you like that movie? The show itself is fantastic, but it is for people who can sing and act. The show had two beautiful singers (Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet), who can also act. Richard Burton was a very good King Arthur, acting well and singing fairly well for a usually non-singing actor. But, if you're making a movie of a singing show, FOR PETE'S SAKE, HIRE SINGERS!!! NO ONE IN THAT MOVIE CAN SING. Yes, the movie is visually pretty, but the bad singing, not-that-great acting, and poor adaption ruin it. I don't like it very much and I don't see how you people do.
  3. judybettecarybogie

    Movie endings you hated/were confusing

    I hated the end of Libeled Lady, where William Powell and Spencer Tracy get into a fight, then they and Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow start screaming for no particular reason, then Walter Connolly comes in and he starts screaming too, and then it ends. What happened? Is Powell bigamous? Is Harlow? I WANT ANSWERS!!!

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