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  1. kingfish78734

    my favorite musical

    Elmer Gantry
  2. kingfish78734

    Best SciFi Film of the 1950's ???

    Number one for me is "Destination Moon" many sci-fi films have stolen the ending to this movie, I can't even remember, but two that come to mind are Space Cowboys and Armageddon. Number two is "The Blob".
  3. kingfish78734

    Vote 4 your top 10 all-time War-Films-(Given the Iraq war,etc.)

    In this order: 1. Attack! 2. Stalag 17 3. Bridge on the River Kwai 4. Paths of Glory 5. Patton 6. Saving Private Ryan 7. Midway 8. Guadalcanal Diary 9. The Fighting Seebees 10. The Patriot
  4. kingfish78734

    Best Western

    I don't know that I can pick a single favorite, so here's my list: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, Big Jake (I know it's corny, formulaic, and predictable, but I just love it), Winchester '73, Paint Your Wagon, Silverado, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and The Searchers. As for the worst, who can forget "The Villain" (gawd knows I wish I could) with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a character named "Handsome Stranger" opposite Kirk Douglas and Ann Margeret? What a stinker!!

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