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  1. The same thing is happening to me... grrrr. WatchTCM is pretty much the only way I watch TCM these days... since the TV in the living room is usually occupied by people who can't stand B&W.
  2. venusboys3

    Noir Alley

    This might not be the place for it, sorry if that's so, but I've been trying to figure out what noir-ish film I saw on TCM some time back. It was probably from the 50s... had a stark B&W style to it, no glitz (kind of like Blast of Silence). The plot was about a brother and sister, possibly on the run, staying in a motor court bungalow. The sister attracts male attention, but she's not-quite-right... childlike, and the brother very protective of her. Turns out the sister might be more disturbed than she appears... possibly to the point of murder. Any thoughts on what it might be? Thanks for any info, and sorry if asking this here is against the rules. K
  3. venusboys3

    Movies on Demand

    Same here. Certain movies just won't play. It's frustrating since it's the main way I watch TCM films these days.
  4. venusboys3

    Andy Hardy movies scheduled backwards

    I noticed the same. It struck me as someone just dumping the movies into the schedule with no real appreciation for what they are... that there might be an appropriate order to them unlike, say, the Boston **** movies. Maybe it's just me but it has seemed like the programming has been somewhat lacking and random lately.
  5. venusboys3

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Yeah, these days all my favorite moments from Close Encounters are the non-FX scenes with people interacting amidst the chaos. I was very disappointed when the 'Special Edition' or whatever it was called came out with extra hoopla at the end of the film (unnecessary and anti-climactic) but cut the Dreyfuss nutso scenes and various other bits.
  6. venusboys3

    Strangers on a Train - what would you choose?

    Any crime I'd want to trade nowadays is one I wouldn't want to mention on a public forum... though, as a kid I really wanted some Pogo figurines one of the office staff at school kept in her window. I was too scared to do the smash and grab myself but I did make a small attempt to hire one of the class thugs to do it for me... which quickly seemed like a bad idea (opening myself up to grade-school blackmail)... so I dropped the whole idea and avoided temptation by not walking past that window any more.
  7. venusboys3

    Jonathan Winters, dead at 87

    He and Red Skelton were always my favorites as a kid. Along with Andy Kaufman, Mr. Winters is one of the few comedians to ever send me into uncontrollable spasms of laughter... rolling on the floor unable to breath. One of my favorite showings of his is 'The Loved One'. I particularly liked that he had a dark side that could come out now and then... he could be intimidating when he wanted to be.
  8. venusboys3

    Anybody Drink Drew's During "The Essentials"?

    No, Cher doesn't bug me anywhere near as much as Drew (Rose McGowan came close though). But rather than B list celebrities I'd much rather see surviving classic actors or film historians or film critics or anyone who really knows and loves this stuff... those two women from the Silent Sunday promos... someone who doesn't seem likely to name Casablanca as their favorite example of Film Noir. Still, TCM is great and we're lucky to have it. If it helps with ratings then I'll gladly dodge around that nonsense with only a small bit of grumbling.
  9. venusboys3

    Anybody Drink Drew's During "The Essentials"?

    I can't stand the woman... something about her that has always had me avoiding her. Therefore I do not watch The Essentials, or try to tune in a bit late so I can safely miss her. Sadly now I have to do the same thing on Fridays to avoid Cher.
  10. venusboys3

    "Don't Go To Sleep" (1982)

    This was made for TV right? I watched it for the first time recently. Like a lot of those older made-for-TV movies... e.g. 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark', 'When Michael Calls', 'The Screaming Woman'... it's actually pretty creepy.
  11. venusboys3

    Please help me find these two movies...

    I'm pretty sure 'The Weapon' must be correct for the first one... now I just need to find a way to watch it. I'm certain the second one is not 'They Live By Night'... since I know that movie well. I see the similarity with my description though... I'm pretty sure the one I'm thinking of is not a crime movie... at least not a heist movie. Also, there were no actors I recognized (during the short bit I saw). It was low budget and 'stark'. In the one I'm thinking of the girl is 'odd'... mentally ill possibly... a child's mind in a woman's body... flirtatious without intent. The young man watching over her, I think her brother, is defensive about her... knowing that other men might try to take advantage of her (may have happened before). I'm not sure why they are in the motor court, if they are running away or going somewhere, but I didn't get the sense that there were crimes involved... that the young man was a bandit or somesuch. When the girl goes outside and meets a stranger I think she may have been on a swing at a small playground in the motor court. I seem to also remember something about someone coming to clean the bungalow and her not wanting to let them in because her brother wasn't there. I wish I could give a better description. Edited by: venusboys3 on Mar 2, 2011 11:41 PM
  12. Movie one: For years I thought the title of this one was 'The Gun' but IMDB doesn't turn up anything that seems close. I saw it as a kid in the late 60s early 70s... black and white on TV so I'm guessing it was made in the 50's or early 60's. The story is that a little boy finds a pistol (Luger?) and runs off with it, maybe because he shot a friend thinking the gun was a toy. I have the impression that the boy is German and the gun is a relic of WWII that he found in a ruined house or wall. Anyway, adults set out in search of the boy before he harms someone else or himself. I seem to remember the city being partially in ruins... so maybe it was Berlin? The movie was in English though, or dubbed into English. They showed this one frequently when I was a kid but I never did see the way it turned out. Movie two: I saw this one on TCM a few years ago. Black and white, probably from the late 40s to early 50s... maybe later. I only saw part of it... a 20ish boy and a girl he claims to be his sister (late teens/early 20s) are staying in a bungalow at a motor hotel. They might be on the run from something, I'm not sure. The 'brother' is very protective of the girl who is pretty but seems to have a childlike mind... very innocent and trusting and playful. He makes her stay in the bungalow most of the day, tells her not to talk to people, but at some point she goes out and is approached by an older man who seems harmless but the brother returns and is very angry/suspicious. It was one of those older films that had a low budget and a very realistic... almost documentary feel to it. Thanks for any help on these... I'd really like to track them down so I could finally see them in their entirety. K
  13. venusboys3

    Rob Zombie

    TCM is pretty much the only 'television' I've watched for years now... a bit of CSPAN now and then maybe. I love the channel and what I percieve to be it's unique devotion to quality. The addition of TCMU only serves to make me feel more at home... and proves to me that the station really is devoted to FILM rather than mere nostalgia. The TCMU films that have been shown so far are indeed classics... I've seen most of them before and they made a strong impression on me then. I'm excited for a chance to see them again. I know they're not going to appeal to the 'mainstream' TCM viewer, but I'd assume that's why their being shown when they are... it takes me back to the old days of staying up late on Fridays to watch the local 'Creature Feature'. I agree that the constant promos between other films are a bit annoying, mostly because they don't tend to say what the upcoming film will be. But I'd expect any new feature on a station to be plugged heavily to build an audience, at least on TCM it's not DURING the film. TCM is still the best thing going on cable (IMHO) and I'm quite happy and THANKFUL for that!
  14. venusboys3

    Hoppity Goes to Town.

    I bought a copy from Amazon not all that long ago... It was a Fleischer film... I think one of their last... it had the great misfortune to premier the same day that Pearl Harbor was attacked...
  15. I like the music... but I really hate that spot... the way it looks. It just isn't well done. I think I'm particularly annoyed by the child actress... she reminds me of the hyperactive kids on Barney. That and the ugly decor of her room... I'm not usually negative... but the promos on TCM are usually so incredible, there are a few I've recorded just for their own sake... but the new christmas promo looks like it was made as a freshman project somewhere.

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