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  1. LOVE IT, KYLE! One of my favorite movies!
  2. Shonna

    ROBERT RYAN - The Real Quiet Man

    GREAT picture as usual Miss Goddess, that picture of Robert Ryan is to *DIE* for. (Merle looks good too)
  3. Nice "Gardenia" poster, Kyle!! VERY racy!!!
  4. Shonna

    All About AVA

    Hi Goddess! I had heard that initally on the set of "The Night of The Iguana" that for a nano-second the air was tense between Eliazabeth and Ava but then with Burton and the gang they all became friends and drinking buddies! You're right, Burton must have been in heaven! Hi Lauren! I had read that quote from Elizabeth Taylor about Ava in two different publications. I too, think it was great of her to say that! Two incredible TENS!!! The pot calling the kettle black! Ha! Ha!
  5. Shonna

    [b]Film of the Day[/b]

    Hi Moviebuffer! I am trying to send you a private message, but it will not go through! If you would be so kind, I want to talk music and Jazz with you!!! Shonna
  6. Shonna

    All About AVA

    Thank you Miss Goddess for keeping the great Ava pics coming! And Lauren, that set of 3 photos of Ava is jaw-dropping!!! Elizabeth Taylor hit it right on the mark when she said," I think that Ava Gardner is THE most beautiful Woman in the world!"
  7. I like a comedy as much as the next guy but I thought I was watching Turner "CLASSIC" movies!??!!? Come on!!!
  8. Shonna

    All About AVA

    I have not seen my ALL TIME favorite picture of Ava yet, the pose in the black evening gown (looking straight into the camera) from "The Killers"!!!
  9. Shonna

    Gone Without Fanfare

    WOW, Mongo, what a beauty!! For a second, I thought it was a picture of Marilyn Monroe that I had not seen before!
  10. Men: Edward G. Robinson, Robert Montgomery, Chester Morris, Richard Arlen, John Garfield, Humphrey Bogart, George Raft, Glenn Ford, Dana Andrews and Frank Sinatra (throw Artie Shaw in there too) Women: Kay Francis, Hedy Lamarr, Vivien Leigh, Ann Sheridan, Gene Tierney, Merle Oberon, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth
  11. Shonna

    Help me like Vivien Leigh!

    Hi pktrekgirl!! If anything, she was just so damn beautiful to look at: Check out Ms. Goddess's latest picture of Ms. Leigh!!
  12. Shonna

    Hedy Lamarr & Vivien Leigh

    Oh my God, Miss Goddess, it's a toss up! It's like choosing between the Hope (minus all of the bad stuff) and the Taylor-Burton diamond, no?!?!??!
  13. Shonna

    Thomas Ince

    Perhaps we should ask Larry and/or Mongo regarding their thoughts?
  14. Shonna

    Your fave way to watch

    Jack that sounds WONDERFUL!!! I bet it was really like that in a theater in the 1930's and 1940's? The closest that I came to such a theater was the Grand Theatre in Oakland, CA. after they renovated it. What a thrill it must have been back in the day!!!

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