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  1. chevytee

    Gay Purr-ee (1962)

    *I haven't seen this classic animated tale since I was a kid! *
  2. chevytee

    Today is Film Noir Day on TCM

    I actually sat in the house and watched TCM all day Oct 1st. What a great lineup!
  3. chevytee

    character names that stay in your head

    Ford Sterling of Keystone cops fame.
  4. chevytee

    Fritz Lang

    I'm suprised "M" is not being shown. I really must purchase this on DVD. This is one of the great movies I have yet to see.
  5. chevytee

    RE : Marlon Brando in Guys And Dolls

    Brando had some of the best lines in the movie..... "The only time a man should be in a hurry is when the cops are coming up the stairs" "Dad I've got cidar in my ear"
  6. chevytee

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    Charley Chase in "Southern Exposure" (1935) is my first time watching this comedian.
  7. chevytee

    Before Dawn (1933)

    Very interesting movie about psychic helping out the police solving a mystery. Yet another movie TCM has played that I have previously not heard of.
  8. chevytee

    cartoon alley

    The two mice tricking the cat into thinking he was a lion was priceless! They almost got the dog. "you're a gazelle-you're a gazelle-and here comes a lion!"
  9. chevytee


    I'm having great fun watching these. I'm sure most of them are not available or hard to find. The Hal Roach ones were fun.
  10. chevytee

    Favorite Cartoons?

    Anyone remember "Three Little Bops" all dialogue was sung. "Gotta get hot to play real cool"
  11. chevytee


    Love the gritty realism of those early 30's movies.
  12. chevytee

    Favorite Cartoons?

    Tex Avery was the greatest! Does anyone remember "Quiet please" where the man has a nervous condition and the doctor suggest he go away for peace and quiet. He goes to a hotel and the people next door make so much noise. When he tries various ways to silence them it backfires. Turns out the people next door are the doctor and his nurse! Too funny.
  13. chevytee

    Your Favorite All-time Horror Flick!

    Phantasm (1979)
  14. chevytee

    Favorite Neo-Noir 1960-80

    Would "Angel Heart" fit into this catagory?

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