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  1. MovieGal53

    Robert Osborne's Return

    ClassicFilmMan, This is wonderful news! Thanks for your response.
  2. MovieGal53

    There is something not right

    The TCM monthly newsletter for September states that Robert Osborne will return very soon and will be part of the TCM cruise in December.
  3. MovieGal53

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    We've been speaking about female stars who were particular in the way they were filmed but what about male stars? There had to have been a few who chose one side of their face over the other.
  4. MovieGal53


    Lombard was the "Queen" of screwball comedies and helped define the genre. But i respect your right to disagree. 8^D Speaking of THE AWFUL TRUTH isn't it delightful? I watched last night's showing and laughed just as if seeing it for the first time. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne were at their best. A big thank you to TCM programming for airing this gem.
  5. MovieGal53

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    Wasn't it Bette Davis who requested the same camera man for most of her films because she thought he did an excellent job in highlighing her best features while filming a scene? Also, Carole Lombard had a scar on her face from an automobile accident that was hidden by camera angles and lighting. Loretta Young is another actress who preferred the left side of her face,
  6. MovieGal53

    Comedy Marathon at TCM (your opinions)

    What a great question! I'm a fan of "screwball comedies " so, after much thought here goes: 1. Merrily We Live 2.. The Awful Truth 3. Bringing Up Baby 4. The Feminie Touch 5. The Fuller Brush Girl 6. The Man Who Came To Dinner 7. My Man Godfrey 8. George Washington Slept Here I'm sure this line up exceeds the 12 hour mark but they are sure to bring belly laughs!
  7. In response to TOPBILLED...TCM has scheduled a block of Monroe films for 9/12/11 starting at 8 pm EST. First up is DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK, followed by NIAGRA. I'm not really a fan of Ms Monroe but I do feel that the performances she gave in these two films were her best.
  8. MovieGal53

    Bell Book and Candle

    Her ability to love was the biggest change.
  9. MovieGal53

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    it was all about keeping the star happy, I guess.
  10. MovieGal53

    First 6 days of November

    MovieMadness, thanks for the link. The schedule looks good.
  11. MovieGal53

    "Ice Follies of 1939" scheduled for Nov. 18, 2011

    Thanks johnnyhouston for the info about November's schedule and the search feature. After reading the posts about ICE FOLLIES OF 1939 I can't wait to see it. Joan Crawford is one of my favorite actress's so this indeed should be a treat.
  12. MovieGal53

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    In response to TOPBILLED, the reason Ms. Colbert was adament about being filmed from the left side was becasue she thought that her nose was crooked. There have been a few full face shots in certain films and her nose never appeared to be as she thought but it might have been the lighting.
  13. MovieGal53

    The Left Side of Claudette Colbert's Face

    This was an interesting fact about Ms. Colbert. I think most actresses of that time were particular about how they were shot. I remember Robert Osborne saying that Rosalind Russell always made sure that her head tilted up in each scene to give the illusion of having a chin. Edited by: MovieGal53 on Aug 13, 2011 4:20 PM
  14. MovieGal53

    "Ice Follies of 1939" scheduled for Nov. 18, 2011

    Does this mean the November schedule is up?
  15. MovieGal53

    Question about the film White Banners

    My cable company didn't include TCM in their channel line up until the fall of 2006. I missed the showing in December of that year but was able to view it in January of 2007. The film was supposed to air again in 08 or 09 when Claude Rains was the star of the month but was pulled from the schedule. At the time I sent an email to TCM programming and was told that it was pulled due to some sort of legal issue with the film and it would not air until the matter was resolved. Thanks to the both of you for trying to answer my question.
  16. Does anyone know if all the legal issues regarding the airing of this gem of a film have been resolved? I would love to see it again. Thanks in advance for any information on this subject.
  17. lzcutter, very well put. I have been a member of this board for five years and every time Ben's name is mentioned in a thread posters start spitting fire. I don't understand the extreme dislike for this guy. He does a fine job hosting on the weekends and now, equally as well in primetime. There is no disrepect when I say this but I would rather see Ben do the intro's in Mr. Osborne's absence instead of film stars who seem uncomfortable in their hosting roles. As I stated in a previous thread...Ben Mankiewicz is just as much a part of TCM as Robert Osborne is. Stop all the bashing and enjoy SUTS 2011. <<One thing worth remembering is that this is not some anonymous message board out in the middle of cyberspace. This is a message board sponsored by TCM and we are invited guests. Do you guys insult the hosts when you visit their homes? Because that's what you are basically doing here with unsubstantiated "impressions" and flaming Ben M. For the record, Ben M is doing his part while Robert O is on hiatus. He is stepping up, covering many of Robert O's tour dates of music events and film screenings in addition to hosting each day of *SUTS*. He is, in that regard, the temporary face of TCM while Robert O is away. The men and women who work with Ben M have high regard for him and his work ethic. Anyone who has met him or seen him at the Film Festivals knows that he is gracious, funny and a hard worker. Posters often ask why the staff of TCM doesn't interact more with this community. This thread (and others) could be Exhibit 1 why they don't. My husband often likes to say that life doesn't really get past high school. Welcome to the TCM version of high school where it's okay to trash talk a hard working member of the TCM staff and then say, "just joking". It doesn't make it funny and it doesn't make it right. We are invited guests here and as long as we are all willing to trash talk the staff of TCM (even under the guise of "joking"), the more we make it unlikely that they will ever participate in these message boards past what they do now.>>
  18. MovieGal53

    Ben tonight for SUTS

    Ben is doing a fine job. It's only right that he fill in for Mr. Osborne this month and, hopefully, next month as well. He is just as much a part of TCM as Robert Osborne is. While I defend anyone's right to disagree, cut the guy some slack. You're okay Benny! Edited by: MovieGal53 on Aug 3, 2011 12:04 AM
  19. MovieGal53


    Classic Films are like old friends. They enrich your life in ways a non-classic fan can't understand. As stated in a few previous posts they transport us back to a much more simpler time. They allow us the privilage of sitting through a well written plot instead of today's blood, guts, blow it up, car chase, gratuitous sex, junior high school humor which, sadly, has become standard fare in most contemporary movies. Thankfully we have Turner Classic Movies. It's an oasis in all of the chaos happening in the world today. And a reminder that quality stands the test of time. , ..
  20. MovieGal53

    TCM On Demand Schedule

    Molo, Thank you for your response. This is exactly what I meant. I searched this site and found nothing in regard to On Demand. So I echo your sentiments about a link. Anna *<<>*
  21. MovieGal53

    TCM On Demand Schedule

    My cable company recently added TCM On Demand. Can someone please tell me where I can find information about the schedule? Also, how often are the films and content updated? Anna
  22. MovieGal53

    White Banners?

    *markfp2*, Thanks so much for your response. I'm heading over to read the posts now. *Holly*, I saw White Banners only once in my life, when it aired on TCM about two years ago, and I have never forgotten it. Hopefully, TCM can iron out all the kicks so this gem of a film and be aired again.
  23. MovieGal53

    White Banners?

    Can someone please tell me why this film was taken off of the shedule for September? If I remember correctly it was supposed to be shown as part of the month long salute to Claude Rains. What happened?
  24. MovieGal53

    Help! The End of Devotion

    Due to a cable outage I was unable to see the last few minutes of the film Devotion airing on TCM last night. Since never having viewed the film before I am curious to know the ending. My cable went out just has Charlotte Bronte went running for the doctor after what looked like Emily's death. Please any information would be greatly appreciated. MovieGal53
  25. MovieGal53

    Help! The End of Devotion

    MissGoddess, From your wonderful description I can see the ending play out in my mind! Many thanks to you. 8^D

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