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  1. I missed the addition of a profanity filter. This sucks, because two movies that have aired regularly on TCM, heavily promoted by TCM will now not even be allowed on the Boards. This is ludicrous. Faster **** Cat Kill, Kill and What's New **** Cat? Come on guys, since when did we become Victorian about movie titles of films aired in general theaters?
  2. Vincent Price's classic "Last Man on Earth" gets a re-do later this year. My only problem is that they have Will Smith in the Price role. The movie is "I am Legend" from the book title I like the guy O.K., but he is further away from the character in the book than Price was. I hope the studios get it right. Anyone else have any input on this, or do you see Smith carrying this role.
  3. They do this every year, and we wait. The Oscar movies only run until the Oscars, and with all the complaints about them, it is obvious that the academy hasn't a clue of what a great film is.
  4. Oh yeah, Duel is fantastic..Weaver showed his chops as a serious actor. I aslo liked Salems Lot with David Soul. My favorite has to be the T.V. version of kings' "The Shining", with Steven L. Webber. It was so much more streamlined and well thought out than the theatrical release.
  5. I was chronic with the 420, then I switched the channel one day after watching "Enter the Dragon for the 150th time, I turned to TCM. There was a Ma and Pa Kettle movie on. Well needless to say I was so baked that I found this movie to be of great amusement. Now many years later, I no longer burn, however I still watch classics. Although for the record the Kettle family was much more humorous when I viewed it under the influence of Ganja.
  6. RTRiley

    Bring Back Rob Zombie Please

    I would love to see Tarentino hosting the Streetfighter series with Sinichi Chiba and Etsuko Shihomi. Sister Streetfighter was a definitive influence for Kill Bill.
  7. RTRiley

    Masterpiece Theater Dracula

    I really must apologize about not editing my writing, it is hard to read at times and for this I am truly sorry,....."Louis Jordan" not Lois.
  8. RTRiley

    Masterpiece Theater Dracula

    I missed it, but they have been making fun of it on Studio Sixty. I wanted to see it to see if it was going to be as bad as predicted. I like Lois Jordans version and alsways dig Lee as the Count.
  9. RTRiley

    When I get that Time Machine . . . . !

    I too would love to see London After Midnight, I have only seen stills of this movie with Chaney and his pirahna teeth. I hope that it is in a tin in a cool place someday yet to bee discovered. I know that the master burnt up and that no others can be found, but I still hope.
  10. Maltin would be fine, I like Ebert also, if his health holds up.
  11. I have mixed feelings about Cartoon Network, I love the Venture Brothers , Harvey Birdman, but I hate Assy Magee, Squidbillies and Danger Mouse. I also am bummed that no more Bugs Bunny. I do not get Boomerang, so the only place I get my Bugs fix is on TCM when they show one once in a while on Cartoon Alley.
  12. RTRiley

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    "Did you think I was going to let you die alone?" Eastwood speaking to Wallach on the point of Tuco going in to kill Angel Eyes. From the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  13. RTRiley

    Clint Eastwood's westerns

    I really enjoy The Good , The Bad, and The Ugly. So much so I went out and bought the remastered version. It's sweeping panoramic shots and close-ups of facial profiles is great. Leone used such a great technique that even Eastwood, the hero appears feral in his movements and mannerisms. My favorite scene is when Wallach is going after Van Cleef in the destroyed town, and Eastwood appears out of nowhere off from the side, and says,"Did you think I was going to let you die alone?" Great movie. I know for Eastwood purists, that they don't like this film. My friend is an Eastwood fanatic and swears by Unforgiven, where I like that film of his the least. High Plains Drifter is a great film also, one of the great standards. M. Night Shamylan could take a note on how to make mystery movie from this film. It has a completely unorthadox style and a great twist. The film is subversive and is an analogy of violence, many think that Eatwoods films embrace violence, however if you watch these films closely, like HPD, and GBU, the devastating effects of violent are being played out in the background, towns on the brink of disaster, starving people, and ruin. I know that GBUgly is a Leone film, but it definitely has Eastwoods influence in it.
  14. Listen, you drew first blood, you have been making personal attacks on 3 posts towards me, and I make one! You have got to not let this type of stuff eat at you, really. I have no ill will towards you, carpetbagger is pretty tame, the only slam I made towards you, I would never presume that you need mental help, or any of the other barbs you threw at me. On that note, I bid you farewell, I am off to the sci-fi section. See Ya'
  15. All you can do is name call and insult, you have attacked me 3 times when I have not attacked your person once, who is acting like a child here?. I attacked social problems in your state, yet you seem fit to attack me. You have made my point completely. Listen if you have nothing of substance and all you can do is hurl insults then you are living in the right state.Oh, by the way, I was born there and lived there as a child, you my good friend are a carpetbagger. (Not an insult, just good ol' southern slang that my momma used to say bout' Yankess who came down and took the jobs away from the locals)
  16. RTRiley

    best science fiction of the 70s

    "Silent Running", Bruce Dern and three robots. I like this film, also I enjoyed "Marooned" with Peck, I do not know if it was Sci-Fi.
  17. RTRiley


    Hey, I like cinemascope, a lot. I think that most of his postings are relevant to film and art. Unlike a lot of finger pointing and name calling that I see directed by others. People have got to lighten up, listen if you are strong in your convictions, opposing opinions would not bother you, they would challenge you(in a good way), to express your point with clarity. I can't believe the attacks that go on here, I made a joke about John Waters Movies being Beautiful films then I was called depraved and not having knowledge of what beauty was. People need to lighten up, I do not want to see cinemascope or any others leave these boards because of the film facts and info I get from all of you is great. No place else on the net has this compendium of knowledge of classic films. I learn more from this community on film than I ever have from any other source. So, I may suggest people take a second and realize this is not the" Fight Club board "but TCM classic Movies which we love.
  18. Oh, you're just angry because I am right.
  19. What, no sense of humor. I appreciate the soapbox of indignified morality of which you stand upon, seriously, you are upset by my comments? Wow, I am flattered that you actually took time to complain about a joke. Insulting me by saying I am not knowledgable is hilarious. I will tell you what I think is really ugly, the state with the worst educational system in the country, the highest amount of people living in poverty, and where the traitors flag (confederate) still is flying on some courthouses, and the second largest employer of illegal immigrants. Not to mention how Alabama still treats its' Black people with segregated proms, and communities. I am pretty sure that is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Beauty however is subjective, if you actually paid attention to the thread, you would have noticed I stated in a previous post "the Sound Of Music", but I won't hold that against you considering where you live.
  20. Female Trouble, or Polyester...I really have a hard time between both of them. They show such beautiful backgrounds of Baltimore. I can't tell the difference between the city and parts of Jersey, amazing and brilliant.
  21. RTRiley

    Best Alien....Ever!

    The Siren of the Midway.....brilliant!!!!! I laughed hard and out loud, thank you.
  22. How the West was won, I enjoy watching 3 different screens with different hues, and lighting. Seriously it has to be Sound of Music. I am not a fan of it, but the cinematography is stunning,
  23. How the West was won, I enjoy watching 3 different screens with different hues, and lighting. Seriously it has to be Sound of Music. I am not a fan of it, but the cinematography is stunning,
  24. Definitely not my favorite, but the film that is essential in film schools how to make a movie right using all the forlmulaic standards would have to be Casablanca.I do not like the movie because it uses every standard for the film making process. I like unconventional, like Leones "The Good , the Bad and the Ugly." also Kurosawas Stray Dog. Very unconventional, however Casablanca, Ben Hur, and On the WaterFront are films that have standards that filmakers have used and still use to make sure their film is played safe and follows studio demographics.

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