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  1. DFC

    WatchTCM live stream interference

    This is going to sound strange but that problem seems to occur more during bad weather. I have no idea how TCM is delivered to streaming services, but maybe somewhere along the line the feed is handled by satellites. I remember having this problem years ago when I received TCM via TW Cable. Just a guess.
  2. DFC

    Watch TCM App for ROKU

    Watch TCM works on my Roku Stick (Roku 3800) except for buffering frequently enough to be annoying. I don't have this buffering issue with any other Roku app.
  3. DFC

    Watch TCM

  4. DFC

    TCM has a new owner

    AT&T's executives are nuts and bolts managers, not creative types. That doesn't bode well for TCM.
  5. DFC

    Your "Favorite" W.C. Fields Movie

    Universal is releasing 5 more Fields films on 03/20/2007. Included in the "W.C. Fields Comedy Collection: Volume 2" DVD box set will be: You`re Telling Me! The Old Fashioned Way Man on the Flying Trapeze Poppy Never Give a Sucker an Even Break more info: http://homevideo.universalstudios.com/details.php?childId=36654
  6. DFC

    Your "Favorite" W.C. Fields Movie

    I'dr rank the top 3 as follows: 1A - Man on The Flying Trapeze 1B - It's a Gift 2 - The Bank Dick 3 - The Old Fashioned Way
  7. DFC

    Your "Favorite" W.C. Fields Movie

    My favorite Fields' film is "Man On The Flying Trapeze (1935)". It is not on DVD, and TCM hasn't shown it since 2001.

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