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    Grooving to "The Rifleman"!!

    One of the local cable channels has been carrying "The Rifleman" lately and I've really been totally grooving to it! Noir and hard-hitting crime on the range! Love this stuff! Anyone else enjoy this series?
  2. Groovy Flix on TCM--week of Nov 14th!! Kicking it off with tonight's 4-fer of Laurel and Hardy shorts on Silent Sunday Night, including BIG BUSINESS!! Loving these silent Laurel and Hardy shorts, thank you, TCM!! I know that my friend SansFin will be grooving to SANSHO THE BAILIFF during the wee hours, and I will check it out based upon that recommendation made in my last grooving post! Then Monday starts off with some really hard grooves!!! First, Louise Brooks in the silent PANDORA'S BOX (1929)!!! Wow, I've not seen this one, and can't wait!!! Then Lee Tracy, Allen Jenkins, Frank McHugh and a great cast in the pre-code BLESSED EVENT (1932), followed by yet another pre-code, THE KING'S VACATION (1933), with George Arliss! Later on, the Ladd/Lake noir, THE GLASS KEY (1942), followed by the ravishing Veronica Lake again in I MARRIED A WITCH, also from 1942, with Frederic March!! Battle of the Blondes continues to heat it up on Monday night with Marlene Dietrich as one of the lovely battlers, this time in the 1930 THE BLUE ANGEL, and SHANGHAI EXPRESS from 1932!!! Ursula Andress is the other blonde of the evening, and some of her fantasy flix are featured, including the 1965 version of SHE! It's all about stories on Tuesday daytime, including THE STORY OF MANKIND (1957), with a huge cast including Ronald Colman, Hedy Lamarr, and Grouch himself!! Plus THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE from 1939, and featuring Astaire and Rogers, along with Edna Mae Oliver!! John Garfield fans are grooving as he gets a mini-tribute early Wednesday morning, first with EAST OF THE RIVER (1940), the one I'm most looking forward to, followed by the documentary on John's life and career, and then THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE (1946)!! Later on that same day, we're treated to Eddie G in one of his best gangster spoofs, A SLIGHT CASE OF MURDER (1938)---what a hoot, with a great supporting cast of mugs all mugging it up, including Ruth Donnelly!! THE MILKY WAY (1936) with Harold Lloyd, Adolphe Menjou and Helen Mack, is also a hoot!! More Battle of the Blondes action on Wednesday night, this time Carole Lombard vs. Mae West!!! Yowza!!! Mae's flicks are both pre-codes, when she was in top form (no pun intended!!), in SHE DONE HIM WRONG (1933) AND I'M NO ANGEL (1933)!! Hot stuff!!! We're all aboard on Thursday night, with shipboard flix, including the Hitch 1932 flick, RICH AND STRANGE, and the 1965 SHIP OF FOOLS with Vivien Leigh, and Simone Signoret!! Last up is a Brown and Carney team-up in the wartime comedy, SEVEN DAYS ASHORE (1944)!! Jimmy Stewart getts the daytime tribute honors, with a full day of flix, including SPEED (1936), THE ICE FOLLIES OF 1939, with Joan Crawford, the riveting 1940 THE MORTAL STORM, and MALAYA (1949) with Spence!! Saturdays continue to be groove-a-licious, this week kicks off with a double dose of pre-codes, with Coop in A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1932), and another round of trouble in TROUBLE IN PARADISE (1932), which if you missed it this past Saturday, I definitely recommend catching it this time! Then TCM is kicking off a weekly showing of "Lone Wolf" flix, with the inagrual entry in the series this week THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT (1939), with Warren William (the man born to play a "wolf"!!) in the lead role, along for the ride is also Rita Hayworth and Ida Lupino!! And another first, as TCM will be airing the "Bomba" series in the slot that has been devoted the past several months to Tarzan flix--again the first in the series, BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY (1949) with Johnny Sheffield ("boy") in the title role, along with the lovely Peggy Ann Garner!! Later in the afternoon is Jimmy Stewart in THE FBI STORY (1959)!! Sunday morning we are treated to Laurel and Hardy mixing it up in BONNIE SCOTLAND (1935), and later on that same day, the Hitch classic, THE WRONG MAN (1956), with Hank Fonda and Vera Miles! Sunday's Silent flick is WHAT PRICE GLORY (1926) with Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe and Dolores Del Rio!! Lots to groove to this week, thanks to TCM!!
  3. I just noticed the new morning movie intros, and wow, thank you, TCM!!! I love this one MUCH better than the noisy urban/modern one that had the guy running up the stairs. I never liked that one and pined for the older one that had the milkman (it was animated, I believe). This one is awesome though, more low-key and classy!
  4. Wow, thanks to the Louis Wolheim tribute, there are silents all morning into the afternoon!!! Right now ORPHANS OF THE STORM is wrapping up, and then it's the silent 1922 SHERLOCK HOLMES with Lionel Barrymore, coming up at 10:45am!!! Then it's my girl, Marie Prevost, in THE RACKET (1928) at 12:15pm!!! Silent fest!!! And after the silent fest, it's early talkies fest with more Louis Wolheim, and I can totally dig on that!!! At 1:45pm, it's THE SHIP FROM SHANGHAI from 1930, starring Conrad Nagel and Kay Johnson!! Then Evelyn Brent and Joel McCrea get it on in Alaska in THE SILVER HORDE, also from 1930!!! Then at 4:30pm, it's Jean Arthur, my main man Robert Armstrong, and Hugh Herbert in DANGER LIGHTS, another 1930 gem!!! And finally, up at 5:45pm is Louis with John Gilbert, Leila Hyams, Anita Page, and Marie Prevost in GENTLEMAN'S FATE from 1931!!! Woooohooooo!!! Another totally rockin' day on TCM!!! Groovin' hard!!!
  5. markbeckuaf


    I agree!!!!
  6. markbeckuaf

    Lots of early Thirties movies on tomorrow

    No worries, and glad to be of assistance!!! I also adore Marie!!!
  7. markbeckuaf

    Ruth Roman

    OMG, thanks for the heads up!!!! I will def be watching this episode!!! I love Ruth and I love GUNSMOKE, so there!
  8. markbeckuaf

    Any John Wayne fans here?

    OMG!!!! I love the Duke!!!! I'm going to be rocking hard to his full week of flix!!!! TCM rocks!!!
  9. markbeckuaf


    I am totally grooving hard to this!!!! Thanks, TCM!!!
  10. markbeckuaf

    Lots of early Thirties movies on tomorrow

    Wow, I know today rocks! I'm sorry I didn't see your thread and started up another as it's also a day to honor Marie Prevost! Love the flix, all of them rock hard! I'm particularly looking forward to CARNIVAL BOAT as it's one I've never seen before, and it's always a pleasure to watch early Ginger!!!
  11. Lovin' Marie Prevost, dig on her totally!!! Today, TCM will air a lineup filled with her flix, all pre-codes with one silent mixed in for good measure!!! It all starts at 7am with THE RACKET, a silent flick from 1928!!! Then it's PAID (1930), WAR NURSE (1930), GENTLEMAN'S FATE (1931), THE SIN OF MADELON CLAUDET (1931), SPORTING BLOOD (1931), CARNIVAL BOAT (1932)--I've never seen this one before!!!, and finally HELL DIVERS (1932)!!!! Rock out!!! I have my DVR primed and ready to roll!!! Hope everyone has a groovy TCM-kinda day!!
  12. This is one of those things that truly sets TCM apart, if it wasn't already!!! Niven Busch???!!! Get outta town!!! But that's exactly who TCM is doing a daytime tribute for next Friday, April 4!!! Since the message boards might be down most of next week, I thought I'd give a shout out now so folks interested in can get those DVR's a-programmed!! HUGE block of pre-codes and 30's flicks in this tribute, starting off at 6am with SCARLET DAWN from 1932, and starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Nancy Carroll, Lilyan Tashman and Guy Kibbee!! Next up, it's Joan Blondell and George Brent in a comedy/mystery from 1932, MISS PINKERTON!!! This flick totally rocks and I am SO looking forward to seeing it again!!! Joan returns in another Niven Busch screenplay, this time with Cagney himself, in HE WAS HER MAN (1934)!!! Then it's Bette Davis, Charles Farrell, Ricardo Cortez, Glenda Farrell, and Allen Jenkins in a gangster drama, THE BIG SHAKEDOWN (1934)!!! Guy Kibbee mixes it up with Aline MacMahon in BABBITT (1934)!!! And I'd be hanging on for Pat O'Brien and Joan Blondell in the 1939 flick, OFF THE RECORD!!! I dunno know about all y'all, but I'm def going to be groovin' it hard next Friday during this awesome tribute!!!
  13. I hope you have a chance to watch it Robbie!!! I totally grooved to this one, as well as HE WAS HER MAN, where Blondell and Cagney were together, a unique type of flick though for them, I thought!!
  14. markbeckuaf

    Mickey Rooney has passed away at 93

    I was so saddened to hear this news yesterday. A true legend, an icon! I totally dug The Mick! RIP.
  15. Did anyone groove to these flix today? I'm watching MISS PINKERTON from the DVR now!!! Hotcha Joan Blondell!!
  16. markbeckuaf


    AWESOME month!!! Tons of great flix throughout the month! TCM rules!
  17. Andy, you're welcome!!! I'm grooving to the flix today!! DANGER LIGHTS is on right now and it's awesome! Hibi, I hope you have been having a chance to catch some of these flix today?
  18. Top Billed, I agree, it rocks!!! Thanks for reminding me that Jean Arthur is also in THE SILVER HORDE, indeed she is! It's a pretty cool flick!
  19. This flick is SO cool!!! I love all the WW Perry Mason flix, but this first one is the best, IMO!!! A true pre-code twist at the end, wow!!! I love the dudes who work for Perry, and though Della seems kind of stand-offish throughout most of the flick, you know where her lips wanna be smoochin' when all is said and done!! Great pre-code mystery flick with lots of good courtroom drama, to boot!!!
  20. I'm SO digging on today's TCM lineup, two flix with WW and Mary Astor, UPPERWORLD and right now, THE CASE OF THE HOWLING DOG!!! Woooootttt!!! And earlier some rare early talkies, including SIN SHIP, THE ROyAL BED, SMART WOMAN and MEN OF CHANCE!!! Wowowowowowowow!!! Groovin' hard here!!! And coming up, with a break with Laurel and Hardy doing it up in a murder case, it's more Mary in some 30's flix, then Van Heflin and Mary team it up in the noir classic, ACT OF VIOLENCE, followed by two Van Heflin flix I've not seen before, THE OUTCASTS OF POKER FLAT (1937) and FLIGHT FROM GLORy (1937)!!! Wow!!! Lovin' TCM!!!
  21. Thank you very much, Arturo!!! How kind of you to say!!
  22. markbeckuaf

    The Case of the Howling Dog!!

    Miss Wonderly, thank you so much for your kind words!!! I'll try to come back soon with my weekly grooves if that will help in some respect. Sorry you missed this one, it's a hot one! Hopefully you'll catch it, when TCM airs it again soon!!!
  23. markbeckuaf

    Act of Violence: a great noir

    I know right!!! The Mary Astor flix this month have been golden!!! I have a DVR filled with many of them, but I'm fortunately off today so getting to watch most of them "live"!!! We should see about getting paid to watch TCM flix, eh??
  24. markbeckuaf

    Act of Violence: a great noir

    Hibi, I hear what you are saying!!! My DVR is simply bursting!!!
  25. Miss Kyle so much. The board seems so much emptier without his presence. Thanks to those who put together this forum to honor his memory, one of the greatest TCM fans I've ever had the privilege of knowing. RIP, Kyle.

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