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    As Hollywood's number one "party girl" of course my interests are Hollywood parties; partying amongst the stars is so heavenly - however, since my unwelcome heart attack in 2003 my parties have been permanently grounded at the Santa Barbara Cemetery where you can literally have a drink on me. Cheers to a wonderful yet short sweet life my friends see you soon ;-p

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  1. JeanneCrain


    A lineup more “average” perhaps? 💋
  2. JeanneCrain


  3. JeanneCrain


    Woodstock? Farm Aid had a broader & deeper lineup honey. 💋 September 22, 1985 Farm Aid Champaign, Illinois Memorial Stadium 1. Alabama 2. Hoyt Axton 3. The Beach Boys 4. The Blasters 5. Bon Jovi 6. Jimmy Buffett 7. Glen Campbell 8. Johnny Cash 9. David Allan Coe 10. John Conlee 11. Charlie Daniels Band 12. John Denver 13. Bob Dylan 14. John Fogerty 15. Foreigner 16. Vince Gill 17. Vern Gosdin 18. Ario Guthrie 19. Sammy Hagar 20. Merle Haggard 21. Daryl Hall 22. Emmylou Harris 23. Don Henley 24. Waylon Jennings 25. Billy Joel 26. Randy Newman 27. George Jones 28. Rickie Lee Jones 29. B.B. King 30. Carole King 31. Kris Krisofferson 32. Huey Lewis 33. Loretta Lynn 34. Roger McGuinn 35. John Mellencamp 36. Roger Miller 37. Joni Mitchell 38. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 39. Willie Nelson 40. Roy Orbison 41. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 42. Charlie Pride 43. Bonnie Raitt 44. Lou Reed 45. Kenny Rogers 46. Brian Setzer 47. Sissy Spacek 48. Tanya Tucker 49. Eddie Van Halen 50. Debra Winger 51. Neil Young 52. Dave Milsap 53. Joe Ely 54. Judy Rodman 55. X Woodstock August 15-18 1969 Yasgur’s Farm New York 1. Richie Havens 2. Swami Satchidananda 3. Sweetwater 4. Bert Sommer 5. Tim Hardin 6. Ravi Shankar 7. Melanie 8. Ario Guthrie 9. Joan Baez 10. Quill 11. Country Joe McDonald 12. Santana 13. John Sabastian 14. Keef Hartley Band 15. The Incredible String Band 16. Canned Heat 17. Mountain 18. Grateful Dead 19. Creedence Clearwater Revival 20. Janis Joplin with The Kozmic Blues Band 21. Sly and the Family Stone 22. The Who 23. Jefferson Airplane 24. Joe Cocker and the Grease Band 25. Country Joe and the Fish 26. Ten Years After 27. The Band 28. Johnny Winter 29. Blood, Sweat & Tears 30. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 31. Paul Butterfield Blues Band 32. Sha Na Na 33. Jimi Hendrix / Gypsy Sun & Rainbows 👣
  4. JeanneCrain

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    I’d watch this one again… …for a laugh. 💋
  5. JeanneCrain

    Hope and Glory

    Found nothing to like about this film, bad story, script, acting – no realism/believability/entertainment just a poorly done lengthy ‘80s type sitcom?…viewing this crap simply makes one really appreciate the war type classics such as Das Boot (8.9), Paths of Glory (8.4), The Best Years of Our Lives (8.1), Two Women (7.9), To Have and Have Not (7.9), Casablanca (8.5), Hail the Conquering Hero (7.7), etc. (IMDb rating) Beyond disappointing. 👎 💋
  6. JeanneCrain

    A Blueprint for Murder

    To my knowledge and as stated “A Blueprint for Murder” (1953) was indeed a TCM premiere. “I didn’t care about the movies really…I was tall, could talk and it was easy to do” – Joseph Cotten “Orson Welles cites “Citizen Kane” as his best film, Alfred Hitchcock “Shadow of a Doubt” and Carol Reed “The Third Man” – and I am in all of them along with many others and never received an academy award nomination. 💋
  7. JeanneCrain

    Will political correctness kill classic movies?

    The local high schools are currently having issues with the “N-word” claiming those that use the word that are not black are racist, while those that are black are merely exercising their right to expressing themselves…it has gotten to the point to where school administrators now using the word “black” are shamed into public apologies. 💋
  8. JeanneCrain


    Movies and marijuana are merely devices for our entertainment, perhaps like sporting events and gambling one has a different perception taking in a movie stoned or watching a game holding wager upon its outcome...marijuana/gambling can seemingly “enhance” our entertainment experiences. Americans have long been accommodated with wagering when attending horse races…why not football games, tennis-matches, etc.? (The wave of the future?) Americans have a long history of being stoned when attending concerts, just like those performing them…why not movies - imagine marijuana sales at theatres, enhanced viewer participation along with concession sales? (The wave of the future?) What about the “perception” of the viewer? Is the viewer’s potentially altered perception a consideration of a movie production…is it ever encouraged or accommodated? How does sobriety ever find meaning in abstract art or the cinematography of an Orson Welles? The “it’s always a happy ending mandate” of Hollywood has been out of touch with the sobriety of reality …therefore, what kind of perception should Hollywood’s audience possess? I’ve watched “The Trial” (1962) sober and stoned…and stoned was much more enjoyable…laughing right along with Josef’s final scene. 💋
  9. JeanneCrain

    The Doris Day Appreciation Thread

    Hopefully, TCM will soon find “TEACHERS PET” (1958) an appropriate tribute airing. Doris Day was the ultimate “all American girl”. RIP 💋
  10. JeanneCrain

    The Eyes of Orson Welles

    What, NO CAPTIONS? 💋
  11. JeanneCrain


    Marijuana and music have long been partners, each enhancing the experience of each other…but what about marijuana and movies? Recent airing of “The Trial” (1962) was a hoot – oblivious to the plot/story, hypnotized by the cinematography and couldn’t stop laughing at Josef K and all the surrounding lunacy. The Orange Daiquiri effect? 💋 And the results of your experiments? 👀
  12. Recently PBS has been airing a new (2019) series entitled, “Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World” along with a replay of the 2014 series entitled, “How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson” both of these series are very interesting stories regarding historical discoveries and inventions that solved many human issues but also became necessary stepping stones leading to widespread additional advancements – both series are very well presented and absolutely fascinating lessons in the development of our world today. Highly recommended family viewing…the ”How We Got To Now” series for example recently aired a couple episodes entitled, “Glass” and “Light” both areas of development necessary in creating photography and eventually the film/entertainment industries. “Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World” series recently aired episodes entitled, “The Telescope, The Airplane, The Robot, The Car”. The Car episode citing the domestication of the wolf into a dog-bread utilized in pulling snow sleds as the beginning of human’s survival need to become mobile. Series episodes are ~54 minutes in length. And how about last night’s TCM airing of “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”…Eddie Bracken + Betty Hutton = Truly a Comedy Classic...perhaps we’ll get lucky and TCM will soon air “Fun on a Weekend” (1947) another comedy classic! If you can, be sure to tell your mother that you love her this weekend, while asking her if test tube babies have bellybuttons. 😮 ❤️💋
  13. JeanneCrain

    Hedy Lamarr

    SUNDAY 5/12 PBS episode of American Masters (2018) - HEDY LAMARR's pioneering work as an inventor becomes the basis for secure Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. Check you local airing time, set recorder. Highly recommended viewing… You're welcome. 💋
  14. JeanneCrain

    A TCM time warp...

    Robert Osborne’s resurrection of introducing “The Essentials”. Very Classic. 💋
  15. JeanneCrain

    RECONSTRUCTION: America After the Civil War

    Apparently the 1915 film “The Birth of a Nation” had significant social implications upon reconstruction as the film was cited for resurrecting the Ku Klux Klan and spreading the group’s ideals across America. 💋

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