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    As Hollywood's number one "party girl" of course my interests are Hollywood parties; partying amongst the stars is so heavenly - however, since my unwelcome heart attack in 2003 my parties have been permanently grounded at the Santa Barbara Cemetery where you can literally have a drink on me. Cheers to a wonderful yet short sweet life my friends see you soon ;-p

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  1. JeanneCrain

    A don’t miss PBS episode currently airing…

    According to DirecTV "A Conversation with Ken Burns" will be aired again...tomorrow SUNDAY 3/17/2019 from 16:30 to 18:00 hours PDT...SET YOUR RECORDER ! 💋
  2. JeanneCrain

    A don’t miss PBS episode currently airing…

    “A Conversation with Ken Burns” is a sit down insightful “in your head” type interview in which Ken explains many aspects including philosophies employed into making his documentaries as well as revealing those slated to be released in the future. A topic of discussion example may include the ecological refugees of the dust bowl, their migration and the potential for such ecological events/changes creating similar migrations in the future for Americans…in short, what can be learned from history i.e. such historical events that may alter the future of America, specifically it’s behavior? Another topic of discussion may include the Bill of Rights, the thirteenth amendment, racial aspects that have and continue to shape America. Yet another topic may be how one attempts to capture an audience’s attention and hold it for many hours to disseminate a lengthy story, documentary. Whether you like Ken, his work or not this is an educational lesson not to be missed…sadly it appears no one here has seen it yet, but if you have…what would you like to discuss about it? 💋
  3. JeanneCrain

    The Beatles NOW on PBS…

    The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years 2016 documentary (Ron Howard) Footage from 1963-66. Enjoy 💋
  4. JeanneCrain

    Groovy Movies!

    Austin 🕶️Powers put the gr🍩🍩🅾️🅾️✌️e in movies baby👣! 💋
  5. PBS is currently airing an episode entitled, “A Conversation with Ken Burns”…check your local listings, set your recorder and enjoy ~55 minutes of Ken Burns. You'll be glad you saw this. 💋
  6. JeanneCrain

    DirecTV Free Preview March 15-18

    I know nothing of your life… Only living for free previews - along with the chance to digest some high definition “American Pie” without commercial interruptions this weekend…showtime style. Bon appetit 💋
  7. JeanneCrain

    Trafic (1971). Jacques Tati.

    Spot on description…enjoyed viewing Trafic, while hoping to see more such Tati in the not too distant future. 💋
  8. DirecTV Free Preview March 15-18 SHOWTIME Channels 545-557 Enjoy 💋
  9. STARZ Channels 525-542 💋
  10. JeanneCrain

    Who watched the entire Oscars?

    Were the Oscars really moved from Hollywood to Harlem? 💋
  11. JeanneCrain

    Intriguing Low Life Characters

  12. JeanneCrain

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    Tonight PBS American Masters episode “Charlie Pride”…check your local listings. YW 💋
  13. JeanneCrain

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    Wow, what a fantastic "I've Gotta Be Me" documentary, best I’ve seen all BLACK MONTH! 👍 The humility Sammy endured attempting to survive social acceptance as an uneducated, professionally talented black man upon a white man’s world stage was immensely admirable…humbling as well as tearfully despicable socially. 😂 💋
  14. JeanneCrain

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    PBS airing an episode of American Masters entitled, “Sammy Davis Jr.”…check your local listings. YW 💋

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