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    Mr. Bug Goes To Town

    Hi there, I missed the airing of the original Mr. Bug Goes To Town back in October. Did anybody happen to record it and can share? I have a couple of different DVD copies that are pretty lackluster prints. I'd love to see the remastered version with the original credits of this great, underrated film. The other stuff aired that night, I'd love to see as well, including those old silent short cartoons and the restored Gulliver's Travels. If anybody has any of this that they can share, or if there's any news of TCM re-airing this stuff in the future, please let me know! Thanks a million!
  2. You can view the movie online here: At the 1:07:55 mark, the soldiers are inside, discussing their fates. One soldier goes outside. He sees his commanding officer yelling at another soldier who is bending over in front of him. The soldier who discovers them starts laughing and goes back inside. The commanding officer follows him inside and all the soldiers laugh at him. I have come to two conclusions: Either it's an implied sex scene, or else they are laughing because the other soldier is helping the commanding officer carry his stuff for him. The second scenario doesn't seem to make much sense to me, though. Why would the soldiers think this was so funny? One soldier comments, "Who's your friend?" and another even goes so far as to say to the commanding officer, "You can kiss my butt!" Anybody else ever notice this scene before and wonder? Edit: I might be jaded as a latter-day viewer of the film, but this is a pre-code film, and they did take risks. Edited by: Horsecollar on Jul 16, 2010 1:55 PM
  3. Horsecollar


    I've had Netflix for quite some time and it is give and take. When you queue up rarer titles, it's going to take longer. And by "rarer", I mean titles that Netflix will have fewer copies of. That basically means art films and older films that aren't super popular. For instance, if you see it on TCM, IFC, Sundance, or Fox Movies, and it isn't something like "Casablanca", then you'll have to wait a few days. The key is to make a long queue and if something isn't available right away, they'll skip down your queue--that might not always be what you want to happen, but if it's in your queue, it should be something you'd be happy to watch. I did notice a drop in attentiveness after the first few months of having Netflix, but then again, I started queuing up more obscure films. Those aren't going to turn up in large numbers at every distribution center. If you're happy with Adam Sandler's back catalogue and the like, then I'm sure you won't have any trouble receiving your films pronto. A couple of other tips if you don't want to wait for films: -Wait 6-8 weeks after a film is released on DVD before queuing it up. When it initially comes out, there's almost always a long wait, and I'm pretty sure they prioritize new customers when it comes to new releases -Don't queue something starring an actor who has recently passed away or has recently made the headlines as these films seem to spike in popularity at these times -Try to queue seasonal films during off-season times (i.e. queue Christmas films in the summer, Halloween/horror films in the spring, Easter films in the fall. Now's a good time to get your hands on "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" but not such a good time to get "A Charlie Brown Christmas".) In short: There's going to be a few days' lag from time to time in receiving your titles. But, if you keep watching and diligently send your films back, you will at least get 8-10 films per month (assuming you have the 2-discs-at-a-time plan), and be paying around $1.50 a movie. That's not bad, considering the selection, and the alternatives. Hope this helps!
  4. Horsecollar

    The Wrong Box - Please Help!

    Hi, OK, so TCM is showing "The Wrong Box" on Wednesday (11/28) at 11:45 EST--a wonderful, nearly-forgotten classic that rarely ever shows up on TV and has yet to be released on DVD. If I could, I'd be recording it onto DVD when it airs this week. But I recently moved halfway across the country and I won't have cable until after the 1st of the month, so I can't record it. Sad, isn't it? Seeing as "The Wrong Box" has never been released on DVD before (let alone in widescreen format), I was wondering if there were any kind souls who could help me out and record this movie for me? I'd gladly accept a VHS recording, but would much prefer a computer-captured DVD of the film (or however you capture it). I think this would make a perfect gift for both my mother and grandmother as it was the two of them who first showed me this film, and they both love it. (Especially my Mom, and as she is the one who is more technically savvy and appreciates films in their proper aspect ratio, I'd really like to get this for her for Christmas!) Anyway, if there's anybody who would like to do me the favor of recording and sending me this film, I would gladly reciprocate by sending you some film that you may have been looking for (I have a lot of rarities--just ask, and I may have it.) Please private message me if you can help. Thanks so much! PS: I can't wait to buy a *real* DVD of "The Wrong Box" if they ever get around to releasing it. (It never ceases to amaze me that some random classics have yet to find their way onto DVD while HD-DVD and BlueRay are already taking over, yet every cannibalized sequel of a sequel from the 1990s and 2000s is released the minute it leaves the theatres! But enough venting...) Thanks again to anyone who can help!
  5. Hi everyone, So I set my timer to record both "Captain Salvation" and "Seven Keys To Baldpate" on Wednesday morning, and finally had a chance to sit down and watch them tonight only to realize that I recorded the wrong day and missed them both! And I'm sure these two titles aren't going to be repeated on TCM anytime soon... So, I ask humbly: did anybody out there happen to record one or both of these films? And, if so, are you willing/able to share/loan a copy? I'd just like to see them once. I've recently become a big silent film buff, and also am curious to see more sound films from 1929, and was very excited to see both these films. Alas, it looks like I missed out, unlesss there are some kind souls out there who can help. If you are such a kind soul, please e-mail me or private message me by clicking on my screen name (it should be to the left of this message)! Thanks! -Horsecollar

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