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  1. The animation last night was excellent. It's always nice to see beautiful prints of films like Gulliver and M.r Bug, but to see all those wonderful early cartoons, like the Koko's and I was glad to see a Bobby Bumps. This would make a great show for a regular slot on the weekends. Thanks for bringing this to us. TCM, you're good people!
  2. JimReid

    More of RED HAIR (1928) Found!

    If you are talking about Rob Stone, he works at LOC.
  3. JimReid

    Meeting Silent Film Stars

    I used to work with Loretta Young's son. She would come to visit often and I got to spend some time talking to her. I was about 20 at the time and very star struck. She probably thought I was a moron. She was still very lovely even though she was in her mid 60's and I remembered that they threw a party for her and as she moved through the crowd, she remembered everybody's name. I got to direct a public service spot in the early 90s for the USA Film Festival here in Dallas. The talent was Fay Wray, who they had brought in for an anniversary screening of some movie with an ape in it. She was wonderful and flirted with all the men. I still have her autoboigraphy which she signed.
  4. JimReid


    I think the Edward Van Sloan footage was originally at the head of the film, just like the one on Frankenstein.
  5. JimReid


    It's possible that it existed at one time. They were still making silent versions into '31. I'm sure it wouldn't have been much different than the existing version, just title cards inserted. Since Universal junked all their silent material in '47, it's doubtful it would still exist.
  6. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    You are probably the only one who has written to TCM complaining about it. Nobody pays any attention to what's said on boards and forums. As long as it's not costing them any money, they won't change what they've been doing. Yes. It's the re-release. I also have a print of the re-release of Ben-Hur.
  7. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    You're right. My mistake. The thing is, right now Paramount has provided TCM with a scored print and nobody but you have complained. I doubt anything will happen unless Paramount wants to do something like a blu-ray release. Then they will want the TCM airing to promote it. I wouldn't expect to see anything different until that happens.
  8. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    The Carl Davis score was what I was talking about when I said "it's existing soundtrack". I ran a rented print of Wings about 5 years ago and it had that track on the film. It's possible it was produced for a limited re-release some time in the 60s or 70s. Someone from TCM came on Nitrateville and said that he had checked the tape and it's the same B&W version that hass run before. The only reason the footage was tinted in the promo was whoever editind the promo put the tint on these to make it look more interesting or to match it up with the other footage. I edit promos and do that sort of thing all the time.
  9. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    Paramount has no rights to the Photoplay version unless they pay Photoplay. They only have rights to the original film, with it's existing soundtrack. Not sure exactly what the deal is with the LOC version, but they would surely have to pay somethinng to use it. Since they have a version that they don't have to pay anything to use, that's what they use whether we like it or not. Paramount really doesn't have anything to do with it unless like I earlier said they were blocking the Photoplay cut. If TCM wants to run that version, they have to lease it from Photoplay. They would be double-paying for it. Paying Paramount and Photoplay. That's probably why it's not running.
  10. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    We actually agree on many things. I would love to see beautiful restored DVDs of all extant silent films. I'm a huge fan of The Big Parade and Wings. I actually have 16mm prints of both of them. I just work in the entertainment business and I know what an economic hit they have taken in the last 5 or 6 years. Around 2005, when Netflix showed up, people stopped buying DVDs like they did before. It was easier to rent them. When you are selling millions of copies of the latest Harry Potter DVD, you can afford the gamble of putting out a Lon Chaney Sr set. This is why Warner has almost totally stopped putting out classic films on pressed DVDs. The Warner Archives program is fantastic because it allows them to release titles without the production costs that would have insured them losing money with regular pressed DVDs. But with the marketing of the WA discs, you can't put out all the big popular films at once. You have to leave things to be the big release a year from now. As for the MGM silents like Big Parade, Crowd, Greed, etc. They are caught in the middle. They are too high a profile titles to be released as WA discs, but Warner doesn't feel that they can afford to put them out in regular DVDs right now. Maybe if blu-ray churns out enough profit, they could do them in HD. I'd love that. But there is no sign at all right now that that is close to happening. As for Wings, we all know Paramount has no interest in doing anything with their older films. I think Wings has the best chance of getting a release since it was the first best picture winner, but again, there's no sign of it happening. As for the Photoplay version airing on TCM, there's nothing stopping that from happening except for TCM paying Photoplay's price. Since they have already paid Paramount to run Wings, there may be a problem with getting approval to pay the extra money for another version of a film they already have bought. I suppose it's also possible that Paramount may be blocking the Photoplay version in the US, like Coppola has done with the Photoplay Napoleon. I haven't heard anything that would make me think that is true though. TCM exists on subscriber rates, and I'm amazed at the things they do come up with that fall outside of Time-Warner ownership. Hopefully some of the things you want to see will show up someday, but you have to realize there's usually very good reasons why they don't have what they don't have and some titles are not available on DVD.
  11. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    Larry, I'm bummed I'm going to miss David's presentation, but Bruce and are driving up and won't be in Topeka till about 5. I'm really excited about the lineup this year. I held off watching a couple of the films on DVD because I heard they would be running in Kansas. They are using my 16mm print of Laurel & Hardy's From Soup to Nuts. See you in a couple of weeks.
  12. JimReid

    Kansas Silent Film Festival 2011

    They don't use Time-Life prints for the Lloyd films. They are either collector prints or they get them from the estate.
  13. JimReid


    I doubt that the long cut of Greed still survived until the 60s. It was shown at one private screening in the 20s, then I'm sure it was cut down to the shorter version. It's doubtful they would have printed up a copy of the longer cut. It was never going to be released.

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