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  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. I love fantasy movies with an arabian theme. I will do my best to get a copy of it somehow.
  2. The hero runs away from angry people, and hides in a space between buildings. He falls asleep there. He wakes up next to some sleeping dogs. He scratches at fleas, and wishes for a way to remove them. The genie appears, and makes the hero grow to enormous size. The hero picks off the fleas, which have also grown larger. That is all I remember of the movie. I hope that this movie is not called Sabu and the Magic Ring, because that movie is not available anywhere. I do not know if the genie is called forth by a lamp, or a ring, or something else. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Signalertx

    How many times have you watched?

    Do you watch the theatrical versions, or do you watch the extended versions? I have the extended versions, and my wife and I watched them after seeing the last of the trilogy in the theateres. I also got the theatrical (short) version of the third movie, because I like the editing better.
  4. Signalertx

    Arabian Nights type movies, magic optional.

    I have seen the "Seventh Voyage". I agree, it is a great movie. I thought I had a copy of it, but I must have lost it. I have seen the "Golden Voyage", it is a good movie. I have also seen the "Eye of the Tiger". I agree, it does start slow. I have "Captain Sinbad" on tape, but not the best quality. It is a good movie. Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate them. Has anyone seen the Elvis Presley movie "Harum Scarum"? Is it just sillyness, or is there a decent plot to go along with the Arabian costumes and stage sets?
  5. Signalertx

    Arabian Nights type movies, magic optional.

    I have heard about Valentino's Sheik movies, but have never seen them. I once saw a movie supposedly about his life, but all the movie did was trash his personal life and trivialize his talent. There is a very funny comedy called The World's Greatest Lover. He does not appear, even though the movie uses his character in the "background". I will watch " The Barbarian" first chance I get. It sounds like fun.
  6. Signalertx

    Arabian Nights type movies, magic optional.

    Kismet sounds like fun. I will watch it if it comes on.
  7. Signalertx

    Arabian Nights type movies, magic optional.

    Yes, I have seen Ali Baba Goes To Town. I will keep an eye out for Son Of Sinbad. If Vincent Price is in it, it should be good.
  8. Signalertx

    Arabian Nights type movies, magic optional.

    Thanks for the information. I will keep an eye out for these movies.
  9. I am always fascinated by Arabian Nights style movies, with or without magic elements. The Sword Of Ali Baba had some interesting elements. I really like the Hallmark miniseries of Arabian Nights. It was very well done. I have seen every one of the Captain Sinbad movies. The Alladin animated movie put out by Disney was good. I used to have The Prince Who Was A Thief, but the video tape was accidentally erased. Can anyone suggest any other movies I could look for that would fit into this sub genre?

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