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  1. John Wick had exquisitely choreographed action scenes - not the edited in a blender junk seen in most films these days.
  2. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Oh yes - still in Queens. I don't figure on moving as my co-op is so inexpensive. I'd have to pay twice as much to get half the space were I to move.
  3. Damn - I knew that I forgot one. And to have forgotten his most evil character - the devil made me forget it.
  4. Ray Milland was never better than when he was bad - as in Kitty, So Evil My Love, Dial M For Murder and 1957's The River's Edge.
  5. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Frye did have the Wilmer role in the 1931 Maltese Falcon and I've spotted him in 1939's The Man in the Iron Mask (working for Whale again) and in Lang's Hangmen Also Die - both unbilled. He was supposed to appear in Wilson but he died before production began. I only saw 10 minutes of Vampire Bat that night - it was 2am and I was tired. When I saw the "restored by UCLA" before the title card, I hit the DVR button. Being a short film I was able to get all of it - I'm at 98% capacity of my DVR.
  6. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Here's a tease that may get some to check out the above-linked copy on Youtube. Apparently some of the original prints of THE VAMPIRE BAT had some hand-tinted torches in the scenes where Dwight Frye is being chased by villagers.
  7. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Here's some info about that dreadful copy of THE VAMPIRE BAT that aired in 2005:
  8. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Thanks guys, I hope to be around a bit more often. I searched on the web and while Youtube has numerous copies of THE VAMPIRE BAT, it took about four tries to find a restored one. I hope that I can post the link here without getting into trouble:
  9. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    I haven't been around here in a long time - some personal issues. But having given you guys a hard time about a decade ago over the National Film Museum copy of The Vampire Bat that you aired then, let me thank you mucho for the UCLA restored version that aired the other night. It was gorgeous, easily the best that I've ever seen it and the coloring of the flames on the torches was a surprise.
  10. clore

    Noir Alley

    Three pages of spam. Now I remember why I hardly come here any longer. So, I reported it and am boosting this just to get something valid on the first page. I did see PETER IBBETSON mentioned and I just saw that two weeks ago for the first time in 50 years. I much preferred the early part of the film, Moore and Weidler had more chemistry than Cooper and Harding. Nice production design though, one didn't need the logo to know this was a Paramount title.
  11. I've seen the drop-off before, I was just being descriptive since the June sked should have popped up. Now it appears that it's going to be May for the rest of the year. Even in August which is up already.
  12. Is it a tell that the schedule, which is for June, says it's the May schedule and even features Gable at the masthead? Same goes for July - it also has Gable and the wrong month.
  13. Are they sacking the online monthly schedule also? I went to it today - I like to have a browser tab devoted to it - and it's the May schedule minus the first few days. I prefer that format to the daily one.
  14. clore

    IMDb eliminating its message boards

    They've given various reasons as to why they won't ban IP addresses except in the worst cases but the same ones resurface. At one point years ago it was said that they don't like to ban IP addresses as it could mean members of a family would be affected who were innocent of whatever mischief another member was causing. So I responded better the family suffer than all of us do. I think they figured for a long time that they didn't want to disturb anyone who might someday buy a movie from Amazon and because of their lazy T&C enforcement, I stopped buying from them in September 2014. some of it is inadvertently my own fault. Back about 15 years ago, they solicited input on new features and already the troll problem was bad enough that I suggested an ignore feature - this was based on my experience with Hotmail's spam filter. Thus, no one could claim that their free speech rights were curtailed (and that's a separate issue anyway) and I could exercise my right not to listen to their free speech. Yes, free speech is still determined by the site as you do not have the right to call someone else an a-hole, contrary to what many do believe. Anyway, after it proved to be a success, the ignore button became the IMDb's primo excuse for why they did little to chase away the trolls - just ignore them. But they would just start a new account once they realized that the old one was being ignored. But yes, the trolls bragged of using proxy IPs and other means. I'm hardly a systems whiz but i do know that just about anything that can be done can be undone when it comes to such things and if they wanted to, they could fix their own problems. Maybe they will in the next few months and this is all just a way to clean house for a spell.
  15. clore

    IMDb eliminating its message boards

    But how many credit cards could they have? There's one notorious troll who has had over 600 accounts through the years. At any given time he has two dozen going simultaneously. If he's banned, he just creates a new email account and signs up again. If the IMDb user account is tied to a credit card, one user per card, the worst troll's options are limited. At present, a troll can have many accounts tied to the same email address. But if his account is banned, all accounts tied to that email address go with it.

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