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  1. Maybe they'll be airing Hot Spell.
  2. clore

    The Mummy's Hand

    Yes, I have the set of them. I won't be upgrading to the Blu Rays though - I made the mistake of watching them all in order. The Kharis series really doesn't hold up well so I don't need them in HD. I do like the ending of "Ghost" which is one of the most heartbreaking of all Universal horror films.
  3. clore

    The Mummy's Hand

    Wow, the Watch TCM screening is also missing the ending of the film.
  4. Yes, that link leads me to the sked as it should be, thanks. The link at the top of the page under "schedule" gives me the screwed-up version. Thanks again.
  5. I just checked again and it looks just as I illustrated with the screen grab.
  6. I like to save these things but this one is way off. Thanks for your attention.
  7. John Wick had exquisitely choreographed action scenes - not the edited in a blender junk seen in most films these days.
  8. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Oh yes - still in Queens. I don't figure on moving as my co-op is so inexpensive. I'd have to pay twice as much to get half the space were I to move.
  9. Damn - I knew that I forgot one. And to have forgotten his most evil character - the devil made me forget it.
  10. Ray Milland was never better than when he was bad - as in Kitty, So Evil My Love, Dial M For Murder and 1957's The River's Edge.
  11. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Frye did have the Wilmer role in the 1931 Maltese Falcon and I've spotted him in 1939's The Man in the Iron Mask (working for Whale again) and in Lang's Hangmen Also Die - both unbilled. He was supposed to appear in Wilson but he died before production began. I only saw 10 minutes of Vampire Bat that night - it was 2am and I was tired. When I saw the "restored by UCLA" before the title card, I hit the DVR button. Being a short film I was able to get all of it - I'm at 98% capacity of my DVR.
  12. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Here's a tease that may get some to check out the above-linked copy on Youtube. Apparently some of the original prints of THE VAMPIRE BAT had some hand-tinted torches in the scenes where Dwight Frye is being chased by villagers.
  13. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Here's some info about that dreadful copy of THE VAMPIRE BAT that aired in 2005:
  14. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    Thanks guys, I hope to be around a bit more often. I searched on the web and while Youtube has numerous copies of THE VAMPIRE BAT, it took about four tries to find a restored one. I hope that I can post the link here without getting into trouble:
  15. clore

    The Vampire Bat

    I haven't been around here in a long time - some personal issues. But having given you guys a hard time about a decade ago over the National Film Museum copy of The Vampire Bat that you aired then, let me thank you mucho for the UCLA restored version that aired the other night. It was gorgeous, easily the best that I've ever seen it and the coloring of the flames on the torches was a surprise.

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