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  1. Vinnie555

    Porkey in Wackyland

    Porky in Wackyland is available on The Looney Toons Golden Collection Volume 2
  2. Vinnie555

    best three stooges short

    My favorite Stooge short is GOOF ON THE ROOF with Shemp. The entire episode is the three of them cleaning their house and it is filled with just about every slapstick gag you could think of.
  3. Vinnie555

    The Sadist

    Make sure to watch TCM Underground on Friday, Nov. 24. THE SADIST is the featured film and it is a real gem. Arch Hall does Jack Nicholson even before Jack Nicholson did. It is a wonderful little thriller and I am so glad that it is finally getting some air time that it so greatly deserves.
  4. Vinnie555

    Cult movies that should be on tcm

    I'd like to see TCM Underground show CHATTERBOX about the girl with the talking vagina, or BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA which is a very underrated Sam Peckinpah film, or DOGS IN QUICKSAND an ultra low budget sex farce-murder mystery or Russ Meyers BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS which was written by Roger Ebert.
  5. Vinnie555

    In regards to TCM Underground....

    I agree, TCM Underground is great. Tonights movie ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE is an undiscovered classic and I am so excited that THE SADIST will be shown on Nov. 24. It is a true gem of a film and as good as any thriller made today.

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