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  1. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

    "You should get cancer! I hope you get cancer!"
  2. It's not TCM, but FXM finally went back into the vaults to bring out some stuff the channel hasn't run in years. It's starting tomorrow at 1:00 PM with The Boston Strangler, which will be on again at 11:30 AM Tuesday. Later in the week there's the return of The Robe, Daddy Long Legs, and The Best of Everything. I don't have the schedule page open, but I believe Monday, October 21 brings the return of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre to FXM.
  3. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

    The Defector (1966). An innocent bystander (Montgomery Clift) is roped against his will into a plan to retrieve a MacGuffin from somebody on the other side of the Iron Curtain. This movie is memorable only for being Clift's last; he died a couple of months before the movie was released. It otherwise does nothing to stand out against all the other spy movies of the 1960s. Well, maybe Hardy Kruger's performance is worth mentioning too. 5/10
  4. There's a half second of Jean Harlow sideboob in Red Headed Woman. And Lawrence of Arabia doesn't have anybody with a speaking part wearing a bra.
  5. Don't forget, William Friedkin did it eight years ago.
  6. The Sex Life of the Polyp:
  7. Behind the Green Door. /sarcasm
  8. And Martin Sheen in his tighty-whities.
  9. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

    Douglas kept his mother down in the fruit cellar? 😉
  10. TCM has run The Cassandra Crossing and Simpson is in that one, too.
  11. There's no dialog in the chase scene in Bullitt, although I assume Steve McQueen did his own driving.
  12. If you're thinking of the Dirk Bogarde movie about the Krupp family, don't waste your time waiting. It's not very good.
  13. Fedya

    I Just Watched...

    I really like Nuns on the Run.
  14. Fedya


    It'll never get made because too many of the principals are still around to sue, but I think quite a few movie buffs around here would be intrigued by a movie about the death of Natalie Wood.
  15. Fedya


    I listen mostly to classical music, so I don't have a favorite singer.

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