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  1. Rupture [1961]

    Fab Five Freddy hardest hit.
  2. [sends more disturbing nude scenes Sepiatone's way]
  3. Dorothy Malone (1925-2018)

    She's also in the surprisingly good The Killer That Stalked New York.
  4. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    The first time I commented on it here, I said it was the movie that answered the question of what sort of movie you'd get if Woody Allen played the part of a 12-year-old girl. Some people actually didn't like that comment.
  5. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    The best part of My Fair Lady is when they rhyme "rather be" with "bother me".
  6. That Obscure Object of Desire

    I'd like to see Schtonk! get a DVD/Blu-ray release in the US. The German department at my college showed it 25 years ago when I was a student there, but I've never seen it show up anyplace since. It's a comedy about the Hitler Diaries hoax, if anybody remembers that.
  7. I Just Watched...

    The scene in Night Nurse I always get a kick of out is when Stanwyck tells her boyfriend about the maid suggesting a milk bath for the kid. Next thing you know, the gangsters are knocking over a dairy.
  8. Nitpick: it's "La" Parisienne, unless by using "Un" you were trying to make Bardot male.
  9. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Cries and Whispers. Although, if you're sick of latter-day films having teal and orange color schemes, this is the movie for you.
  10. Slightly Taboo Movies

    Drone-bombing innocent children to death, however, is just A-OK.
  11. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Member of the Wedding. Random Harvest.
  12. Slightly Taboo Movies

    WC Fields and Alison Skipworth did it 60 years earlier in If I Had a Million.
  13. For baffling nude scenes, how about Prospero's Books?
  14. I think topless Andrews is the least creepy thing in that scene. And the movie really goes downhill in the third act. It's not quite a nude scene, but I'd suggest Andy Devine doing a cannonball into a swimming pool in Island in the Sky.
  15. I Just Watched...

    I don't remember exactly when in the movie it comes, but Tracy and Bennett are talking, and tracy (if memory serves) brings up having seen a strange movie called Strange Innertube, which is of course a play on the then-recent movie Strange Interlude. The conceit of Strange Interlude was that we could hear the characters' thoughts in voiceover, so we get a similar scene where they talk to each other while we also get to hear their real thoughts, which are not what they're saying to each other.

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