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  1. This was in an excellent episode of the Netflix series THE CROWN (2017)
  2. It was briefly posted once on Youtube within the last couple years, but got pulled before I had a chance to watch it. Maybe we can all ask for it on "suggest a movie" - I'd sure love to see this too!
  3. Jezebel38

    Is this Fred and Ginger ? What film ?

    This is from The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle: Tango
  4. Jezebel38

    Music in "The Princess Comes Across"

    I found a crummy Youtube of the film and listened to the tune he was playing, and then looked at the soundtrack listing. He is definitely playing a Tango, so my guess is that would be the Pampa Rose on the soundtrack listing, but I could not find anything further about that song.
  5. Jezebel38

    Up late at night montage

    Great question, and that part of the promo always looked familiar to me, so I did some sleuthing and think I have your answer. So Ray Teal is behind the counter and he is serving two cups of coffee to a man and a woman at the bar. The man looked familiar, so I figured out it was Robert Keith - and I noticed he seems to be wearing a military or police cap. Then I looked up what movie both actors were in and came up with THE WILD ONE. If you look at the clip in the TCM promo, you can see the sign on the window reads (backwards) cafe. Then I looked at the trailer for THE WILD ONE and you can see "Bleekers Cafe" and Ray Teal behind the counter. In THE WILD ONE Ray Teal plays Frank Bleeker and Robert Keith plays Sherrif Harry Bleeker. So it appears the clip in the TCM promo is from THE WILD ONE. Here is a copy of the TCM Promo, as well as the trailer for THE WILD ONE.
  6. Jezebel38

    Need help to a movie name

    The movie is TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME (1941) starring Cesar Romero or it's remake LOVE THAT BRUTE (1950) with Paul Douglas (with Cesar Romero again)
  7. Loved Moonlighting, I taped Dream Sequence episode on VHS and kept it for years - no YT then. Here is another favorite clip - thought this was very "hollywood musical" in tone, and well choreographed:
  8. Jezebel38

    Identify this film

    This is from a very oddball dance number in the British musical EVERGREEN (1934) with Jesse Matthews. The number is "When You've Got a Little Springtime in Your Heart" and the sequence travels back in time - this is the 1914 section where chorus girls are turned into bullets on an assembly line - or something to that effect. Here is a link to the film; you can catch this number at the 42:50 mark
  9. Jezebel38

    Trying to find a Robert Young film

    Do you remember if it was a comedy or a drama? If it was a drama, it could possibly be TODAY WE LIVE (1933).
  10. This sounds like SUSAN LENOX (1931) with Gable & Garbo.
  11. Jezebel38

    About Mrs. Leslie

    I agree with CaveGirl - this is a memorable film and should not be missed. Unusual pairing of actors, but both are great. FYI this film can also be viewed on Amazon Prime.
  12. The movie you are describing sounds a lot like FAITHLESS (1932) with Tallulah Bankhead and Robert Montgomery.
  13. Jezebel38

    A great film I barely can remember

    Could the "very sparse" dialogue possibly have been in French? The movie you are describing sounds an awful lot like MR. HULOT'S HOLIDAY (1953).
  14. Jezebel38

    who are these actors?

    I looked up SUTTERS GOLD (1936) and the actors in the photos are: 3. Lee Tracy and 4.Montague Love.
  15. The gent on the right in all 4 photos is Henry Wilcoxon.

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