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  1. I've requested The Swimmer to show on TCM today. I don't think that it's part of TCM film library, I know it´s possible for TCM to get rent/buy the licenseas they did with other great films that had not initially shown on TCM such as "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." It´s said that Burt Lancaster is pitch-perfect in the lead and that it's based on a masterpiece 'short' story that I am intrigue to see it in the screen. Some prefer the film to the short story, others love the story. If you'd like to see the film, it will help that you request it.
  2. Has Wicked Stepmother, 1989, ever shown on TCM? No, it has ever shown on TCM. I was just told on another thread. It was Bette Davis´ last film and the year that she died from her battle against breast cancer. She dropped out from the part. She didn´t like the script and she didn´t give a good performance but who expected more when she was dying. As a fan of Davis, I´d like to see it.
  3. Thanks TopBilled. Why doesn't TCM date their articles? They cannot be used as a guide otherwise, leading to confusion, as now. In addition, couldn't Burt Lancaster be again Star of the Month? I guess that I am pushing my luck!
  4. I've read that Joan Crawford's last film, "Trog" (1970), is also very bad but not as bad as Bette Davis' last film, WICKED STEPMOTHER (1989). Even though I have not seen it myself, according to the opinions written in Amazon by people who bought the DVD and other viewers, it seems to be indeed quite bad. However, as a fan of Bette Davis, I 'd like to see it. It is said to be bad mainly because, for reasons not entirely known, Bette Davis quit filming half-way into the making of the film and that caused the script to have to be edited and rewritten, which distorted the initial story. I am afraid that viewers who are not Bette Davis' fans would be left wondering why such a bad film would be shown but that could be fixed with a good introductory commentary by Robert Osborne. As posted by TopBilled before on this topic thread, "Robert Osborne has a personal involvement with the film (on some level) since he knew the director and it was he who suggested the casting of Bette for this film, (and of course, it was to be her last picture). " Even if the film it is not shown, it'd be good if Robert Osborne mentions about this film, possibly following a showing of "The Whales of August," (1987), the movie in which Bette Davis acted prior to this last film.
  5. Yes, the Production Co. is "Universal." There will be a tribute to Burt Lancaster in November (hopefully it will be November 2015!), according to this article If you look at the footnote, "The Midnight Man" (1974) will not be part of the films that will be shown in November, neither it will be shown on any other scheduled date as per TCM search engine. So the best would beto suggest the film. I just suggested it myself. You should do too and then there will be more chances that it will shown sometime in the futue.http://
  6. I just found out that "The Swimmer" will air on TCM in November as part of the tribute to Burt Lancaster as star of the month. Burt Lancaster's birthday is on November 2nd. There is an asterisc at the end of the article showing on this link that indicates that all the bolded films will show in November. The article does not show a date, though -- I hope that it will be this November 2015!|0/Burt-Lancaster-Star-of-the-Month.html
  7. Thanks very much, slaytonf, for the post. I just googled the story. I´ll print it and read it. It´s only 10 pages long. I think it´s better to read the story and then see the film. I hope that TCM shows the film by the end of the year and that I don´t miss it.
  8. Thanks so much TopBilled for this informative reply. I requested ¨Wicked Stepmother¨ to be shown on TCM earlier today and I hope that it will be shown at some point in the near future. All fans of Bette Davis should see this film with the always good commentaries by Robert Osborne. I happen to have read Davis´ ¨This ´n That¨ memoirs and I infer from it and some other online readings, that the story of this comedy is a mockery of Davis towards her daughter´s ill intentions of wanting her mother to be portrayed in a film as she (her daughter) depicts her in her (daughter´s) unkind and undeserving book, which I don´t want to name because it is not worthwhile reading. My recommendation is that fans of Davis read her memoirs, ¨This ´n That.¨
  9. TopBilled replied on another thread I posted: no, it has ever shown on TCM.
  10. Thanks very much Top Billed. I´m Irma Monserrrat, either way is fine. Apologies for the confusion.
  11. Sdio, you will have to do some good research to find it. Here is a start: --The Top 100 Alien Invasion Films of All Time - Flickchart -- 50 Best SciFi Films featuring alien life forms --Sci Fi Movies of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s , -- The Best of MOSTLY 1950s and 1960s classic Horror and Sci-Fi movies -- --List of science fiction films of the 1960s: Let me know how it goes. Best of luck!
  12. Further to my previous reply, Claudette Colbert , Deborah Kerr, Steve McQueen, Charles Laughton and Judy Holliday, are also among my preferred actors.
  13. Thank you so much for letting me know, Top Billed! And what a precise reply knowing that it has played seven times on TCM. I hope that TCM shows it again on November of this year, which is Burt Lancaster's birthday month (Nov. 2nd). You must also know if TCM ever shown "Wicked Stepmother," Bette Davis' last film, which she dropped out before it ended. I share with you my preference for "It Happened one Night" , " Rebecca" , Black Narcisus. I haven't seen I'd Clim bthe Highest Mountain, The Shop Around the Corner and some of your other favorites in their entirety, such as Citizen Cane, Crossfire and Lifeboat but they are on my list to watch. Robert Mitchum, Ingrid Bergman, Jack Lemmon, Richard Burton are also among my favorite actors.
  14. Fans of Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton: this movies does not air on TCM because it is not in their library. It?s also not out on Home Video (VHS or DVD). If you wish to watch it, now it is your chance.
  15. I apologize Neil for not having replied earlier. Your message came when I was still at work, where I usually have no time to respond to. Then Friday I went to the movies (boy, I did not enjoy ?Babel,? quite a depressing movie). Last night I watched the Golden Globes repeat in Bravo. Yes, I did see the homage to Warren Beatty. I?ve seen a thread saying he gave a long message which was rather disjointed? Yes, it was long and he kind of meandered through the speech, which did not seem to have been prepared. Did you watch? Anyway, as for the precious and long sought ?My Cousin Rachel,? yes, of course I watched!...with devotion.. and at the same time it aired, like you! except that I do not suffer from insomnia and I had to make a great effort to stay awake! I stayed up to be able to manually cut off the commercials from my VCR recording since I did not want to depend on the DVD recording my colleague said he?d do for me. BTW, the movie is 98 minutes long and I got almost 93, not bad. What about you? Did you record it? As for the movie itself, I loved the gothic setting, the music, the cinematography... that house!, those cliffs!, the costumes! It reminded me so much of Rebecca in terms of music and the setting, quite similar to Hitchcock?s style. Richard Burton is such an attractive character and Olivia de Havilland quite an ambivalent one. You were right that she does not overpower him at all. On the contrary, she has quite an imposing personality, a woman of her own mind! ... and he is crazy about her. I?d like to be on her shoes! There is one thing about the film that truly frustrates me, though, and that is the fact that the movie gives you mixed messages about Rachel?s true intentions with Philip and his deceased cousin Ambrose. You actually will never find out whether she is guilty or innocent. That is Philip?s final line of the movie ?were you innocent or guilty?? I?m going to sleep now. Good night and thank you for remembering to see this movie and for coming back to comment on it. Irma I?m editing to add that when seeing the movie somebody from the message boards of the imdb page for My Cousin Rachel contacted me saying he was watching and recording the movie and that triggered an exchange of messages between us two. He read Daphne Du Maurier novel. It?s interesting what he has to say. Check it out in You also need to register like here.
  16. Fans of Olivia de Havilland and Richard Burton: this movie does not air on TCM because it is not in their library. It?s also not out on Home Video (VHS or DVD). If you wish to watch it, now it is your chance. It is supposed to be a great movie. Hitchcock?s style, based on a Daphne du Maurier's suspense, riveting romance novel. Won 4 oscar nominations for best costume design, for art direction-set decoration as well as for Richard Burton?s intense, dramatic role. Bl/wh cinematography was also nominated -- it creates a rich gothic atmosphere with seascapes. Excellent score by Franz Waxman, who also wrote the music for another du Maurier classic, Rebecca. Wish they still made movies like this. Do not miss it.
  17. Tks. You should read the message I posted about AMC commercials under My Favorites thread titled the same. That message answers all the points you raised here.
  18. Welcome MsGoddess! (do you really look line one? :-) ) It happens the same to me with movies that I have recorded and then I see them being aired on TV (with or without commercials) but I must say that it is not only because of the feeling I get when joining the audience watching outside my home but also because I turn the TV to have as a companion while I prepare dinner/have it.
  19. I was about going to bed while listening to the music from Gladiator?s soundtrack in my yahoo music yuke box! That ?Honor him? and ?Now we are free? songs captivate me. I can die listening to them. Oh yes! HD means hard drive! And HiFi Hi Definition. How couldn?t I tell? Thanks for the clarification! My next purchase will be a HiFi flat screen TV. Enjoy LPs work later. Feel envious about you watching Ray Milland while I?ll at be at work. From the movies TCM will be showing today I?ve only seen The Lost Weekend. The latter is a ***** film, everyone should see it!, it is without doubt the best of the ones being showed today . Message was edited by: IrmaMSQ (I added the last line)
  20. Hi Bill, I see you?re a night owl like me. I?m fallig asleep on my PC, though. First of all, I wanted to tell you that yesterday The Innocents played on AMC at 3am and two imdb members posted they were watching it. One of them said that he-she owned the DVD but he-she still enjoyed watching the movie on TV! His comment made me laugh because I remembered how fussy the TCM audience is refusing to watch a movie with commecials even knowing the movie is great and not having ever seen it. Younger audiences (it seemed to me this poster was young) are more practical, less demanding and less fussier. Can you imagine someone who has the DVD and still enjoys watching the same movie on TV? Maybe because the TV makes a better friend when someone is alone. When you hear people in commercials or the sort you feel you have company. Just an idea. I knew you had probably meant the model number you just gave. I came across it when searching for similar ones assuming you had given the incorrect model number. It is not on sale anymore in the main electronic stores I checked here in NYC, i.e. B&H Photo, J &R, including Philips' website. My Panasonic DVR has a hard drive of 200 gb. Your HD Philips model seems to be a true Hi Definition one. You probably paid over US$ 1000 for it, didn?t it you? Or maybe not since you say they are being sold now for under $300. Mine is not HD but it?s the highest in price of all the non HD DVRs being sold and it is the best of its kind. I looked for HD models in the local stores I mentioned in NYC but I only found one in B & H photo for US$ 1300. Anyway, my colleague says the one I got is perfectly all right and that it?ll give me very good quality image. He has a similar one and he says it works very good. I?ve started reading your email to him. Will continue tomorrow. He knows it all. I?m more and less familiar with TiVo because I looked into buying one. It?s what you say, you still have to copy your movies into a DVD because the day you unsubscribe from TiVo, you lose all the movies you?ve recorded in the hard drive of TiVo. That being the case I figured I was better off saving the monthly fee and owning my own hard drive. Thank you and good night. Irma
  21. To all readers: 1. I looked up the FMC programming and the movie is not showing in January neither it showed in December. Who knows how long it?d take to show again. I want to see this movie now once and for all now. I?ll record the AMC showing. 2. This message and the one below are some general technical comments about recording My Cousin Rachel?s on a DVD recorder with a hard drive to edit the commercials from AMC. I think the information can be useful for anyone who might be considering buying a DVD recorder and needs to learn how to use it. Bill makes some comments that might be useful, at least they will to me. Thanks Bill for the technical information. I cannot understand some things you say probably because I?ve never recorded on DVD format (never used TiVo either). I will show your message to a colleague who has a sophisticated Home Entertainment system including a TiVo. He will probably understand what I don?t. By the way, I?d call Philips customer service if I were you. I didn?t find the model of your Philips DVR listed anywhere. Is that the correct model number/name? My DVR is a Panasonic DMR-EH55. It is not an HDD like yours. This one converts into HD 720p or 1080i image. I don?t know the difference between both but I hope that the result in quality of image is the same. This is link for my PAN DVR. Irma
  22. Thanks Bill. I think your previous message (from the technical issues) is clearer than the one you just sent so I am copying it below. By the way, what did you mean by ?it takes about an extra 15 or 20?? What does it take that extra time? I still haven?t open the box of my new hard drive DVD recorder! Happy New Year to everyone. Irma Posted: 12/27/2006 11:06 EST in response to: IrmaMSQ Thanks for the "heads-up." At least I can use the hard-drive to edit the commercials before trying to watch it - and hope they don't cut or time-compress it all to you-know-what! Just like the old days days on TNT or TBS, if it's showing in a 2-hour slot and the original is more than about 93 minutes, expect it to be trimmed.--Just checked - it's listed at 98 in Maltin, so unless they make a 2:15 slot for it, it will most likely be trimmed at least a little. Message was edited by: Bill_McCrary
  23. Please mark your calendars of the airing of the subject movie. This is a movie that you won?t be able to see in TCM because they don?t have it in their libraries so this is a chance of your life you will have to see this film in AMC.
  24. Montserrat

    Your Favorite Child Stars

    ?Brat?, hah, hah, I like the way you pictured Freddie Bartholomew before he transmormed into an honorable and noble child. He was very popular in his time as a child actor but I haven?t seen him in any other movie than Captain Courageous. Nice poster of young actress Ana Torrent with her sister when The Spirit of the Beehive was released in 1973: Picture clips of Ana Torrent in another classic ?Cr?a Cuervos?(Raise Raven) 1976, nominated for a Golden Globe & other 6 wins & 2 nominations. With Geraldine Chaplin as her mother: I also like these ones in CC, with/without Geraldine Chaplin: Message was edited by: IrmaMSQ
  25. Following below is feedback posted by AMC to FAQ. Why did AMC add commercials? By adding advertising to our schedule, AMC generates additional revenue that enables us to provide a broader range of movies and original programming to our viewers. AMC carries among the fewest commercials per hour of any basic cable channel. Does AMC edit movies for content? Yes. Like most advertiser-supported networks, AMC edits programming for certain "objectionable" content, including nudity and offensive language. As a national network available on basic cable, AMC adheres to standards that will be acceptable to the majority of our viewers, our sponsors and our cable and satellite affiliates. Whenever possible, the movie studios provide us with TV-ready versions of their movies designed to be acceptable to most TV networks. Why did AMC change its format from airing older classic movies? In October, 2002, AMC changed its format from a classic movie channel to a broader-based movie network to appeal to a larger audience, including younger folks. We have refreshed our movie library to add some newer titles to the mix, but still feature a wide range of movies.

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