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  1. filmflub

    Gordon MacRae

    Wow! Thanks for the information on the DESERT SONG. I have listened to the some (quite a few, actually!) of the THE RAILROAD HOUR with Gordon MacRae. There seems to me to a "gift" to be able to blend vocally with a partner. That is one of the many things that I admire about that MacRae talent - he seemed to sing so perfectly with most of his female partners - and didn't too badly on his own! And, yeah, I agree with the "swellness" of those Capitol albums. Again, many thanks!!
  2. filmflub

    Gordon MacRae

    Just a Happy Birthday remembrance to Gordon MacRae. Simply the ALL-TIME BEST male voice to ever hit a soundtrack. Here's to you Gordie!
  3. filmflub

    What movie prop do you want?

    ...a Baby Jane doll from WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?
  4. filmflub

    Gordon MacRae

    . ...And here's a pretty swell picture of Gordie between gigs. Message was edited by: filmflub
  5. filmflub

    Baby Doll (1956) - THE MOST VULGAR "CODE" FILM

    I agree. Although it has been about 3 or 4 years since I've seen it - I was EXPECTING vulgar. Didn't really get what I was looking for. Except for Carroll Baker "working" that ice cream cone. I hesitate to mention that because I happen to think that Carroll Baker is a very lovely lady...but, a man has dreams.... Liked Eli Wallach in this - he played "rats" so well.... So, I found your comment interesting - I had heard the "legend" of BABY DOLL, particularly of the huge billboard of Ms. Baker in the crib sucking her thumb that was displayed over some New York movie house - but, I was a little disappointed....
  6. filmflub

    Gordon MacRae

    As JackBurley so aptly put about this same time last year: VIVA MACRAE! Just watched his version of DESERT SONG a couple of weeks ago -- great vocals, production values reflected that cheesey WARNER BROTHERS Musicals touch. ...Now, even though I think Gordon MacRae CANNOT be surpassed vocally, I wonder if anyone knows if the Dennis Morgan version made about ten years earlier (also from Warner Brothers) is ever shown? The first I heard of it was while reading his filmography recently.
  7. filmflub

    Ronald Colman: The man with the velvet voice

    I'm very happy to read that RANDOM HARVEST met your expectations. I caught a little bit of it on TCM (I have the DVD, so I didn't sit through the whole thing), and I found myself wondering if you were watching it.
  8. filmflub

    I'm New!

    Anna - May I add my WELCOME to the boards with all the others. You mentioned A LETTER TO THREE WIVES....You enjoy Jeanne Craine, the ever crowd pleasing FrankGrimes mentioned Linda Darnell (gorgeous!), I want to add my vote for Ann Sothern (making the trio complete) - she's awesome in this - a career woman who has to make a decision regarding her man and homelife. (And I love her delivery - a writer from PEOPLE Magazine once described her voice as sweet as honey and as tart as lemonade). A group of leading ladies that who knows why the producers thought of putting them together...but thank fortune they did. An EXCELLENT film. DO get it! You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. And while I mentioned the trio of leading ladies -- you'll get the added bonus of an uncredited Celeste Holm (very intelligent, enjoyable player) play the "mystery woman" Addie Ross. Even though she is sight unseen in this move, she figures prominently in the story. Plus the leading men - add in Kirk Douglas playing a very sexy intellectual - well, sister, you've got one of the BEST soap opera films made. Get it, enjoy it, and let us know what you think about it. Message was edited by: filmflub Message was edited by: filmflub
  9. filmflub

    "In the Spotlight"

    ....And as I keep trolling through - what do I find? A great tribute to the very undersung RALPH actor who ALWAYS brought an interesting take on any role he was given. One of my top, top favorites. Thanks for remembering him (even though about six months late thanking you). Mongo, my man, you made my day!
  10. filmflub

    "In the Spotlight"

    Mongo -- I am trolling through some older 'IN THE SPOTLIGHTS". Tripped over your Dennis Morgan profle. Can't say that he was a favorite actor of mine - but seems to have been a "swell kid". (And not a bad voice.) Although I resent him for getting be Jane Wyman's boyfriend in a film or two - OVER ME, Can you believe THAT?! ...Enjoyed the profile - and most of all the pictures that you dig up from your magic trunk.........Thanks NEVER disappoint, my friend!
  11. Dearest Madeleine - You don"t need me to boost your morale - you seem to be doing JUST FINE on your own! I have seen your posts on a few of the threads, and am always delighted to catch them. Your passion for classic films is contagious - PLUS, you mention a name or two that jogs my memory and I find myself thinking "OH YEAH, I had forgotten how cool he or she was". So, MY thanks to YOU for sharing your knowledge and heartfelt sentiment about a time that we will never see again (except on TCM).
  12. filmflub

    Ronald Colman: The man with the velvet voice

    HERE, HERE, JackFavell!! I'm raising my glass to you this very moment! I love your comment regarding the joy that some actors give us vicariously just by sharing their artistry. How bloody astute of you! I wonder if those actors ever got that. What may have been a "gig" for them has meant so much to audiences - not only at the time a film was released, but long after they've gone. Your GEORGE SANDERS example was perfect - not only from ALL ABOUT EVE (although that is about as good an example as they come), but as a kid, I remember how his Sher Khan from Disney's version of THE JUNGLE BOOK was absolutely frightening, yet brittle and LOADED with sophistication. Sure wish he would have consulted us before he called it a day. Thanks for the post!
  13. DELIGHTED to find myself in such fine company.
  14. Madeleine - You are BRILLIANT for mentioning Richard Burton - particularly for WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLFE? I never pass up a chance to see one of his performances - even if the film isn't so good, he is always worth watching - and with that incredible voice - listening to as well.

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