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  1. cigarjoe

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    Great for you then I guess.....
  2. cigarjoe

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    Unfortunately the opening spectacle, the amazing sense of time and place was the wrong one, and had nothing to do with a Western
  3. the general gist of the OP....
  4. cigarjoe

    Nuclear Noir

    Split Second (1953) Kiss Me Deadly (1953) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Mulholland Falls (1996)
  6. cigarjoe

    Construction or architect movies

    Land of The Pharaohs - pyramids Bridge on The River Kwai - RR Bridge Tycoon (1947) -RR construction South America
  7. cigarjoe

    Heaven's Gate (the movie,not the cult)

    Here was my first reaction in 2008 when i first saw it (I'll tone it down for the weinnes): Talk about indulgence, holy blank, an f-ing full twenty minutes spent at Harvard W*T*F* was he (Cimino) thinking???????. The march down the street, the sequence in the lecture hall, the friggin dance sequence, the climbing of the tree, then the other indulgence of the stream of immigrants along the road with their two wheeled carts and if that wasn't enough, the indulgence at the "Heavens Gate" roller rink, and there you get a twofer too, the roller skating and another dance sequence. He was out of control. The final battle at the end took forever too, and then the capper to all this was... more than one ending fer blanksakes.... He killed the epic Western with BOREDOM!!!!, he single handedly killed it! No bout adout it. Turned it from the mythological status that Ford and Leone had created and left us with, and turned the Western into a over indulgent friggin period piece costume drama, right before our very eyes!!!!!!! On the plus side the cinematography was beautiful, this is now the third film that I've seen that featured Vilmos Zsigmond art. I liked it on McCabe and Mrs. Miller, I didn't think much of it in "The Hired Hand" but here it worked well. I especially liked the Wallace, Idaho (stood in for Casper WY) set with the actual Wallace Station. That is still there, and I was living about 150 miles North of Wallace when they were shooting this, BTY.
  8. A matter of perspective. Case in point if you didn't want your head in a basket, I would say yes
  9. cigarjoe

    Kick in the crotch

    You're right lets move on to animals..... Now tell me that isn't funny.....
  10. cigarjoe

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    And we waited with bated breath for that, what a snooze fest!!!!! I'm might check out Hair Piece though 😉
  11. cigarjoe

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    On the ride home listing to a Doc Scarbage show with a stand in toady and he announced that The Pentagon has determined that Twump can "borrow" money from the defence budget to build the wall, how about that?
  12. cigarjoe

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I'd go over it with a tick comb to see if it contains some type of backdoor escape for Twump.
  13. $114 for internet and phone + $30-35 for Sling. If I drop phone it would about $12 dollars less. With Spectrum cable I had about 200+ channels but rarely watched more than a handful of them with any regularity. With Sling I have 160 channels but then again I only watch about 7 of the movie channels and a news channel. I also, with a Bluray player get Netflix streaming and some other channels that I haven't even explored yet.
  14. cigarjoe

    Ever had a bad experience at a movie theater?

    Here is a link to the Triboro
  15. cigarjoe

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I can't believe this horse poop is for real.

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