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  1. redheadedwoman

    Jeanette MacDonald

    Has anyone read any of the biographies about Jeanettea? I see a few and am wondering if anyone can recommend the best one and why. Also, I have most of her early films for Lubitsch, is there a boxed set out there anywhere for her films with Nelson Eddy?
  2. Hello all! I love to watch the special features with movies, especially documentaries. Does anyone want to recommend any blu ray/dvd or boxed sets that you feel have particularly good extras? I have a lot of the big ones like Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, Singin in the Rain etc.
  3. redheadedwoman

    Aristocats On Disney Channel

    I like the Aristocats, though it is not my Disney favorite. I do like the music and even have some framed lithographs from the movie that I found some years back. Not my favorite era for Disney movies, but it still is fun, especially Everybody Wants to be a Cat! I remember having that song on a 45 record when I was a kid. I loved the Emperor's New Groove....I think that movie is so underrated, totally hilarious! And the first Lilo and Stitch will always hold a special place with me. I really love all of the early Disney movies and I like a lot of the music from Disney movies over the years. WE've been listening to a lot of the Sherman Bros Songbook in our house lately and my 4 year old has become an Annette fan.
  4. redheadedwoman

    Two of the Best Musicals Ever Tonight !

    I hadn't watched The Music Man for a while and forgot how great it is! I am a musical fan but my tastes are more towards the 40's and 30's, but this one has some really great tunes, and I enjoyed the story as well.
  5. redheadedwoman

    Midnight in Paris

    This movie sounds really appealing to me. Does it contain any graphic violence, vomit, etc? I have a hard time watching these things, especially on the big screen. I have mixed feeling about Woody Allen's movies, some of them I really like, others I can't get into at all. I absolutely love The Purple Rose of Cairo, that is probably my favorite.
  6. I too watched and enjoyed the discussion before and after! It was great to watch this movie in prime time.
  7. redheadedwoman

    Love is a Racket

    I started watching this movie Thursday morning but had to leave for work about 20 minutes in. I unfortunatley, do not have DVR. Does anyone know where I can find it? I want to see the rest of it, but haven't had much luck locating it so far.
  8. redheadedwoman

    Casablanca w/ NSO at Wolftrap

    Anyone close enough planning to go to this? I live about an hour away and am considering making the trip. Looks like it will be a neat experience!
  9. redheadedwoman


    I have a lot of answers to this question. Like many have said, it is an escape to a different time. I do not like graphic violence, vomit, etc., and I know that these things will not be shown in classic films, but that is probably more an answer to "why I don't watch a lot of current cinema" instead of "why I watch classic films. There is something that just speaks to me in many of these films, a kind of magic that is only understood by other people who enjoy classic films. I'm a sucker for an old fashioned hollywood romance, since my "romances" have never been anything like that. I love to watch the classics and really consider what was going on in the world when the movie was being made, to get a better picture of why the public did(or didn't ) respond to the movie.
  10. redheadedwoman

    What does she see in him?

    I think with Bogey it was definitely presence and power. I don't find him to be that attractive, but there is something sexy about him. I don't tend to be attracted to men with conventional good looks and when I hear peers and coworkers talking about the hot guy on whatever show they are watching, I usually don't agree. But i don't like clean-cut and conventional. A few people have mentioned William Powell and although I really like him as an actor, he doesn't do it for me looks-wise. I do agree about Joel McRea, he was good looking, as was Bill Holden. But I also am attracted to more offbeat looks, for instance, I really like Sam Shepard, especially in Days of Heaven. Although they were not actors, I also think Irving Thalberg and Victor Fleming were both really attractive.
  11. redheadedwoman

    You know you are addicted to TCM if...

    So many of these apply to me! My TV rarely is on another channel unless I'm in a music mood. You know you are addicted to TCM when the majority of your Facebook status updates concern a film in that day's lineup. Or....when your 3 year old asks for busby berkeley musical numbers by name.
  12. redheadedwoman

    Hope TCM comes out with more Pre-Code Archives!

    I hope so too, I really love these sets! I definitely have a soft spot for Pre-Codes and I love seeing how different they are from studio to studio.
  13. The Magnificent Ambersons, Red Dust, Three Wise Girls, The Merry Widow(1934). I'm sure I can think of more.....
  14. redheadedwoman


    I was quite surprised by the lineup, especially considering that the Moguls and Movie Stars came on at 7. Not the type of lineup I expected to follow it. I actually do enjoy documentaries, but I agree that these choices just didn't seem TCM fare.
  15. redheadedwoman

    Maurice Chevalier...REPELLENT!

    I actually really like Chevalier, and I have a very soft spot for his pre-code movies(Lubitsch and Love me Tonight particularly) and I did like him in some of his later films as well. I am a musical fan though, so I could see why his style would not suit everyone.
  16. 1972 is definitely not one of my favorite movie years, but my favorite movie from my birth year is probably Cabaret!
  17. redheadedwoman

    "BALL of FIRE" and other flames

    I watched *Ball of Fire* the other night on TCM, I had seen it before but it has been a while. Witty dialogue, tons of fun. Can't help but love the "Drum Boogie".
  18. redheadedwoman

    What Are You Listening To?

    From a production standpoint, their album Spilt Milk is one of the best albums ever, in my opinion. > {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote} > I don't know Jellyfish.
  19. redheadedwoman

    What Are You Listening To?

    I used to listen to Massive Attack(and Tricky) a lot in the 90's. I'm in an ELO mood today. > {quote:title=ThalbergFan wrote:}{quote} > JackFavell Re Big Hair: Absolutely-- I also have big hair (curly) and wouldn't attempt to straighten it. Am listening to Massive Attack...fairly old but still good!
  20. redheadedwoman

    Happy Birthday Doris Day!!

    I like Please Don't Eat the Daisies too, but I love Pillow Talk, silly as it may be.
  21. redheadedwoman

    Waterloo Bridge vs. Waterloo Bridge

    Yes, that is definitely where my screenname came from. It doesn't hurt that I am a redheadedwoman, but I do have a softspot for Pre-code and Harlow > {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote} > > > I think I have a video by that name, but haven't watched it yet. Harlow? Something about a corporation? I got it from the library. Come to think of it, it's the same DVD as WATERLOO BRIDGE! > > Edited by: redriver on Apr 14, 2011 7:40 PM
  22. redheadedwoman

    Waterloo Bridge vs. Waterloo Bridge

    I have seen both versions and as a Vivien Leigh fan, I do enjoy the 1940 version, but as a pre-code fan, I also enjoy the 1931 version and probably prefer it.
  23. redheadedwoman

    What Are You Listening To?

    I remember listening to a lot of rap in the late 80's as a teen. Along with heavy metal and everything in between. I've been in a Jellyfish mood for a while now, anyone listen to them? They released 2 albums in the early 90's. Also have been in a Joe Jackson mood.
  24. I love black and white cinematography, not a fan of colorizing.
  25. redheadedwoman

    1,536 film titles from 1932

    I love the 30's, my favorite film decade and I do really enjoy the Pre-Code era. A lot of films I really enjoy from that year including Trouble in Paradise, Love me Tonight, One hour with you, Redheaded woman and Red Dust etc. Great year, I agree!

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