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  1. kidboots

    *A to Z of Movies*

    "These Glamour Girls" (1939)
  2. kidboots

    identify photo

    Is it John Barrymore in the film "Maytime"?
  3. kidboots

    hoping it posts

    Is it Emil Jannings? I am not sure of the film.
  4. kidboots

    Funniest Romantic Comedies

    "My Man Godfrey" (1936) was absolutely delicious. "Bachelor Mother" (1939) was really funny especially when Ginger would give that little laugh "haha" when she and the audience knew something that David Niven didn't. At the end she gives that little laugh and David Niven says "what does that mean" and she goes "Nothing just haha".
  5. kidboots

    Jesus Christ Superstar 2000

    If this is the film you are referring to. I have a video - it is an English performance celebrating 30 years when the original recording was first done. "Jesus Christ - Superstar" was originally a rock opera recording that later on was a stage show. The 2000 staging I think is fantastic - they obviously searched high and low to find singers that captured the sound of the original recording. I haven't seen the Norman Jewison movie since it was first released but I absolutely love the 2000 video and I would heartilly recommend it.
  6. kidboots

    Need help with Movie Title..

    There is a movie called "The Reckless Moment" (1949) that features a murder, and Joan Bennett uses a motor boat to ferry the body to a place that will take suspicion away from her family. James Mason plays a blackmailler who falls in love with Joan.
  7. kidboots

    Blackboard Jungle

    The "record collection" scene is the one I can't look at. I just tell myself - it's just a movie, those fantastic jazz records are NOT being tossed around the room. Vic Morrow was eerily convincing as the cowardly thug. Glenn Ford is not my favourite actor but I think it was a film where everything came together and worked.
  8. kidboots

    "In the Spotlight"

    Not that I am old enough to remember going to see "White Banners" when it was first released. When I was younger and black and white films were at the movies lobby pictures were always hand tinted. I can remember being taken to a revival of "Pride and Prejudice" when I was a youngster and being very disappointed that the movie wasn't in colour (I didn't know any better - I was about 9 at the time). There were posters and pictures of the film all over the cinema - all hand tinted. That is probably what that still was.
  9. A few years ago there was a "Silent Sundays" on for a few months - that was it. TCM often show clips from "The Crowd" (a film I have wanted to see for many years) and "He Who Gets Slapped" so why can't we see them . It is so annoying - don't get me started. I have also been waiting years for a repeat of "The Case of Miss Lucky Legs" (1935) since my tape went kaput - they must have it - why don't they show it?
  10. kidboots

    Movie name "Radio City Revels"

    From what I can remember Bob Burns (who looked like Stuart Erwin) played a hill-billy who composes songs in his sleep. Jack Oakie writes them down and then takes the credit for them. Ann Miller, who looked lovely, sang and danced in a finale in a radio station. It was made in 1938.
  11. Hi! I'm from Australia too. I just about collapsed when I saw that "Beauty and the Boss" and "Employee's Entrance" was on a few weeks ago. I think it is part of a series called "Risque Sunday". Next Sunday they have on "The Easiest Way" (1931) with Constance Bennett, "Lawyer Man" (1932) which I think is really good with William Powell and "The Purchase Price" (1932) - I think about a mail order bride with Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent (sigh!!).
  12. kidboots

    favorite pre-code film

    I'm sorry - I can't pick just one - I'll have to cheat. 42nd Street - I watch this a lot. Barely there costumes, lots of legs - typical pre-code stuff and those wonderful catchy songs. Blonde Crazy - cracking pace. Cagney and Blondell equally matched exchanging wisecracks. Three on a Match - surely THE pre-code film -party girls, bad guys, coke fiends, neglected kids - just another day at the office in pre-code world. Jewell Robbery - Kay Francis and William Powell have sizzling chemistry in this sophisticated comedy. Night Nurse - Cracking story as Stanwyck battles hospital run by dope fiend (?) Ralf Harolde, children being starved and Nick the sadistic chauffer (Clark Gable). Red-Headed Woman - Jean Harlow sizzles as Red who will do anything to "get her man"( can you see through this - good I'll wear it!!!) "Hold Your Man" - I haven't seen this in so long but I remember liking it - especially the prison fight scene.
  13. kidboots

    Ann Dvorak

    Oh my goodness!!!! Poor Ann!!! To think the studio didn't think she was worth as much as a 6 year old whose part in that film was uncredited.How depressing.
  14. kidboots

    Ann Dvorak

    Ann Dvorak was beautiful pre-code actress, whose beauty would not look out of place nowadays ( she'd make most of the new actresses around seem pretty ugly.) But what a gutsy and determined lady - from being a chorus cutie in "Free and Easy" (1930) and many other musicals to being a top dramatic actress only two years later in "Three on a Match" and "Scarface" - I don't think anyone could fail to come under her intoxicating spell. My two favourite films of hers are 1. "Three on a Match" -(surely one of the best pre-code films of all). Ann had so much class as the wealthy Vivian who is bored with her life, craves excitement and gets it in the worst possible way. Lyle Talbot was good also as her weak-willed lover. Lyle Talbot, George Brent and Warren William are my favourite pre-code actors. 2. "Housewife" (1934) - I thought was great. The ending was disappointing - it wouldn't have ended like that if it had been made in 1932 instead of 1934. Ann played Nan, a capable "housewife" who is married to Will (George Brent) an advertising exec, who has no self belief. After convincing him to set up on his own and giving him all of his successful ideas Ann starts to lose him to Bette Davis. Bette Davis, in my opinion, does not hold a candle to Ann in either looks or acting and I started to wonder what happened to the determination she had at the beginning of her career. I suppose marriage to another actor (Leslie Fenton, another of my faves) and having a much more determined Bette Davis at the same studio - she seemed to be pushed aside.
  15. kidboots

    Gotta love Noel Francis

    I love Noel Francis - does anyone else? She was usually a real threat to the leading lady whenever she appeared on the scene. She was the "other blonde" in "Blonde Crazy" - the one that almost stole James Cagney away from Joan Blondell. She was so sultry and sexy in that movie. With films like "The Line-Up", "Guilty as Hell", "Night Court" and "Ladies of the Big House" - it was easy to see what side of the law she was usually on. She was also in "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" - trying to drag Paul Muni down on his flight from prison. Suprisingly she was a follies girl and first came to films in the musical "Fox Movietone Follies of 1930". In 1935 she was in "Satellite", a Broadway play. It ran for one performance and she had the female lead. She made her final film appearances in 1938 in some Buck Jones' westerns. She died, very young I thought, in 1959.

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