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  1. I would have to say my personal favorite Horror flick of "all time" isn't an old classic but a quite recent new one... "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. But of the old ones I love "Nightmare Alley" (with Tyrone Power) and when I was a little girl the black & white movie "The House On Haunted Hill" with Vincent Price, Richard Long and Elisha Cook scared the heck out of me terribly... then I saw it again about ten or fifteen years ago when I had grown to adulthood and I laughed at how campy and dumb and unbelievable that movie is and found the difference in the mentality and innocence I had when I was a five-year old little girl and now how I am as an adult about a campy movie that scared me really so badly back then. "The House On Haunted Hill" just didn't have staying power once I hit adulthood. But it does give me an occasional giggle to watch it.

  2. ...and my 45th birthday is this Sunday, April 27th... I really don't need any more crap in my life! I've had too much crap and cruelty and stupidity and misunderstandings and people misunderstanding me throughout the course of my entire life and every single day of my entire life (no exaggeration) and that's way too much already. I need peace and happiness and joy and good things and kindness and generosity and a change in the quality of my life!! I like people who don't play games with me or other people and a human life!! Not sneaky, cruel jerks like nedlato and bradf516!!

  3. Some of you are defending nedlato and bradf516 for their "signal" posts in response to mine (signalling me in a sneaky way that others who are genuinely unaware of one of the many cruel games that have been played on me and at MY expense... that they know me, who I really am, and even doing it in a way they knew would drive me up a wall just to intentionally drive me up a wall). If you genuinely don't know that they did this then you're only a minor problem for me easily ignored and forgotten, but if you DO know them and the real truth that they did this ugly thing on purpose and you're defending THEM, then that's what my enemies do... they defend people who hurt me and that makes you my enemies too!!

  4. Dear lolmsted:

    I agree that these boards are for movies and people who truly love movies... not people like nedlato and bradf519 who my enemies told my real identity (I'm not famous, just need my privacy, or at least SOME genuine privacy) know my real identity and they left messages written in a way that made sure I would know that they knew ME. But I doubt that they love movies. Quite frankly, if I had a "life", I wouldn't love or be "into" movies as much as I am. I have valid reasons to be upset with nedlato and bradf516 for the posts they left in response to mine, whether you realize it, or not.

  5. Dear Moira:

    I'm amazed that I have never seen "The Egg And I" at all, but thank you for telling me a lot about "No Time For Love" and about Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert too. But you didn't LOVE "No Time For Love" and I need to find someone who loves it as much as I. I will feel all alone on this until I do. Surely there must be someone out there who loves it too. But I'm glad if "The Egg And I" really does it for you (unless you were defending nedlato's and the other persons cruel game they were playing with me -- my enemies told them my real identity and they were jerking me around on purpose. I need sincerety). I just wanted to find someone who loves "No Time For Love" as much as I do. That's all.

  6. For me, the best song in the movie "West Side Story" is... always has been... and always will be "Maria". It is musical beauty to my ears and feeds joy to my soul just hearing it. Though, I've got to tell you, this is one of those movies where every song is truly wonderful in and of itself, but the remarkable beauty of this particular song has always made it the outstanding song of the movie for me and has always had such a beauteous effect on my soul that it gives me such emotional heaven just hearing it (only Rodgers & Hammerstein have succeeded in consistently having the same effect on me). It's a wonderful thing for me to listen to "Maria" those moments when I happen to be unhappy. And as for the best scene in the movie... hmmmmm... I like Tony and Maria's balcony scene.... uhh... Tony and Maria's dress shop scene... uhhh... oh for crying out loud... how did you manage to ask such an unfair question about a movie I love so much??!!??


    But I do love the fact that the film makers were so admirable when they took such great care in reproducing certain scenes from Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" which is what "West Side Story" is based on... did you know that? Such as the balcony scene which, in "West Side Story" it takes place on a fire escape... such as Mercutio getting stabbed by Tybalt's sword under Romeo's arm when Romeo tries to stop him from duelling with Tybalt (in "West Side Story" Bernardo [Tybalt] stabs Riff [Mercutio] with a knife under Tony's [Romeo's] arm during the rumble [duel])...


    And, since I was born and raised in NYC (the Bronx to be exact... and YES, the Bronx is part of NYC, though outsiders aren't aware of that) I've got an extra tidbit for you, that you may not know... "West Side Story" was filmed where Lincoln Center now stands. It's true. That part of the Upper West Side used to be one of the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan and now, as we all know, it's a great neighborhood... but it didn't used to be. It used to look exactly like it looks in "West Side Story".


    And, personally, "West Side Story" is the second musical movie I remember ever seeing in my life when I was a small child... and the first movie musical I ever saw in a movie theatre. I was three years old when my mother took me to see it at the Rivoli in the Times Square area of Manhattan back in 1961 when it opened and I remember bursting into tears miserably when Chino shot Tony and I couldn't stop crying for about half an hour. That killed me. It just killed me. ("Singin' In The Rain" is the very first movie and musical I can remember watching, but I was watching it on TV while I was laying my head in my grandmother's lap because I had my first really horrible cold/flu).


    Great question, Rob, though rather hard to pick an answer for the "best scene" in it.

  7. Why aren't "Nightmare Alley" and "The Luck Of The Irish" available on video tape or DVD? And why have they never been available? At all? EVER? "Out of print" videos were, at least, once available for sale... but these two Tyrone Power movies NEVER were. And how do I get a copy of these two movies on both VHS tape and DVD?? I know that some of you love these two Tyrone Power movies as much as I do. Please advise. Thanks. (P.S. "Nightmare Alley" is the 'film noir' movie of the two titles I mention here.)

  8. What's your favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein musical? And why?


    I have always loved Rodgers & Hammerstein... because their works are musical beauty to my ears and soul. I'm truly amazed that I still haven't seen "State Fair" because I'm so completely in love with Rodgers & Hammerstein that when the subject of movie musicals comes up anywhere they are "it" for me (though, Lerner & Lowe do trail very closely behind them). My favorite R&H musicals are, in order (with #7 being the lesser, and #1 being the greater favorite):


    7) Flower Drum Song

    6) South Pacific

    5) The Sound Of Music

    4) The King And I

    3) Oklahoma!

    2) Cinderella... and


  9. Okay... who else loves this movie as much as I do?? I need to know because I've never met anyone who does... I've never met anyone who even knows this wonderful movie (I still can't believe that!)... you know... its got Claudette Colbert and a super-buff and tough Fred MacMurray in it (he's nothing like his sweet and bumbling role as the father in the TV show "My Three Sons" which is how I grew up knowing him and is the only way I could picture him and his personality until I saw him in this gem of a movie. It's an incredible movie, I just adore it and I really need to chat with others who do too! There's just no way I'm the only one who's gaga about this movie!! Thanks.

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