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  1. HOORAY_HOORAY I have been requesting this movie for the last 2 years.Do you think they will ever show Dennis Morgan's movie besides?
  2. ricky1

    Remake??Mama Mia

    Saw Mama Mia & seems like it was remake of a movie with Gina Lollobridgeda (3 Mrs Campbells) ? I think back in the 60's.A m right or just dreaming.
  3. ricky1

    Trying to ID a photo

    Yes Jack Dempsey is right but I think he was in the Coast Guard in WW2
  4. ricky1

    Vickie Frederick

    Does anyone know what happened to Vickie Frederick? She wasa neighbor when I lived in NJ.Played in ChorusLine & small role in Chaplin besides some other B or C movies.Seems to have dropped out or quit the business.
  5. ricky1

    Quantum Leap

    Does anyone know if the TV show Quantum Leap is on Video or DVD.?Thanks for any info.
  6. ricky1

    Paul Newman tribute?

    Oct. 12th all day
  7. ricky1

    Old TV Special-Manhattan Towers

    Thanks to all who replied to my inquery about this program; The Saturday Special was the show I remember.I Still have the record,but I guess that the TV show is lost.It was probably not filmed.Thanks again .
  8. Does any none remember a TV Special called Manhattan Towers, I think with Gordon Jenkins Music.? Would it be on a vhs from years ago? It may have been a live tv show probably in the 50's or earlier.
  9. ricky1

    Best use of a song in a non musical movie

    I've already posted some of my favorites before but I caught Eddie & The Cruisers (not really a musical) & loved The Dark Side.
  10. ricky1

    What happened to ?????????

    yes that's her thanks
  11. A child actress in the movie with John Travolta (I think Phenomenon). I thik was also the Rice Krispies Girl in commercials.Should ne about 21 now I think.
  12. ricky1

    which movie did this photo come from?

    Looks like Gloria Swanson to me
  13. ricky1

    Gene Kelly Movie?

    Was Gene Kelly in a movie with Deanna Durbin in late 40's-early 50's?.
  14. There also was one with Jenifer Jones,I think; Good Morning Miss Dove?
  15. ricky1

    Favorite Music Moment in a non- musical Movie

    Another One----Man with the Golden Arm background music-great Jazz arrangement

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