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  1. ih8ldymviebuf

    Funniest Romantic Comedies

    Well, I think No Time For Love is an awful film. Just awful!
  2. ih8ldymviebuf

    MOVIE: "No Time For Love" (1941)

    Please Brad, be kind to her. She seems to be a bit lonely.
  3. ih8ldymviebuf

    Two movies starring Tyrone Power...

    "I did consider marrying Tyrone Power. But I decided he was too fond of the boys for it to work out." -Alice Faye
  4. ih8ldymviebuf

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    "I enjoy being a girl!"
  5. ih8ldymviebuf

    Who Likes James Cagney?

    "Top of the world Ma!"
  6. ih8ldymviebuf

    Your Favorite All-time Horror Flick!

    My favorite horror flick is "Crazy Woman Insults People On Discussion Forums"!

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