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  1. Well first off it would be great to be stranded on an island with all of you because it is impossible to choose just one and if we were all on the same island it wouldn't be too bad but if I had to choose I'd bring Singing in the Rain and if I too had room in my life boat I would bring >Kiss Me Kate >Seven Brides for Seven Brothers >My Fair Lady >And all the Rogers and Hammerstein movies I could carry
  2. keo05c

    singin' in the rain- hollywood magic?

    Well Lord knows I have sung the song often enough but I don't think it every actually caused it to rain but I am guilty of singing and dancing in the rain singing the song. In fact I am of the opinion that you haven't actually lived until you have done just that.
  3. I have a comparison paper to do on a movie or book that covers cultural imperialism and similar themes and I was wondering if anyone could give me some movie ideas thanks a lot
  4. keo05c


    Wow I was really surprised by how many people liked El Dorado over Rio Bravo. I personally like Rio Bravo better than El Dorado perhaps because I saw it first but i just think it looks and feels more like a western than the other. While the plot to both are pretty much identical I can't help but think that Rio Bravo is a little more water tight and despite what everyone else seems to think I liked Ricky Nelson in it. But I think if you like one you have to like the other and I do.
  5. keo05c

    The Good/The Bad/The Ugly about TCM

    What I love the most about TCM is that it exists. I didn't have cable growing up and I always loved old movies and would rent or borrow them any chance I got but TCM has completely opened my eyes to a wonderful world of cinema that I didn't even know existed. I would love to see more comedy on TCM and a little less drama but its just a personal preference. I might take away some of the shorts between films although some are really neat often I'm just too excited to see the next film to sit through one.
  6. keo05c

    For the Ladies....Which Classic Actor....

    >to meet my parents Robert Redford or Paul Newman but I'd have to fight my mom for them >Gene Kelley hands down >Sean Connery circa 1959 >Robert Redford >I'm gonna have to go with Mickey too >Cary Grant, Gary Cooper >Errol Flynn but i would be nice to see him again >Robert Redford >Gary Cooper, John Wayne as big brothers >Ricky Nelson, Howard Keel >Boris Karloff he could be pretty scary >Robert Redford or Paul Newman
  7. keo05c

    Help I can't Find This Movie

    thank you so much it was driving me crazy i looked on imdb but i guess i missed it thanks again
  8. I saw it about a year ago on tcm and I thought it had Jean Simmons in but I'm not sure. Its about a teacher who needs money so she works as a secretary in a nightclub and they call her baby, or angel or something like that because she is innocent. I hop someone can help Thanks

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