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    The French Riviera (in my dreams)
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    Vintage movies (especially mysteries, horror, "soft" sci-fi, and the so-bad-they're good turkeys in every genre, which fill me with unparalleled delight and are my particular passion), interior decorating, education, Jewelry Television (heaven help me!), The Cote D'Azur, Provence, Lake Como, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Catalina Island, the Hudson River Valley, antiquarian stuff (old books, ancient coins, The British Museum, mummies, etc.), Jean Shepherd, Sherlock Holmes, Ealing Studios, Charlie Chan (Warner Oland and Sidney Toler), Alastair Sim as Scrooge, Robert Newton as Long John Silver, "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh", The Honeymooners, Margaret Rutherford, Don Ameche, Jacques Tati, Robert Donat and Marlene Dietrich in "Knight Without Armour", Val Lewton, Billy Wilder, Picasso, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", The Twilight Zone, Hawaiian Eye, Tony Randall in "The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao", Alan Young in "The Time Machine", "Jason and the Argonauts", "Atlantis - The Lost Continent", Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham, German Expressionism, Fritz Lang, Hitchcock, John Ford, Howard Hawks, Antonioni, "My Dinner With Andre", Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier in "Pride and Prejudice", "La Dolce Vita", "Amacord", "I Know Where I'm Going", "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", "The Uninvited", Buster Keaton, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, pre-epic David Lean, Patrick McGoohan, Nancy Drew, Spin and Marty, Lassie, Soupy Sales (Pookie, Black Tooth, White Fang!), Claude Rains, Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, "Dog Day Afternoon", "Twelve Angry Men", "Mean Streets", Father Ted, Paddy Chayevsky, hamburgers and french fries, Wisconsin bratwurst, meatloaf, short ribs, pot roast, old-school recipes full of fat and cholesterol (even though I try to eat healthy), "Goodbye, Columbus", "Crossing Delancey", "84 Charing Cross Road, Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan", time-travel, the pumpernickel bagels from Whole Foods, A Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, diamonds and gemstones, YouTube's Rudy Valentino "All I Wanna Do Is Touch You" video, "Robot Monster", "Plan 9 From Outer Space", "Local Hero" (favorite moment is Victor's song, and it's on YouTube!), "Bananas", "Love and Death" ("Did you say....wheat?").

    I'm always on the quest for a good pizza.

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  1. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    "Tell me, please, mommy dear, is the world really round?"
  2. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    "He knows you inside, He knows you outside....." Blech!! As for THE BIRDS, there is no better review than one a good friend of mine once wrote: "The birds are O.K., it's the people who are unbelievable. Auteurs had a tough time with this one" I can't state it better than that! I must recommend FRENZY to you. It's nasty on many levels but pure Hitchcock and as such well worth your time. I think you will enjoy the gentle, frustrated police inspector and his gourmet obsessed wife.
  3. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    I agree with you. I read Hitch was excited to film it, giving some, um, explicit directions. I don't even want to imagine what he thought about the rape scene in FRENZY. I cannot stand Connery's character overall in MARNIE. I will also add Rod Taylor in THE BIRDS.
  4. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    CaveGirl, my Bronx and I thank you so much! I haven't been back there in a long, long time but want to so much.....tugs at my heart. Bittersweet. On a lighter note, I woke up last night with TCM still on and saw something that was apparently TIP ON A DEAD JOCKEY. This was a film I knew nothing about. There was squat Martin Gabel prattling on (and on) in some Hollywood "foreign" accent about international intrigue; Bob ruminating on life, marriage, and.....Balzac; little (he's really short!) Marcel Dalio -- who had such a distinguished career in France (GRAND ILLUSION, RULES OF THE GAME) before coming to America and being unfortunately known primarily as the croupier in CASABLANCA -- playing a character named Toto, "colorful" sidekick to Taylor. The great Miklos Rozsa (one of my favorites; his scores are easy to identify) seemed to be phoning it in but who could blame him? At one point Marcel and Bob get into a plane going (I think) to Egypt but (mercifully) I fell asleep.
  5. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    CaveGirl, I agree with Christine. (no hidden agenda, lol)
  6. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    Yes, I loved those old department stores! We will never see their like again.... I was really shocked to learn about Harold's "proclivities"! I saw a "This Is Your Life" with him on YouTube where he seemed so....normal, lol. We all pretty much know the dark sides of Chaplin and poor Keaton, but I thought for sure Lloyd was different. I agree about a screen test for DIAL M FOR MURDER with Tom!
  7. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    VERTIGO. Questions. Why does Judy from Salina, Kansas speak with New Yorker-ish intonations? ("Yuh satis-FYED?") Is it to dramatically distinguish her "real" voice from Madeline's fake posh tones? Scottie first casts his eyes on Madeline at Ernie's for what? 5 seconds before he becomes totally and irretrievably obsessed with her? Judy doesn't bat an eyelash when she opens her hotel room door and sees Scottie. I'm thinking she is just very good at compartmentalizing. After Scottie rescues Madeline from the water he calls Elster and tells him what happened. There is a significant pause from Elster on the other end, enough for Scottie to ask "Are you still there?" Why does Gavin hesitate? Why does coroner Henry Jones affect what sounds to me like an exaggerated Southern accent when he says: "From that great city to the Nooooaaaath"?
  8. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    Thanks! I do remember her in MINISTRY OF FEAR. Thank you also for the heads up on CONFIDENCE GIRL -- never saw it. I think Hillary is also in several or at least one of the Sherlock Holmes films -- THE WOMAN IN GREEN.
  9. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    TOPAZ just started! I'm addicted to that martial music score. I just lurv it! Weird, I know....but you should see me -- I bob my head back and forth in tune, I go crazy!
  10. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    Retroplex Channel has been running Hitchcock films for many months now. I've seen FRENZY several times; as a matter of fact I just finished watching it this evening. Barry Foster is fantastic. (the only other actor who I think could have played that part is Michael Caine)
  11. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    LOL There's a shrunken head waiting for you on your bed!
  12. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    No, my sweet lafitte, you are making sense. For me NBNW almost feels like a school course by Hitch in how to make the perfect thriller. He puts together all his recognizable themes -- the wrong man, chase, cool blond, fancy villain, scenery, etc., an amalgam of THE 39 STEPS but updated with 1950's Technicolor "glamour" sensibilities.
  13. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    Oh my gosh, lol, Miliza Milo, who knew she was an actual actress? For me the awkwardness but somehow strange authenticity of her line readings made me think she was an actual Ransohoff sales person, ha! And only 36 years old when appearing in VERTIGO? Seemed much older. "I think we may still have that model". "Yes, I thought so" Cannot imagine someone like Miliza in GANG GIRL. Wow. And for all we know she just may very well have been related to Fellini's Sandra. There are certainly stranger Tinseltown facts, like me finding out that one of Harold Lloyd's most beloved hobbies was taking so-called "glamour" 3-D photographs of nude actresses and strippers, which also allowed him to get frisky with them. (his favorite model was Bettie Page) And I always thought Lloyd was such a straight arrow in private life! As for Tom, yes, he was under the radar and luck/fate does have a lot to do with achieving Hollywood stardom. I have to say, though, that I do enjoy Milland's hammy villainy in DIAL M FOR MURDER. Not quite sure Helmore could have pulled off that long murder set-up monologue Ray describes with barely concealed relish to Anthony Dawson.
  14. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    On a minor and frankly shallow point: For some reason I can't stand the voice of that head sales lady in VERTIGO. "My, you certainly do know what you want, sir". It's not what she says but the physical tone itself, kind of wobbly, nasal, I can't really describe it but she drives me crazy.
  15. Bronxgirl48

    Noir Alley

    I'm particularly fond of TO CATCH A THIEF mainly because of the glorious south of France location. For me the best part of THE BIRDS is that brilliantly "choreographed" setpiece by Hitch in the diner where everyone is trying to figure out what's going on. Melanie on the phone with her father is interrupted by the old crone, who in turn is cut off by the waitress's order, then the others chime in with their own opinions and we are caught up in the escalating tension and fear. NORTH BY NORTHWEST is a little too "slick" for me. It's too picture-perfect, if that makes any sense. (probably not)

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