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    Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musicals

    Another bit while I'm thinking of it. Henry in Girl Crazy and Peter Van Dyne in Good News were played by the same guy, Robert Strickland, who seems to have disappeared after Good News. Does anyone have anything about Patricia Marshall from Good News? She seems to have been too good and cute to have done one film. I know that wasn't her real name and that she married Larry Gelbart of MASH fame. Also any DVD details on the Donald O'Connor & Peggy Ryan musicals would be appreciated.
  2. RichieBlue

    Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musicals

    I'm very glad to hear these are in works for DVD. Another bit of trivia for Girl Crazy, when they hang Danny's (Mickey's character) telegram on a porch for the rest of the boys to read, who has a cameo and a line there as one of the students? Peter Lawford. Along with June Allyson at the beginning in her debut, can anyone say Good News? Good News was originally another Mickey & Judy musical, but someone decided they were too old by then. Incidentally June was 5 years older than Judy.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone knows why the Mickey and Judy musicals (with the exception of Love Finds Andy Hardy) are not out on DVD? Seems to me Turner and MGM are missing out on a goldmine.

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