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  1. Wesley61

    Sherman Tank in Korea

    Thats it!! Man this was one that's been bugging me for a long time. Thanks to you all. Now if I could see it again I could die happy.
  2. I'm an military vehicle restorer and militaria collector so I look for movies that have not only a good story but are technically authentic. with this in mind , my list is as follows. 1 "Twelve O'clock High" 2 "Band of Brothers" 3 "When Trumpets Fade" 4 "Black Hawk Down" 5 "Full Metal Jacket" 6 "Pork Chop Hill" 7 "Sahara" 8 "Gettysburg" 9 "Saving Private Rayan" 10 "Kelly's Heroes" In today's society I think a lot of younger people belive they are learning history from the movies they watch and to a point that is true. Because of this, I get very frustrated when I see directors playing loose with history. For example using Patton tanks painted gray and calling them tigers.
  3. Wesley61

    Sherman Tank in Korea

    Sounds right. I did a search and I can't find any stills, or clips. I doubt it was ever released on video. Anyone know where I can find more on this?
  4. Wesley61

    Sherman Tank in Korea

    I'm trying to find a title of a war movie. It is a black and white movie featuring a British or Canadian tank crew during the Korean war. The tank is a M4 Sherman that is trapped behind enemy lines and how its crew encounters other allies as it fights its way back to friendly lines. Thanks.

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