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  1. "La Terra Trema" (1947)

    Eyes Without a Face is this friday in Canadian programming i cant wait for that one unfortunately us canucks won't be able to see La Terra Trema
  2. Downfall (2004)

    thats some funny stuff, Greta lol
  3. Downfall (2004)

    yes, i've seen both films. i enjoyed Der Untergang more than the documentary though.
  4. Paisan (1946)

    i am DEFINITELY watching all four of those movies! what a treat that day will be. didnt Fellini have a role in making Paisan and I, Vitelloni?
  5. "TOMMY"

    what does that cue have to do with BB?
  6. Brigitte Bardot Gallery

    simply magnificent! keep them coming, bitte we need to see more Brigitte movies on TCM, the last one i saw was "A very private affair" some of those pictures i've never seen before! and i thought i've seen them all Great job Dan.
  7. Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

    did anyone catch it last night??? it just gets better with each view
  8. Brigitte Bardot Gallery

    excellent photos you beat me to starting a Bardot thread lol
  9. German language films

    i will for sure, as i'm part Deutsch! thanks for the suggestion Garbo
  10. -French Films Thread-

    so we are lol. dont i feel stupid now i hear Max is an awesome director also TCM definitely needs more foreign cinema in programming i will start an Italian thread soon, but until then....did anyone catch "Two Women" last night with Sopia Loren? it was quite magical
  11. -French Films Thread-

    i would LOVE to see La Ronde also. With Roger Vadim, Jane Fonda, Anna Karina and Catherine Deneuve's older sister; how could it go wrong? has anyone else seen the lesser known films of new wave director Roger Vadim???
  12. -French Films Thread-

    wonderful! i agree, Alain Delon was quite the charmer back in the day. I thought he was hilarious in Bride sur le cou, La (Please Not Now!).
  13. -French Films Thread-

    Hello everyone, i'm a huge fan of French cinema and European cinema in general. My favourite director is Jean-luc Godard. Who are you favourite directors, actors, actresses and films in general?
  14. you can find it on YouTube
  15. "Pretty" Funny Ladies!

    Audrey Hepburn.

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