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  1. tibor_bardot

    "La Terra Trema" (1947)

    Eyes Without a Face is this friday in Canadian programming i cant wait for that one unfortunately us canucks won't be able to see La Terra Trema
  2. tibor_bardot

    Downfall (2004)

    thats some funny stuff, Greta lol
  3. tibor_bardot

    Downfall (2004)

    yes, i've seen both films. i enjoyed Der Untergang more than the documentary though.
  4. tibor_bardot

    Paisan (1946)

    i am DEFINITELY watching all four of those movies! what a treat that day will be. didnt Fellini have a role in making Paisan and I, Vitelloni?
  5. tibor_bardot


    what does that cue have to do with BB?
  6. tibor_bardot

    Brigitte Bardot Gallery

    simply magnificent! keep them coming, bitte we need to see more Brigitte movies on TCM, the last one i saw was "A very private affair" some of those pictures i've never seen before! and i thought i've seen them all Great job Dan.
  7. tibor_bardot

    Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

    did anyone catch it last night??? it just gets better with each view
  8. tibor_bardot

    Brigitte Bardot Gallery

    excellent photos you beat me to starting a Bardot thread lol
  9. tibor_bardot

    German language films

    i will for sure, as i'm part Deutsch! thanks for the suggestion Garbo
  10. tibor_bardot

    -French Films Thread-

    so we are lol. dont i feel stupid now i hear Max is an awesome director also TCM definitely needs more foreign cinema in programming i will start an Italian thread soon, but until then....did anyone catch "Two Women" last night with Sopia Loren? it was quite magical
  11. tibor_bardot

    -French Films Thread-

    i would LOVE to see La Ronde also. With Roger Vadim, Jane Fonda, Anna Karina and Catherine Deneuve's older sister; how could it go wrong? has anyone else seen the lesser known films of new wave director Roger Vadim???
  12. tibor_bardot

    -French Films Thread-

    wonderful! i agree, Alain Delon was quite the charmer back in the day. I thought he was hilarious in Bride sur le cou, La (Please Not Now!).
  13. tibor_bardot

    -French Films Thread-

    Hello everyone, i'm a huge fan of French cinema and European cinema in general. My favourite director is Jean-luc Godard. Who are you favourite directors, actors, actresses and films in general?
  14. you can find it on YouTube
  15. tibor_bardot

    "Pretty" Funny Ladies!

    Audrey Hepburn.

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