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  1. flkulchar

    Love in the Afternoon

    Is the perspiration scene with the violin in the sauna possible?
  2. Please bring back the OLD WEBSITE. The new site does NOT permit you to review movies already shown; the TCM Full Schedule only goes back 1 day! FLKulchar
  3. flkulchar

    John Garfield 4/18/2011

    thank you, flkulchar
  4. flkulchar

    John Garfield 4/18/2011

    Many Garfield moviues on today on TCM. BUT IT IS NOT HIS BIRTHDAY! So..,how come? Thanks, FLKulchar
  5. Why today, 4/14/2011, is Rod Steiger in more than four movies? Thanks, FLKulchar
  6. Thank you...Kaye Francis IS the correct RSVP. I REALLY appreciate your input..Thanks, FLKulchar
  7. Please give me the name of the 1930's popular actress....one of her movies was about a female pilots' race from California to Cleveland, Thanks, FLKulchar
  8. I believe the new TCM schedule is LOUSY. Please bring back the old, so I can adequately research movies I have already watched...but, whose name escapes me. There is my vote: Although change may be good, in this case, it is awful! FLKulchar
  9. Under 4/4/2011...'Mrs. Minever'...I was unable to VIEW the 4 archives; when I clicked on "See This Material", my screen went dim time and time again! Can anyone help me? FLKulchar
  10. Thank you...YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!! FLKulchar
  11. Please furnish me the actor and movie re: SUBJECT, above. Thanks flk25751@comcast.net
  12. flkulchar

    Virginia Mayo

    Why her today? And why, anyone, on any one day...where on the site can I find that information?
  13. flkulchar

    William Bendix

    Why was William Bendix in _ALL_ the movies on TCM on April 27th?? If your answer will be..."it was his birthday"...then where on TCM's website can I pre-locate thid information? Thank you, FLKulchar
  14. flkulchar

    The Little Rascals

    Remember "The Little Rascals"...with Alfalfa, Buckwheat, etc. ...and the 'black-eyed' dog?? What type of breed is that dog? Does anyone out there know the answer. Thank you, FLKulchar
  15. Was there any particular reason (fact) that the April 2 TCM's movies were predominently with Alec Guinness?? Thank you, FLKulchar

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