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  1. mr6666

    TCM Premieres

    Thurs., 10-18 for Funny Ladies.... (times ET) 3:45 AM B/W - 106 m Eight on the Lam (1967) Synopsis: After he is falsely accused of embezzling at the bank where he works, a widower, his seven children, and their maid find themselves on the lam. Dir: George Marshall Cast: Bob Hope , Phyllis Diller , Jonathan Winters . "Bob Hope has given the screen some of its most amusing moments, but "Eight on the Lam," unfortunately, contains none of them. You wouldn't think Hope and Jonathan Winters, those masters of timing, could possibly make a dull and sloppy comedy, but they did,...." ====================================================== Fri., 10-19 for Directed by Gerald Thomas.... 10:00 PM Nurse on Wheels ( 1963) A young woman moves with her scatterbrain mother to a country village to take up her first job as District Nurse. Dir: Gerald Thomas Cast: Juliet Mills , Ronald Lewis , Joan Sims . BW- 86 mins, "... substituting romance and a few serious moments for the innuendoes of the Carry On films while focusing on small-town eccentrics without the rampant mugging of the other films. The result is the kind of charming, almost sentimental British comedy rarely made any more. ... ============================================== late night for Underground II 3:45 AM Dead Sleep ( 1990) A nurse investigates suspicious deaths related to electronic sleep induction therapy at a psychiatric clinic. Dir: Alec Mills Cast: Linda Blair , Tony Bonner , Sueyan Cox . BW- 90 mins, CC, IMDB rates 4.7/10**
  2. America’s Invisible Pot Addicts More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead. .....“I just started sitting around smoking all the time. And things just came to a halt. I was in terrible shape. I was depressed.”.... ...state and local governments are setting up legal regimes without sufficient public-health protection, with some even warning that the country is replacing one form of reefer madness with another, careening from treating cannabis as if it were as dangerous as heroin to treating it as if it were as benign as kombucha..... But cannabis is not benign, even if it is relatively benign, compared with alcohol, opiates, and cigarettes, among other substances. Thousands of Americans are finding their own use problematic in a climate where pot products are getting more potent, more socially acceptable to use, and yet easier to come by “Part of how legalization was sold was with this assumption that there was no harm, in reaction to the message that everyone has smoked marijuana was going to ruin their whole life,” Humphreys told me. It was a point Kleiman agreed with. “I do think that not legalization, but the legalization movement, does have a lot on its conscience now,” he said. “The mantra about how this is a harmless, natural, and non-addictive substance—it’s now known by everybody. And it’s a lie.”.... Thousands of businesses, as well as local governments earning tax money off of sales, are now literally invested in that lie. “The liquor companies are salivating,” Lax regulatory standards and aggressive commercialization in some states have compounded some existing public-health risks, raised new ones, and failed to tamp down on others, experts argue. In terms of compounding risks, many cite the availability of hyper-potent marijuana products. “We’re seeing these increases in the strength of cannabis, as we are also seeing an emergence of new types of products,”.... Health experts also cited an uncomfortable truth about allowing a vice product to be widely available, loosely regulated, and fully commercialized: Heavy users will make up a huge share of sales, with businesses wanting them to buy more and spend more and use more, despite any health consequences. “The reckless way that we are legalizing marijuana so far is mind-boggling from a public-health perspective,” Kevin Sabet, an Obama administration official and a founder of the nonprofit Smart Approaches to Marijuana, told me. “The issue now is that we have lobbyists, special interests, and people whose motivation is to make money that are writing all of these laws and taking control of the conversation.”
  3. What Elizabeth Warren Still Doesn’t Get "..... By allowing herself to be held out as Native American, Warren enabled the university to leverage her identity as a pretext and decline to hire additional Native American faculty members. ..... ... campus diversity is a good thing, and genuinely diverse students and faculty members bring valuable experiences to the table. Instead, Warren has emphasized that she is qualified, tacitly suggesting that others whose race was a factor in their hiring are not — even though the Supreme Court has upheld affirmative action for qualified individuals only, not unqualified ones. The issue has never been what Warren believes about her history, but what Warren believes to be ethically appropriate. She now acknowledges that it was wrong for Harvard Law to hold her out as a diverse member of its faculty. All that’s left is for her to take accountability for her role in Harvard’s misrepresentation and acknowledge that remedial efforts to make up for Native American oppression shouldn’t accrue to her benefit, and that she is an inadequate representative for Native American perspectives or interests on campus. Only then will she be able to transcend this controversy and prevent her biology from becoming her political destiny."
  4. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    From @USATODAY: “A simple analysis of what Treasury reported shows that virtually the entire deficit increase was because the tax cut enacted in December reduced revenues substantially.” …
  5. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Pump and Trump - "Donald Trump claims he only licensed his name for real estate projects developed by others. But an investigation of a dozen Trump deals shows deep family involvement in projects that often involved deceptive practices. .... One common pattern, visible in more than half of those transactions, was a tendency to misstate key sales numbers. ... These statements weren’t just the legendary Trump hype; they misled potential buyers about the viability of the developments. ... The Trumps often made money even when projects failed. And when they tanked, the Trumps simply ignored their prior claims of close involvement, denied any responsibility and walked away. ,,,, Ivanka told a journalist at the time that “over 90 percent” of the Panama units had sold — and at prices five times as high as comparable buildings. Both statements were untrue. Not only were the Panama sales figures inflated, but many “purchases” turned out to be an illusion. That was no coincidence..... that estimates of profitability provided to purchasers “bore no relation to financial reality.” The panel quoted a trial judge’s findings that the projections were “deceptive” and “replete with misrepresentations of commission, of omission, and of half-truth.” .....
  6. mr6666

    Treasures From The Disney Vault Board

    you can start a thread if you'd like
  7. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP BREAKING: Trump tells AP his former attorney Cohen was "lying" when he testified that Trump directed him to break the law. 3:29 PM - 16 Oct 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------- I dunno. Michael Cohen vehemently denies lying ...
  8. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson 55m55 minutes ago The crazy thing is that Trump makes NO EFFORT to hide when he's on the take. His dance with Mohammed bin Salman is the VERY SAME ONE he's been doing with Vladimir Putin for years now. And the reason's the same. All we need now is for the nation to wake the hell up to the OBVIOUS.... & In case you're wondering, yes, Trump IS using the same rhetoric to defend the Saudi assassins who killed and dismembered a WaPo journalist that he used to defend Kavanaugh after he was accused 3 times under oath of sexual assault I wonder if he'll mimic Khashoggi at a rally, too
  9. mr6666

    FCC repeals net neutrality.

    The Hill‏Verified account @thehill 47m47 minutes ago New York AG subpoenas over a dozen companies in net neutrality fake comments probe: report
  10. mr6666

    Trump & the Saudis?

    A Saudi prince helped save Trump from bankruptcy—twice
  11. mr6666


    National Security Action‏ @natsecaction Trump's claim to have no financial interests with Saudi Arabia doesn't hold up against his past admissions that the Saudis pay him "millions," including: $50 million in apartments a $20 million yacht a $4.5 million Trump World Tower purchase $270K in hotel payments
  12. mr6666


    CNN Politics‏Verified account @CNNPolitics 12h12 hours ago Sen. Marco Rubio on the Saudi arms sales in wake of the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: "I don't care how much money it is. There isn't enough money in the world to purchase back our credibility on human rights and the way nations should conduct themselves"
  13. mr6666

    2018 Elections

    (# s HOPEfully a good sign?) ProPublica‏Verified account @ProPublica 59m59 minutes ago In Texas, Travis County received a record 35,000 voter applications on the final day of voter registration, leaving county officials only days to input the data … by hand. Voters: Report Issues Tell us if you’ve had problems trying to vote. Texas Voter Registration Around Austin Smashed Records. That May Be a Problem. Travis County received a record 35,000 applications on the final day of voter registration, leaving officials there only days to input the data.
  14. mr6666

    GOP madness Unbound...

    Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 Mitch McConnell blames entitlements, not the Republican tax cut bill, for rising deficits. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Senator Dick Durbin‏Verified account @SenatorDurbin 2h2 hours ago The Majority Leader has this all wrong. The #GOPTaxScam bill from last year is the cause for rising deficits this year. We won’t let Republicans cover up that fact in order to gut essential programs like Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.
  15. mr6666

    GOP madness Unbound...

    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson 1h1 hour ago I don't care one way or another about the Elizabeth Warren DNA kerfuffle; it's silliness bred of Trump's lunacy, not a serious political matter. But—*but*—the blowback on Warren is useful as a reminder that facts, science, and really truth of any kind is now anathema to the GOP.

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