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    TCM Premieres

    Tues., 10-29 for GUEST PROGRAMMER: JULIE ANDREWS ...... 1:30 AM (ET) B/W - 102 m That's Life! (1986) Synopsis: Jack Lemmon is Harvey Fairchild, a successful architect whose depression and anxiety are heightened by his upcoming 60th birthday party, adding to an impending nervous breakdown. His wife Gillian, played by Julie Andrews, is supportive of him, but she is quietly suffering with a potential health crisis that she keeps secret .... Dir: Blake Edwards Cast: Dana Sparks , Scott L Mckenna , Eddie Vail . ...."That's Life" has many moments of truth and some good performances. But it's not all of a piece; not every scene seems to have been thought through on the same level. Tone is everything in a film like this. Unless you establish one, how can you get laughs by violating it? Edwards seems to switch at random from subtle social satire to broad physical comedy, and it's too distracting. ....."
  2. anyone seen this......? Tues., 10-29 8:45 AM (ET) B/W - 100 m Red House, The (1947) Synopsis: A man hides a dangerous secret from his adopted daughter. Dir: Delmer Daves Cast: Edward G. Robinson , Lon McCallister , Judith Anderson . LEONARD MALTIN REVIEW: 😧 Delmer Daves. Edward G. Robinson, Lon McCallister, Allene Roberts, Judith Anderson, Rory Calhoun, Julie London. Ona Munson. Title refers to strange old house containing many mysteries, providing constant fear for farmer Robinson. Exciting melodrama with fine cast.
  3. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Crowds flock to Wacker Drive to protest Trump’s Chicago visit With signs comparing him to Adolf Hitler, a piñata and chants calling for his removal from office, the group swelled to the point Chicago Police Department blocked all traffic........ “He’s a draft dodging, tax dodging, science dodging, fact dodging, wife dodging, Russian puppet con man,” ...... “This is, like, the minimum I can do,” she said. “I don’t understand why we’re not all out on the streets all the time.” Anke Koning, of the South Loop, said she came to the protest “to let him know we’re not happy with him.” Asked for her specific grievances against the president, Koning said: “Consorting with foreign nations is No. 1. It’s an endless litany thereafter.”.....
  4. Thousands of Protesters Gather at Trump Tower Amid President's Visit 20 PHOTOS 5 hours ago Thousands of protesters gathered outside Chicago's Trump Tower Monday amid the president's first visit to the city since his inauguration
  5. 'Look at My Record, Child,' Biden Tells Adult Climate Campaigner in Condescending Response to Super PAC Question "Biden needs to wrestle seriously with young people demanding real leadership," says Sunrise Movement co-founder, "and stop dismissing young women asking him legitimate questions as children.".......
  6. mr6666

    Where Is Barack Obama?

    Barack Obama @BarackObama · 53m Glad to be back in Chicago for the @ObamaFoundation Summit. It’s where I first learned to organize—and where I met @MichelleObama . We all have places that define us, and at the Summit, we’ll be exploring the meaning behind them—tune in tomorrow at =========================================== The Obama Foundation @ObamaFoundation This year’s #ObamaSummit is about the places that give us purpose. Today, we’re out in Chicago with @ChicagoCares to give back to the community @BarackObama and @MichelleObama have called home for so long.
  7. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Chicago police superintendent responds to Trump criticism ..... Trump launched an extended attack on Johnson and the city in general in his first trip to Chicago as president Monday, telling the annual conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police that “Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison” .... "Today, the same police officers the president criticized for their inability to protect this city spent all day protecting him,” Johnson said. “This president is known for doing a lot of talking about the city of Chicago. But if he's truly ready to roll up his sleeves to partner with us, so are we—as long as that partnership reflects who we are as Chicagoans,” Johnson added......... CPD Supt. Johnson says Trump slams show ‘I’m doing the right thing’ ......
  8. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Thousands of Protesters Gather at Trump Tower Amid President's Visit 20 PHOTOS 5 hours ago Published 5 hours ago Thousands of protesters gathered outside Chicago's Trump Tower Monday amid the president's first visit to the city since his inauguration
  9. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot @chicagosmayor It's no surprise that @realDonaldTrump brought his insulting, ignorant buffoonery to Chicago. Luckily, in this city, we know the truth and we will not let anyone — no matter how high the office — denigrate who we are as a people or our status as a welcoming city. Rather than belittle Chicago's communities with hateful and dishonest rhetoric, he needs to go back to D.C. and face his fate. President Trump knows as much about policing as he does running a fair and transparent government. I stand by the Superintendent for living up to the values of this great city and its residents. 12:14 PM · Oct 28, 2019
  10. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    POLITICO @politico · 12m President Donald Trump was greeted with boos and chants of “Lock him up!” at Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals
  11. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    NBC News @NBCNews · 55m President Trump showered with boos and chants of "lock him up!" while attending World Series game Sunday night.
  12. Seth Abramson @SethAbramson · 1h Trump is accused of rape and becomes more popular Hill is accused of an improper consensual relationship with an adult and leaves government ASAP Trumpists are right: white men have it so bad It's like you get accused of rape and have to endure *one or two awkward news cycles*
  13. WE’VE GOT YOUR BIG CROWD, TRUMP... Dozens of political organizations and interest groups are urging their supporters to gather at 11:30 a.m. Monday at the intersection of Wacker and Wabash streets, which looks at Trump Tower from across the Chicago river. The protesters are expected to include immigration groups, gun control activists and women’s organizations. "We will be out in full force to protest Trump’s gleeful bashing of our city, his ridiculing of the very real violence promoted by his pro-gun policies, and his attempts to thwart us and all Sanctuary Cities as we protect our immigrant neighbors," Marj Halperin of Indivisible Chicago told Playbook. Striking teachers are also expected to be part of the protest, hundreds of whom participated Thursday in civil disobedience training.... At the police chiefs convention at McCormick Place, Trump will hold court over a friendly crowd. Last year, at the group’s gathering in Orlando, he criticized Chicago’s handling of crime. It’s no wonder Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said he’ll boycott Monday’s speech. He might consider wandering over to the Illinois Institute of Technology campus to watch crews preparing for the Obama Foundation Summit that starts Tuesday. Oh yeah, the Obamas are expected to be in town Monday, too....
  14. Mon. 10-28, President Trump Visits Chicago: • Multiple events protesting Trump’s visit are scheduled throughout the day. For two examples, Indivisible of Chicago is planning a protest event at Wabash Avenue and Wacker Drive and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights – in conjunction with other organizations – is planning a rally at Adams and Michigan Avenue. Both events are scheduled for late Monday morning. Rallies are also scheduled outside Trump Tower.
  15. mr6666

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    Ben Taub @bentaub91 The Kurds continued to help the C.I.A. nail Baghdadi even as they scrambled to survive in the wake of Trump's betrayal. A U.S. official told the NYT that Syrian and Iraqi Kurds "provided more intelligence for the raid than any single country."
  16. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass The irony of the successful operation against al-Baghdadi is that it could not have happened w/o US forces on the ground that have been pulled out, help from Syrian Kurds who have been betrayed, and support of US intelligence community that has so often been disparaged.
  17. mr6666

    Pope Francis?

    After bishops call for married priests, pope urges new ways World Oct 27, 2019 4:13 PM EDT VATICAN CITY — On the heels of a bold call by Amazon region bishops for married men to become priests, Pope Francis is urging openness to new ways, and in a possible slap at conservative critics who fear he is weakening the Catholic church’s foundations, he cautions faithful against entering the “swampy waters of ideologies.”.......
  18. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden. #debate 8:12 PM · Oct 22, 2012
  19. mr6666

    TCM Premieres

    late Sun., 10-27 for TCM Imports......... 2:00 AM (ET) B/W - 80 m Living Skeleton, The (1968) Synopsis: " a macabre grab bag complete with a violent curtain raiser involving a massacre at sea by vicious pirates, a seaside malediction involving a ghost ship, twin sisters persecuted by the oceanside town's grisly past, a dollop of Catholicism and, of course, those uncanny skeletons beneath the waves. ..." Dir: Hiroshi Matsuno Cast: Kikko Matsuoka , Yasunori Irikawa , Masumi Okada . "... the film would seem to fall in the Japanese kaidan tradition of subdued, evocative ghost stories, but in execution it's something far more eccentric and indebted to international horror and suspense classics. .... see TCM article:
  20. mr6666

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    Aaron Blake @AaronBlake · 7h One striking thing: Kurdish SDF said this was a joint operation. But Trump first thanked Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iraq, then mentioned "certain support [the Kurds] were able to give us."
  21. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    John Kelly: Pulling out of Syria was a catastrophic idea Kelly, referring to the withdrawal as a “catastrophically bad idea,” echoed other criticism that the move lessened U.S. influence in the region. “It didn’t happen while I was there — and a couple of other people recently left the administration and then he went with his instinct,” Kelly said. “But it was, on a number of levels, the wrong thing to do and it has opened the way for the Russians to be very, very influential in the Middle East.”.........
  22. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Kelly O'Donnell @KellyO And the White House @PressSec Stephanie Grisham responded to former chief of staff John Kelly with a blistering comment. “I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great President.” 5:02 PM · Oct 26, 2019
  23. mr6666

    Racism in Trump's America

    Woman dubbed 'Swing Set Susan' charged with impersonating officer to chase Hispanic teens off playground The Fort Worth Police Department identified the woman as Samantha Louise Eley, who is not a member of their department.........
  24. Bill Barr's alternate universe "investigation" has a goal: Right-wing authoritarian rule Barr's "criminal investigation" of the Russia probe is the fruit of a long-running far-right plan to kill democracy ".....Barr is described as supremely confident in his beliefs, which is to say that his overweening arrogance is not an act put on someone who is overcompensating to hide insecurity. He believes in this theory and when it became obvious that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not long for the job, Barr and his legal cabal appear to have seen the clueless and corrupt Donald Trump as a perfect instrument to test their theory, and perhaps set legal precedents that would enable future right-wing presidents to use the full power of the presidency to dominate American politics without regard to democratic norms or congressional checks and balances. Indeed, they had been setting the stage for such a man for decades. It's also obviously the case that Barr, and perhaps his Reaganite cronies as well, are suffering from the malady known as Fox News Brain Rot, the symptoms of which are an extreme susceptibility to absurd right-wing conspiracy theories and an inability to believe anything that contradicts them.........
  25. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 11h Had a beautiful dinner last night at Camp David in celebration of the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Ivanka and Jared. Attended by a small number of family and friends, it could not have been nicer. Camp David is a special place. Cost of the event will be totally paid for by me! =================================== -yeah.....just like you've been paying ALL your other DEBTS!!

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