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    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    The Mueller Report Demands an Impeachment Inquiry- "Here is, as Bill Barr might call it, “the bottom line”: The Mueller Report describes, in excruciating detail and with relatively few redactions, a candidate and a campaign aware of the existence of a plot by a hostile foreign government to criminally interfere in the U.S. election for the purpose of supporting that candidate’s side. It describes a candidate and a campaign who welcomed the efforts and delighted in the assistance. It describes a candidate and a campaign who brazenly and serially lied to the American people about the existence of the foreign conspiracy and their contacts with it. And yet, it does not find evidence to support a charge of criminal conspiracy, which requires not just a shared purpose but a meeting of the minds. Here is the other bottom line: The Mueller Report describes a president who, on numerous occasions, engaged in conduct calculated to hinder a federal investigation. It finds ample evidence that at least a portion of that conduct met all of the statutory elements of criminal obstruction of justice. In some of the instances in which all of the statutory elements of obstruction are met, the report finds no persuasive constitutional or factual defenses. And yet, it declines to render a judgment on whether the president has committed a crime. Now, the House must decide what to do with these facts. If it wants to actually confront the substance of the report, it will introduce a resolution to begin an impeachment inquiry...... To say that the appropriate course is to simply wait for the next presidential election in 18 months, is to offer a judgment that—even in light of his conduct as described by Mueller—Trump is not truly unfit for the office. It is to say he is no different from, say, Vice President Mike Pence, who would take his place, or any other Republican for that matter. It is to say that what matters is winning elections, even if it risks further institutional harms. There is a danger to this mode of thinking, which is that Democrats should tolerate the institutional harms that would come from not initiating a serious impeachment inquiry because what really matters is winning the 2020 election...... In the face of this evidence, for Congress to not even consider impeachment as a matter of serious inquiry is to declare that the legislature is not interested in its carrying out its institutional obligations as a coordinate branch of government. ......... But Congress cannot forestall the inevitable forever. Eventually it will face the task the Constitution commits to the legislative branch, which is to render a judgment. In the wake of Mueller revelations, to not act is to accept the president’s conduct as tolerable—
  2. Impeach Donald Trump Starting the process will rein in a president who is undermining American ideals—and bring the debate about his fitness for office into Congress, where it belongs. ".... It is absurd to suggest that the Constitution would delineate a mechanism too potent to ever actually be employed. Impeachment, in fact, is a vital protection against the dangers a president like Trump poses. And, crucially, many of its benefits—to the political health of the country, to the stability of the constitutional system—accrue irrespective of its ultimate result. Impeachment is a process, not an outcome, a rule-bound procedure for investigating a president, considering evidence, formulating charges, and deciding whether to continue on to trial.... Within the government, unelected bureaucrats who believe the president is acting unlawfully are disregarding his orders, or working to subvert his agenda. By denying the debate its proper outlet, Congress has succeeded only in intensifying its pressures. And by declining to tackle the question head-on, it has deprived itself of its primary means of reining in the chief executive. With a newly seated Democratic majority, the House of Representatives can no longer dodge its constitutional duty. It must immediately open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and bring the debate out of the court of public opinion and into Congress, where it belongs.... Within the government, unelected bureaucrats who believe the president is acting unlawfully are disregarding his orders, or working to subvert his agenda. By denying the debate its proper outlet, Congress has succeeded only in intensifying its pressures. And by declining to tackle the question head-on, it has deprived itself of its primary means of reining in the chief executive. With a newly seated Democratic majority, the House of Representatives can no longer dodge its constitutional duty. It must immediately open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and bring the debate out of the court of public opinion and into Congress, where it belongs..... “The purpose of impeachment is not personal punishment; its function is primarily to maintain constitutional government.” Impeachable offenses, it found, included “undermining the integrity of office, disregard of constitutional duties and oath of office, arrogation of power, abuse of the governmental process, adverse impact on the system of government.” ...... The question of whether impeachment is justified should not be confused with the question of whether it is likely to succeed in removing a president from office. The country will benefit greatly regardless of how the Senate ultimately votes. Even if the impeachment of Donald Trump fails to produce a conviction in the Senate, it can safeguard the constitutional order from a president who seeks to undermine it. The protections of the process alone are formidable ...... As Trump fights for his political survival, that struggle will overwhelm other concerns. This is the second benefit of impeachment: It paralyzes a wayward president’s ability to advance the undemocratic elements of his agenda. ... In these five ways—shifting the public’s attention to the president’s debilities, tipping the balance of power away from him, skimming off the froth of conspiratorial thinking, moving the fight to a rule-bound forum, and dealing lasting damage to his political prospects—the impeachment process has succeeded in the past. In fact, it’s the very efficacy of these past efforts that should give Congress pause; it’s a process that should be triggered only when a president’s betrayal of his basic duties requires it. But Trump’s conduct clearly meets that threshold. ....
  3. How guns became a part of American culture- "No other developed country embraces firearms the way ours does. The more we argue about them, the more it seems their mystique grows. But just how guns became part of our cultural DNA has been a long journey.........
  4. mr6666

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson 5h5 hours ago Counterintelligence investigations of Trump remain outstanding—their findings haven't yet been disclosed, though they eventually will be to the House and Senate intelligence committees—but Mueller's report does include corroborated information that is *central* to those cases. The primary ground under which a POTUS could be impeached for an inability to uphold his Oath of Office— and secure the national defense—that *isn't* criminal is if he has been "compromised" by a foreign power via blackmail that provably puts him in thrall to a foreign power. 24/ And all of this *confirms* that Trump *believed the tapes to be damaging enough that he needed to keep them suppressed* —which means he is *being blackmailed right now by the Kremlin*, as all Rtskhiladze did was stop the *flow* of those videos. They *still exist fully intact*. 25/ Mueller *only* put "high confidence" intel in his Report—so we *know* US law enforcement holds that Rtskhiladze was *telling the truth* about the videos. And *no* US president can stay in power—avoid impeachment—if they are compromised. So impeachment is *mandated* here. see: =============================== Mueller investigated rumored compromising tapes of Trump in Moscow
  5. mr6666

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    The Best Hot Take on the Mueller Report Is From G. Washington in 1796 ..... So we should pay attention to the fact that much of Washington’s Farewell Address is devoted to a specific warning: “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.” ... Finally, and most fundamentally, the citizens of all countries have the right to expect their leaders to oppose attempts by foreign nations to influence their politics, even if an attempt benefits them. Instead, the intense factionalism of Trump and the GOP generally has made them incapable of even pretending to care. ... Sen. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have refused Barack Obama’s September 2016 request to participate in a “show of solidarity and bipartisan unity” against foreign meddling. Most of all, Republicans would be deeply concerned by the new information in the Mueller report about Russia’s attempts to manipulate the nuts and bolts of the U.S. voting system. Their failure is exactly what Washington feared: “The spirit of party,” he said, “opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions.” ...
  6. mr6666

    America's Gun Culture...

    Why are THEY tax-exempt? ======================================= The Hill‏Verified account @thehill 2h2 hours ago Gun control group files complaint over NRA's tax-exempt status ...."We call on the IRS to commence an investigation into whether (i) the NRA has violated the federal laws governing 501(c)(4) charitable organizations, and (ii) if so, consider what remedies are warranted, including potential revocation of the NRA’s 501(c)(4) status." Everytown filed the complaint following an article in The New Yorker on Wednesday that claimed that "a small group of N.R.A. executives, contractors, and venders has extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from the nonprofit’s budget, through gratuitous payments, sweetheart deals, and opaque financial arrangements." “The litany of red flags is just extraordinary,”.....
  7. mr6666

    Films in 2019

    Terry Gilliam Has Finally Slain His Giant Released at last after decades of mishaps, the director’s latest film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, will fascinate his fans—but might frustrate more casual viewers. "It’s hardly shocking that Terry Gilliam might see a bit of himself in Don Quixote. The director and Monty Python member has made a career of tilting at windmills, mounting ambitious film projects, such as Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, that are often plagued by studio meddling and budget overruns and end up feeling like implausible gambits. But for three decades, the giant that Gilliam could not slay was The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a fourth-wall-breaking, loopily postmodern adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’s masterpiece. That the film exists, and is coming to limited theaters this weekend, feels like an achievement all on its own....
  8. mr6666

    Films in 2019

    Cartoon Brew‏Verified account @cartoonbrew 17m17 minutes ago A Preview Of Major Animated Films Coming To Theaters In 2019 …
  9. "It was a director's nightmare. Two film versions of the same story were being made at the same time. Both came from Les Liaisons Dangereuses, an 18th century novel of sexual intrigue. This was not good news for Milos Forman, whose version was not based on the modern theatrical success, did not have a screenplay written by the playwright of the stage hit and did not star such big names as Glenn Close and Michele Pfeiffer. The Warner Bros./Lorimar version, directed by Stephen Frears and named "Dangerous Liaisons," would be the first one into theaters, in December, 1988. Despite its star cast, it was made for the relatively modest budget of about $15 million. Forman's Orion Pictures version, named "Valmont," would cost $35 million - with the extra money mostly going for elaborate sets, costumes and location shooting. It would not be ready for another year. Would it be canceled? "We were in the middle of our script already when they announced their version, based on the play," Milos Forman was remembering..... Forman's "Valmont" is a much different film from Frears' "Dangerous Liaisons," which was nominated as one of last year's best pictures. The Frears version is cerebral and claustrophobic, an exercise in sexual mindplay. Forman's is more physical. In "Dangerous Liaisons," the characters seem turned on by the idea of seducing the innocent.... As Forman explained his theories of women, love and romance, I was reminded that I was, after all, speaking with a European. It's possible that Americans are more idealistic on romantic subjects, or like to pretend they are. His views, which I found cynical, he found merely realistic. If there is a basic difference in sensibility between Americans and Europeans, and in many ways there probably is ........
  10. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Red T Raccoon‏ @RedTRaccoon 23h23 hours ago Judge says US government can be sued for Flint water crisis A judge says the federal government can be sued by Flint residents who blame the Environmental Protection Agency for waiting too long to intervene in the city's water crisis
  11. “The President, Vice-President, and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” What is the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors? The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct by officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, unbecoming conduct, refusal to obey a lawful order, chronic intoxication, and tax evasion.
  12. Derek Cressman‏ @DerekCressman 2h2 hours ago No, disobedient staff refusing orders to obstruct didn’t save Donald: “Whoever corruptly … obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, *or attempts to do so,*shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both”
  13. New Day‏Verified account @NewDay Analyzing the Mueller report, @ChrisCuomo says: "Asking matters Jim. If I ask you to punch Mr. Meadows and you don't do it, the request was still wrong.".... ============================== Ted Lieu‏Verified account @tedlieu 16m16 minutes ago ...... Thank you for asking the question about the legal standard. For the Obstruction of Justice statute, a person is guilty if they "endeavor" to obstruct justice. Actual interference (or punching) is not required.
  14. 7 Questions We Would Have Asked Donald Trump At His Canceled Press Conference- President-elect Donald Trump promised a press conference Thursday to clarify the role he would have with his international business entanglements after he becomes president. He canceled. The transition team said Monday that Trump is delaying his "announcement" until January. Later that night, Trump took to his favorite medium to go around the filter — Twitter — and made some news about his plans: It’s been 140 days since Donald Trump’s last press conference. In the meantime, he’s tweeted 1,461 times. Why does this matter?Unlike other ways of getting messages out, press conferences hold public officials more accountable to the American people because they have to answer questions in an uncontrolled environment.....
  15. There’s a Reason Many Voters Have Negative Views of Warren—But the Press Won’t Tell You Why The media have focused on her comparatively low approval ratings—but not the misogyny that drives them. ".....Mentioning the right’s attacks on Warren plus her low approval ratings while citing her “very liberal record” and the controversy surrounding her alleged Native American heritage implies a causal relationship between these facts. Warren is a lefty who has made controversial ancestral claims. Ergo, Republicans attack her, and many Americans don’t like her very much. But that equation is misleading. The better explanation for why Warren attracts disproportionate conservative criticism, and has disproportionately high disapproval ratings, has nothing to do with her progressive economic views or her dalliance with DNA testing. It’s that she’s a woman... Warren’s relatively low numbers appear driven by her unpopularity among men. When the University of Massachusetts asked state residents whom they support in the 2020 Democratic primary, Warren tied with Biden among women. Among men, she trailed him by 16 points. ............ What all this ignores is the harsh truth that when women politicians—especially women politicians who embrace a feminist agenda—overtly seek power, many American men, and some American women, react with “moral outrage.” They may not express that outrage in explicitly gendered terms, just as they may not express their anxiety about a black candidate in explicitly racial terms. They may instead cite DNA testing or hidden emails or San Francisco’s cultural liberalism. Or they may simply say they find the candidate’s mannerisms off-putting. The media’s role is to dig deeper: to interpret these specific discomforts in light of the deeper discomfort that Americans again and again express with ambitious women..... Journalists shouldn’t ignore electability. Elizabeth Warren’s comparatively low approval ratings are a legitimate news story. But the bigger story is that Americans still judge women politicians far more harshly than they judge their male competitors. Unless journalists name that unfairness, they risk perpetuating it. "
  16. Oaxaca Residents Plead for Water and Food After Mexican Earthquake Kills More Than 90 People
  17. Mikel Jollett‏Verified account @Mikel_Jollett 2h2 hours ago ...... 1. We didn't have a wave election in 2018 so Democrats would be passive. They were elected w the mandate to check Trump. 2. Leadership saying, "It's bad politics to impeach," is bad messaging (so we only do the right thing if it polls well?) 3. Unlike REMOVAL from office which is in the Senate, impeachment is in the House, so it doesn't matter if we have the votes to remove him. 4. A public reckoning of the endless crimes of the Trump family would dominate the news cycle every day for the rest of Trump's term. ======================= & with Dems appearing for moral high ground & rule of law
  18. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Ken Klippenstein‏Verified account @kenklippenstein 20h20 hours ago Incredible how little attention this story is getting
  19. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    NBC News‏Verified account @NBCNews 5m5 minutes ago New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham tells militia group to stop arresting migrants at the border: "Regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone." ...... “The Trump administration’s vile racism has emboldened white nationals and fascists to flagrantly violate the law,” the ACLU said. “This has no place in our state: We cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum. We urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct." According to Reuters, the group, made up mainly of veterans, has been patrolling in the area near Sunland Park since late February. They've been posting videos almost daily of members in camouflage and armed with semi-automatic rifles holding asylum-seekers who have crossed the border..........
  20. mr6666

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    Elizabeth Warren‏Verified account @ewarren 3h3 hours ago The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.
  21. mr6666

    Films in 2019

    ‘The Curse Of La Llorona’ Leading Easter Weekend With $19M-$20M Opening
  22. Elizabeth Warren‏Verified account @ewarren The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.
  23. mr6666

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson 42m42 minutes ago I just want us all to take a moment to celebrate the *tremendous courage* it took for Susan Collins to call the Mueller Report "unflattering"
  24. mr6666

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Michael McFaul‏Verified account @McFaul 23h23 hours ago Ive been distracted with my day job, so maybe I missed it, but has President Trump made a strong public statement today denouncing Russia's attack on the United States in 2016, as documented in the Mueller report, and vowed to never let it happen again?

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