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    What was Cut? Princess and the Pirate Aired March 8, 2007 10:30 am Central About forty (40) minutes into the movie ?The Princess and the Pirate (1944),? with Bob Hope, there is a scene with Bob and the innkeeper of the ?Ye Bucket of Blood Tavern?, ordering a ?short? beer in the pub, and it seems a whole sentence of dialog was intentionally taken out on the film. The innkeeper?s lips are moving, but for some reason, his dialog is clearly deleted from the sound track on the film. When the waiter returns with the two ?short? beers (which look like gallon mugs), Bob Hope immediately says, ?I?m not going in there, that?s over my head!? The Innkeeper responds with ?Come, we?ll see how my countrymen drink,? and proceeds to gulp the whole mug of beer. As the innkeeper sets the now empty beer mug on the table, he looks at Hope and says ?Come, drink up, you do not want the job? AND NOW it happens! As Hope reaches for his own mug of beer, the innkeeper has a whole sentence of dialog that appears to be deliberately cut from the film. It looks too precise to be just a digital glitch, which I know sometimes happens. What gives? We?re just curious what was so important in that sentence, that it had to be carefully omitted? It?s not like Turner Classic Movies to do things without telling us all about any ?cultural? or ?sensitive to the era? issues that many of the best made movies reflect. We?re hoping the folks here can maybe explain this little incident, as they've done many other times.

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