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  1. BrendanSpencer

    if you had the chance to dance in any musical which would you choose

    THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN or 42ND STREET would be my choice. Can't decide which one. Although MOLLY BROWN's choreography is a lot harder. Maybe 42ND STREET is the way to go.
  2. BrendanSpencer

    Best Musical of All Time

    I really like 42ND STREET, THE DOLLY SISTERS and KISMET. But, the best musical of all time is, clearly, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Nothing else even comes close.
  3. BrendanSpencer


    *Scrooge* *White Christmas* I also like the made-for-TV films, *A Christmas Carol: The Musical* and *Mrs. Santa Claus*
  4. BrendanSpencer

    favorite broadway shows

    Favorite play is *Wait Until Dark* Favorite musical is *South Pacific*
  5. BrendanSpencer

    Will George Clooney Be Attacked by 'The Birds'?!

    > {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote} > . A new version could be made and they will probably blame global warming for the bird attacks- In modern-day horror, man is always the monster. That's Hollywood thinking they're being relevant, when what they're being, is just boring.
  6. BrendanSpencer

    "Bambi" named "Best Tear-Jerking movie"!!!

    *Bambi* is the only film on that list with which I agree. Maybe *Philadelphia*, but the rest? The exclusion of *Old Yeller* and *All Mine to Give* is completely preposterous. Actually, the saddest film I ever saw was a television film called *Who Will Love My Children?* Nothing else even comes close.
  7. BrendanSpencer


    She did, however, win a Tony Award for *Li'l Abner*
  8. BrendanSpencer


    Two from Miss Adams:
  9. BrendanSpencer

    "Sleeping Beauty" 50th anniversary edition

    > {quote:title=markfp2 wrote:}{quote} > I find it interesting that Disney is releasing it letterboxed, but making a big deal calling it a "new expanded version". Now, if they would just release "new expanded versions" of all the films that they released in P&S. Absolutely! Disney and Columbia are the worst!
  10. BrendanSpencer

    "Singin' in the Rain" is THE best musical EVER!!

    NZ, my name is Brendan, not Brenda. And, what are you actually saying? Because I'm not a fan of Gene Kelly's, I shouldn't post here! How preposterious! Besides, who the hell are you to be telling people what they can and cannot do? I love lots of musical films. I'm not a fan of Kelly's, or some of the films you mentioned. So what? Do you love every musical and every person that ever appeared in them? Your post is absurd!
  11. BrendanSpencer

    Best live-action movie musical of this decade?

    I suppose if there were a gun to my head, I'd have to say *Hairspray*, but I find it seriously flawed. As for *Moulin Rouge*, it is among the worst films ever made, imo. Maybe the worst.
  12. BrendanSpencer

    "Singin' in the Rain" is THE best musical EVER!!

    You just named a whole lot of films that I think are awful. And Kelly's ego coming through his performance is off-putting and highly unwanted, to my way of thinking, regardless of his talents.
  13. BrendanSpencer

    It Happened on Fifth Avenue on DVD!

    Good news! It's about time.
  14. My posts have nothing to do with the copyright issue. I was addressing the use of the same basic material. My example of *Cinderella*, was to highlight just how often that type of story is told. Everything from direct remakes of the actual story, to *My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman* and *The Princess Diaries*. I would say the film *Nightmare*, is equally as derivative of *Rear Window* as *Disturbia*.
  15. > {quote:title=CelluloidKid wrote:}{quote} > Yeah but _Cinderella_ & _Rear Window_ are 2 seperate things! What?

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