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  1. FloydDBarber

    What is this all about?

    So now I am having problems accessing the board in Firefox and I still have problems with Chrome. I know when I'm not wanted. Alas, woe is me!
  2. This Community is Not Available Please contact the community owner for assistance.
  3. FloydDBarber

    Not enough Noir?

    Are there not enough Noir films that prevents Noir Alley from being on every Sunday? I have grown accustomed to making it part of my Sunday at 10 am and there are sometimes weeks where it is not aired. Even if it can't be hosted every week can we at least watch a Noir film Sundays at 10am?
  4. FloydDBarber

    Really bad but classic movies.

    I might have asked this question before. There was a movie made around 1958 where a young boy is turned into a werewolf because of nuclear testing. I only remember a scene of him sitting on the porch and a little while later he looks like a wolf boy.
  5. FloydDBarber

    Really bad but classic movies.

    I love TCM but I also see the same movies repeated often.
  6. FloydDBarber

    Really bad but classic movies.

    Thanks, I haven't been to that end of the board yet. This is a big place.
  7. FloydDBarber

    Really bad but classic movies.

    Maybe if it was "Robot Monster" which is pretty bad and funny at the same time. Some of those cult movies such as "Eraserhead" are great films.
  8. I love Noir Alley and some of the sci fi films that I have seen on TCM. Would a "bad cinema" night work? Maybe just one film a week but not so horrible a film that no one would want to watch it. A film like Robot Monster, Beast With a Million Eyes, Billy the Kid Meets Dracula and some 50's and 60's weird films. Some of these films do show up occasionally on TCM but I consider Bad Cinema as an art in its own right. It has to be a bad film but not hideously awful. It would need to have some value as a cult film or so rare that we have heard about it but never seen it before.
  9. FloydDBarber

    Noir Alley

    Shouldn't Noir Alley be aired in the dead of night? Sunday at 10 am seems like a time for family viewing. Now 10 pm is a different story.
  10. FloydDBarber

    Since no one will help in the technical issues section.

    Yes I have cleared the cache. I am using a Mac. Slaytonf what is wrong with my wanting to resolve this problem with Chrome?
  11. FloydDBarber

    Since no one will help in the technical issues section.

    As you can see the email section is grayed out and it will not accept the password either. I am here now in Firefox. If I am not good enough to help in the help section than maybe I should move on. I realize there have been updates but it only takes a few minutes to look in the help section. Maybe I sound angry but I think any of you would be frustrated receiving this pop-up every time you try to log in with Chrome.
  12. I am receiving this screen in Chrome for last week or so. I am about fed up with posting in technical issues.
  13. FloydDBarber

    Upgrade issues-- please fix

    Thanks Lawrence A. It has been so frustrating that I figured if I was a "squeaky wheel" someone like you would respond. I appreciate that. There has to be some issue with a Mac and Chrome and maybe it could be the updated operating system from Apple. Never happened before the update.
  14. FloydDBarber

    Upgrade issues-- please fix

    I am getting this message: This Community is Not Available Please contact the community owner for assistance. I haven't done anything bad to be blocked from the message boards. It could be my terrible sense of humor but people here wouldn't know about my bad puns. And Chrome does not work at all with TCM in general. Maybe because I have a Mac? I am getting an erroneous logon screen with grayed out fields in the Chrome browser. Maybe the problem here is that the site itself is very complex and there are many users who are accessing the site at the same time. I should try at 4 am to see if it is better.
  15. FloydDBarber

    Watch TCM

    Maybe if someone actually cared.

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