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  1. This happened in January, I received the schedule in February and it is March 2nd and the monthly schedule did not arrive. Is this normal? I would think my name would be on a list but this is the second time this has happened.
  2. FloydDBarber

    Frances Bavier

    It seems weird that a woman who can't fish or catch frogs can get her pilot's license.
  3. FloydDBarber

    Frances Bavier

    How come a lady that is such a great cook cannot make good pickles?
  4. FloydDBarber

    Great Idea for a new TCM program.

    I would like to see more 1950's science fiction movies. Although they may not be considered classics, some are very good and most are entertaining. Maybe a sci fi theater on weekends or a 1950's day. I like TCM but the channel seems to get stuck in the 1930's more than any other decade. I also think a "bad cinema night" might be fun. Show some Ed Wood films and other movies that are so bad they are good. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 28, 2010 12:28 PM
  5. FloydDBarber

    Frances Bavier

    I had to find an episode of It's a Great Life. In this episode, on Youtube, Dunn and his friend accidentally take on a job as private investigators. Their client is Phyllis Coates who gets the guys to rob a bank and tries to skip town.
  6. FloydDBarber

    Frances Bavier

    She must have been a great actress. It wasn't until the Mayberry special that Andy mentioned that they did not get along. Aunt Bee and Mr Schwump would have made a great couple.
  7. The 1951 version has in many ways made us forget about the 1938 version. From what I remember of the 1938 version, it was produced in the US and most of the actors were American. Not a bad film at all. But how can the earlier film compete with the totally perfect 1951 version produced in the UK with a British cast? In the 1951 version it seems as if Charles Dickins himself is lurking somewhere in the background.
  8. FloydDBarber

    Uta Hagen

    I am an avid crossword puzzle fan. The Name Uta Hagen shows up constantly in the puzzles, but I don't think I have ever seen her anywhere. Was she just an acting coach or did she appear on Broadway or in an occasional film?
  9. FloydDBarber


    New slogan: AMC the bladder friendly channel. We give you 5 minutes to pee every 5 minutes. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 23, 2010 2:04 PM
  10. FloydDBarber

    has anyone else noticed this?

    I don't know why I thought of this, maybe the GWTW story made me think back. I was about 9 or 10 and we were kneeling at a Catholic Mass. When the altar boy rang the bells before communion a little girl from our group said very loudly: "Mommy the good humor man is here, can I have an ice cream?" I'll never forget that. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 23, 2010 9:41 AM
  11. FloydDBarber

    has anyone else noticed this?

    Right after the movie is introduced, the title of the movie appears briefly on the screen and at the same time there is a guitar (or string instrument) playing one single note followed by two beats on a timpani. These same three notes seem to have been used on Alfred Hitchcock Presents as an intro to the program. I guess you can't consider three notes as being stolen from an earlier source but couldn't it be some sort of a theft of these three notes? Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 22, 2010 12:20 AM
  12. FloydDBarber


    There was a teacher at my Junior High who looked almost exactly like Victor Mature. His name was Mr Criticos but we called him Mr Crookedtoes. Just felt like sharing that moment in history from 1962.
  13. FloydDBarber

    has anyone else noticed this?

    Maybe "borrowed" would be a better word.
  14. FloydDBarber

    has anyone else noticed this?

    Commercial Bumper (circa 1960 - 1965): "Tymp Beat Music Cue" [this was the cue with sustained strings and an eerie soft timpani figure, which often preceded commercials on the series. The name was seen on an episode cue sheet supplied to ASCAP in order to collect performance royalties. This cue may have originated in a production music library. Pseudonym of publisher David Gordon. Probably a ghost writer or library composer actually wrote this cue... Library Music contributor T. Perrone has also found a very similar cue in a movie scored by Herschel Burke Gilbert...] Composer: Melvyn Lenard (ASCAP) Original Publisher: Marlen Music Co., selling agent of Gordon Music Co. (ASCAP), of Beverly Hills, CA 1998 Publisher: Gordon Music Company Inc. (ASCAP) of Canoga Park, CA Copyright Date: Renewal Date: Recording:
  15. FloydDBarber


    She appears after 4 seconds when Jim and Elaine are at the piano. Marjorie Main look alike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtuIol9aYnw
  16. FloydDBarber

    Andy Hardy Schedule ?

    I am enjoying the Andy Hardy series. Lewis Stone is an interesting actor who always appeared to me to look more like Andy Hardy's grandfather. Stone was a leading man type in silent films. Maybe his hair turned white prematurely.
  17. FloydDBarber


    Sorry, I have been searching for the lady's picture but can't find it. She goes back to the late 1970's and early 1980's. I think she appeared on the episode of Taxi when Jim takes Elaine to a society dinner and finds out he had taken piano lessons.
  18. FloydDBarber

    Disappointing December

    I have seen other boards welcome the "trolls" even when most of us can see that they are trolling the board. I just ignore them. Maybe you were right on the money about this person. I will let the subject drop. Thank you.
  19. FloydDBarber

    tcm hacked movies

    The only time I get a little angry with TCM is when they show an inferior movie. I can't believe TCM would show "The Blob." I have seen it countless times and would not regard it as a "classic" movie. Still, TCM is the best thing on cable even though they may show a few bad movies now and then. Whe TCM shows a movie like "The Search" it makes up for the not so good films. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 17, 2010 12:20 PM
  20. FloydDBarber

    Disappointing December

    Filmlover, after your post I doubt if they will ever return. If I received this sort of welcome I would never come back either.
  21. FloydDBarber

    Willoughby Wren

    Is there any place I might find a copy of Willoughby's Magic Hat and any others featuring Mr Wren and his cap?
  22. FloydDBarber


    Yes, Barney Martin. Not the Barney from the Twilight Zone with the third eye.
  23. FloydDBarber


    Did the lady who appeared on the "Hungry Boy" or "Hungry Jack" commercials resemble Marjorie Main? This woman would occasionally appear on a television show, usually as a society matron. There was a 70's comedian who appeared in many commercials who reminded me of Lou Costello. I think his first name was Barney and he was not Italian. I can't post pictures here from my pc at work and accessing the forum at home is nearly impossible. Maybe someone can dig up the pictures for me. Thank you.
  24. FloydDBarber

    A Christmas Carol 1938 versus 1951

    I remember a stand-up comedian made an interesting Patrick Steward comment. In the future you can travel from planet to planet in the blink of an eye, but there is still no cure for male pattern baldness. Edited by: FloydDBarber on Dec 15, 2010 12:37 PM
  25. FloydDBarber

    Liza Minnelli

    Since the other thread was locked I just had this observation. The movie her father directed in 1976 with Ingrid Bergman (forgot the title already). Liza had long hair in the beginning of the movie. I thought she looked great with long hair for a change. Why did the Bergman character want to cut her hair anyway? I guess because Liza likes her hair short it means everyone has to like short hair. Maybe it was a long wig and was written into the script to cut her hair short. What is wrong with long hair anyway? Nothing wrong with changing ones appearance once in awhile, Madonna made a career of it. Just an observation for what its worth.

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