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    Dana Andrews

    I find myself liking Dana Andrews, especially his performance in Ox-Bow Incident. Although he did have a few leads, I am surprised he was never considered a superstar. Maybe looks are deceving, but when I think of him I think of decency. Along with Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck and Humphrey Bogart, I would say these are my top 4 male actors.
  2. FloydDBarber

    This just in: Patsy Kelly is not funny

    Thank you, I know there are some great comedies out there but you must sift through the crap to find them. There is a Three Stooges short where their mortal enemy ends up as their drill sergent in WWI. There is a pretty grim scene where the boys are beating the crap out of him with everything under the sun. Curly finds a 2x4 with a bunch of rusty nails sticking out and procedes to pummel the guy with the 2x4. And the Shemp comedies were even more violent. Maybe we should blame Jules White, he apparentl had a very twisted sense of humor. At least the Stooges received as many punches as they dished out to others. Maybe poetic justice is the key to the Stooges appeal.
  3. FloydDBarber

    This just in: Patsy Kelly is not funny

    Maybe I have no sense of humor, but I have a problem watching comedy shorts from the 30's and 40's. They are mostly all slapstick and extremely violent. Seeing a beautiful woman like Thelma Todd being knocked over, and having a vase fall on her head, is not my idea of funny. Give me the Marx Brothers and WC Fields. They were not completely free of violence, but also demonstrated verbal humor. Thelma Todd was a looker and deserved better in her short life.
  4. FloydDBarber

    Gabby Hayes

    I just saw an old John Wayne movie with Gabby Hayes in a straight part as the town sheriff. Can you name some of the other films where Hayes is not "Windy" or "Gabby" ? How many movies does George Hayes appear clean shaven? I was very surprised to hear his 'normal' voice because there was little or no trace of the "Gabby" character.
  5. Probably filmed in 1945 or 1946. The story of the aftermath of WWII in Europe and hoards of people struggling to find their loved ones. A woman searches for her young son who has been adopted by GI's until they can find a home for the boy. Several times the mother is very close to finding her son but she always misses him and seems to be a step away. At the end of the movie the mother and son are finally reunited. I seem to remember the woman finds a job at a military base or there are some female military officers trying to help her find her son. This was an understated, touching film. One of the best I have ever seen of any genre.
  6. FloydDBarber

    Film Noir and real life

    There is an old house in my neighborhood probably built in the 1920's in English Tudor style. I am always thinking of Phillip Marlowe (Bogart) in the movie The Big Sleep. I am glad there are still some reminders of a long gone era. Anyone else reminded of a Noir film in day to day living?

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