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  1. "To me this thread is just another rant from people that expect something for nothing. They want other people to spend their money to create content that will NOT make a profit or even worst lose a lot of money."


    Did you watch the movie Network last night? Commercial television does not care in the least if a show is good or bad as long as it makes a profit. There ARE too many ads on television these days.

  2. If I remember correctly, Frankenstein did not have a background score. In the early 30's, when there was background music, it was just there and very primitive. The Bride had humor, stylistic set design, and a fast moving script. One thing I noticed in Frankenstein, which is no fault of the actor, is that Frankensteins' father (the Baron?) has this huge tumor on his neck. Once I noticed it it sort of gives me a weird feeling whenever I view the film. I guess there was no way to cover it up. Maybe I'm the only one who has noticed it.

  3. I always thought Gary Cooper sounded like he was reading his lines.

    He never seemed to project very much emotion.

    The one movie I really liked was High Noon.

    And when I read about his womanizing I respected him even less.

    No one can be perfect, so I can't say I disliked him, he was not a favorite.

    I'm not a big Gable fan either.

  4. There is something about Frank Morgan and Frank Conroy that makes them similar to me.

    They both were about the same age with a similar "type" and both looked older than ther true age.

    Morgan played befuddled humorous types and Conroy was usually cast in roles that were not at all humorous. I like both of them and just noticed a similarity in appearance.

  5. I remember seeing this movie on television in the 1950's and I will never forget it.


    Joan Davis had a comedic role as a woman with an awful stutter.


    Whenever she would get stuck on a word she would punch herself in the jaw and there would be a very loud sound effect like someone hitting a woodblock.


    Can anyone tell me the name of the movie and when it was made? Seems like it was in the mid 1930's.


    A local television station in Baltimore showed a lot of old films and I remember this one, Penrod and Sam, Henry Aldrich and others.

  6. I find a strange fascination for his character in Out of the Past.


    He looks lika a hulking giant but does not project pure evil.


    He does what he has to do for his boss. If it involves bumping someone off he will do it. Everything is matter of fact. His first encounter with Mitchum is more like old friends.


    He is nothing like the two arrogant, sarcastic hitmen in The Killers.


    Too bad he only appeared in a few movies. Maybe because of his size he was not leading man material.

  7. Remember this character from Kiss Me Deadly?

    He was the owner of the modern art museum.

    He never gets one word of dialogue because he takes a bottle of sleeping pills before Mike Hammer can reach him for questioning. As great a movie as this is I have two questions.

    1) Would a man who has ingested a bottle of sleeping pills still be alive?

    2) Would he be snoring 10 seconds after he takes the sleeping pills? Would he be snoring at all?

    I love the movie. I own it on vhs and dvd, but there are a few screwy moments that make no sense.

    Maybe it is why I love the film because it is so surreal. :)

  8. I am all for togetherness. Why should there be multiple passes anyway? Just make the really special events extra for those that can afford it. Since I will be retired, even the $299 pass is pricey when I tack on airfare and hotel. I know it may be a once in a lifetime event for me, but I like the idea of everyone being equal with that option of attending the special or formal events. But what do I know? I do attend some dance events with only one price but with options for special events. What I like about the approach is that everyone is together most of the time and you can pick and choose how you spend certain hours of the day. I am just posting based on my thought of what it would seem like with multiple choices for passes. Do you still get together as one group for many events?


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  9. I really like to see comedians in dramatic roles and dramatic actors in comedies.

    Jonathan Winters did very well in a Twilight Zone episode, Don Rickles has done a few dramatic roles. Robin Williams is great, when given a good script. Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau also were great in almost everything. Any others come to mind?

  10. Now that there is a Jerry Lewis thread going, I thought I would make another post.


    I love goofy movies. The goofier the better.


    Bring on The Pink Panther, Casino Royale, Mr Bean, The Great Race, Luv, The Party, What's Up Tiger Lily. All those movies that may not have a lot of heavy content, but are really fun to watch.


    I can't mention them all. I am concentrating on those made in the 1960's or later.


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  11. Don't forget the Geisha Boy and the Disorderly Orderly.

    All were very funny.

    I saw the Ladies Man in 1961 when I was 11. I will never forget Miss Wellenmelon.

    The funniest scene for me was when Jerry pulled a single thread from the mobsters suit.

    Also The Count Basie Band appearing out of nowhere in the strange white room.

    Jerry had a knack for hiring the best character actors too.


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