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  1. I Just Watched...

    I think they are still around. Pins seem to have gone out of fashion. Too bad.
  2. OMG! That's him? Not as bad as I expected! (Well the leg part is!)
  3. Broderick Crawford? LMREO. That had to be one ugly dame!!!
  4. Agree! Notice how the mod is not commenting on it? Didnt on the full frontal either.
  5. Too adult? I've seen it, but dont remember about the "adult" parts........
  6. LOL. Me too! But it's almost over! I've been catching up on my reading pile.......
  7. Someone should star a similar thread on female stars and see if THAT gets poofed!
  8. I feel like we are in grade school. Just ridiculous. The old boards werent this bad!
  9. I Just Watched...

  10. I Just Watched...

  11. I Just Watched...

    LOL. You can enjoy the hoedown again!
  12. The only difference being DUMP has been this way since DAY ONE!!

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