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  1. WHAT does denouncing anti-Semitism have to do with a Mosque shooting? I'm sure the shooter hated both equally...
  2. Hibi

    1950 - results

    He was being funny.
  3. Hibi

    Noir Alley

    LOL. No doubt!
  4. Hibi

    Noir Alley

    I wouldn't say its TEHWIBBLE (as Marlene would say) One of those so bad, it's good movies! From what I've read Raft and Eddie came to blows over Marlene on the set! (Marlene could do that)
  5. OH, BROTHER!!!!!!!! Dunno how I didn't notice that. Maybe I was too quick to stop the movie at the end......
  6. Hibi

    Noir Alley

    LOL. I skipped watching it this go-round. I've seen it enough.
  7. Hibi

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    No TRIUMPH for DUMP today!
  8. I want to see Huffman and Laughlin doing highway clean up. LOL.
  9. Hibi

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    UGH. WHY don't they let it die already??????
  10. Hibi

    I Just Watched...

    Odd, I don't remember this tv movie at all. I thought I was familiar with all of Eleanor's performances (tv and movies)
  11. That's odd. I dont remember any speaking. What did he say exactly?
  12. Hibi

    Lock Them Up!

    At least New Yorkers will be able to breathe again. The stench will be gone!
  13. When did we have to start WHISPERING your name, Lorna? Who do you think you are, MARTHA IVERS????
  14. Hibi

    I Just Watched...

    With all those people they couldn't overpower them???

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